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Lillian DeeganAug 20 2019, 10:55am.
Hello everyone,

Jarlath has popped in to race direct this years SCTL Solo and Relay races. The shop is being sorted for online entries today. Once open, all intending to participate will need to sort their entry by 18hrs on Sept. 5th.

Happy helpers - Might we try and pull together a race day crew. If you can spare a few hours, we would be very grateful. Please pop your name in and Jarlath will be in touch.

All race day information is available under the race instructions. Runners for both events need to pre register by Thursday Sept. 5th. No entry options on race day.

Can all team captains email Jarlath on - - with the following details:

Team Name:
Team Captain:
Captain's e-mail:
Captain's Phone number:
Leg 1 Runner (name and IMRA race number):
Leg 2 Runner (name and IMRA race number):
Leg 3 Runner (name and IMRA race number):

Please note: No changes to teams after Thursday Sept. 5th

Good luck Jarlath
John BellAug 22 2019, 10:28pmHi Jarlath, thanks very much for taking on the RD role for THIS, so we can get a great day out on the hills.
I've put my name down as a running volunteer. I'm trying to put a team together for the relay so when I know what leg I'll be doing ill let you know where and when I can help. If there's anything I can help with in advance let me know.
Jarlath HynesAug 31 2019, 7:14pmWith just one week to get to this great race, thanks to everyone who has signed up so far to run & to volunteer.
(We have enough volunteers now but if you have an hour free at any stage & fancy helping out at one of the handover points you'll be very welcome.)
Sign up is open until Thursday evening & is pre-reg (& prepay!) only, so no vouchers on the day.
Jenny LawlerSep 7 2019, 12:09pmJust wanted to say thanks to Jarlath and all the volunteers, and to my lovely teammates, I really really enjoyed doing Leg1 this morn!!! Feeling proud of myself as total newbie navigator and thought I'd still be lost in the hills instead of enjoying a coffee... Especially since I decided to start off in the opposite direction to everyone else ;) can't wait to do it again next year!
Phil behanSep 7 2019, 5:06pmTo Jarlath and Lillian and to all volunteers. Well done for keeping this amazing race going. It’s one of my favorites now and thats only possible by the dedication of volunteers and IMRA. Hugely proud of my Team “Mercury Rising”.Thanks again lads a huge effort by all involved. Great day in the hills.
Lillian DeeganSep 7 2019, 8:59pmWell done to Jarlath and everyone. It was a smasher of a weather one thankfully. For those heading to the Nav. 3 gig - enjoy.

Phil - we had a 500ml water bottle passed on. It is one from the new invo8 vests. Have you mislaid your by any chance?
Gordon PlaceSep 7 2019, 11:05pmDon't forget to check for ticks, found a miniscule little fecker, barely visible
Michael O'RourkeSep 7 2019, 11:42pmLilian, I seem to be missing one of my bottles from my inov8 vest. Must have misplaced it while showing off my maps! Thanks to you and Jarlath and all the selfless volunteers for an epic race.
Phil behanSep 8 2019, 7:34amThanks Lillian, yeah I lost my bottle somewhere on Leg 2. Seems Michael lost his too. I have a funny feeling mine was lost on my very dodgy entry to Duff Hill or perhaps on one of my frequently falls crossing the stretch of bog before Stony Top.
Phil behanSep 8 2019, 7:40amActually. Photographic evidence shows Michael O’Rourke with both bottles intact at the cross over at Kevin’s Way. If the bottle was found on Leg 2 then it’s mine. This could get very interesting :)
Chris MarkSep 8 2019, 12:04pmThanks to Jarlath and all the volunteers for a cracking race! Had a great time.
Jarlath HynesSep 8 2019, 3:19pmProvisional results for relay (without splits)
1 Mikey Fry/John Bell/Peter Bell 5hr 54 30
2 Chris Mark/Stuart Scott/Kevin O'Riordan 7hr 15 10
3 Ronan Lynch/Phil Behan/Igor GG 8hr 01 20
4 Jenny Lawler/Danielle Boehm/Eoin Syron 8hr 28 01
5 Rosy Temple/Maike Jurgens/Alice Clancy 9hr 02 55
Matt Bush/Andreas Kusch/Matt Bush NOD
Alice ClancySep 8 2019, 10:48pmThanks Jarlath, Lilian and all the volunteers for such a lovely day out!! This is such a brilliant event, great routes and everything ran like clockwork (apart from me!)
Peter BellSep 9 2019, 3:12pmGreat race guys, the relays are always a great day out. Seeing how each team does and watching the poor solos coming in always make me feel better after my 1 leg. Well done to Jarlath and Lilian and team for a perfectly ran race. Appreciate you guys giving up ur entire day for us to run.
Stuart ScottSep 9 2019, 4:19pmMany thanks Jarlath and all the other helpers for yet another brilliant day out in the hills. This remains the best event on the calendar! It was unfortunate that numbers were low but there were lots of good suggestions on the day about how to change this next year. Anyone who did the nav challenges would be well able for it and it's about as true a mountain race as you could get. Well done to all the soloists too!
Jenny LawlerSep 9 2019, 4:27pmStuart you're so right - speaking as someone who took up trail running in January and only learned how to use a compass last week, anyone at all is able for this!! I'd highly recommend it as an event, so much fun.
Phil behanSep 9 2019, 11:34pmAgree on anyone trying this race but in bad weather Nav on this race can be hard, especially on Leg 2 where there are almost no trails to follow. Last year had almost zero visibly for me on Leg 2 which I found to be tricky. I recommend doing a few Nav challenges before attempting this race.
Jenny LawlerSep 9 2019, 11:45pmI did do Nav 1 and 2 in the weeks prior, you definitely need to know how to use a compass, but there was zero visibility for leg 1 and as a total novice I was still fine. I was literally beside kippure mast, at the cables, and I still couldn't see the mast or even the fence around it!
Phil behanSep 10 2019, 2:49amFair enough! Fair play. Actually I think a huge part is having faith in the compass. The doubts always kick in, this doesn’t seem right or why can’t I see any other runners :). Again it’s a great run and well worth giving a shot. Having done one or 2 Nav challenges is an excellent advantage.Shows how well they’re working.