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Rachel CinnsealachJul 27 2018, 2:29pmHi everyone,

The stone cross to Lug relay is back on the calendar this year. It’s on the 1st of September. The relay events are great fun. The open mountain relay events have smaller numbers than the WW relay, and in general the team makes the effort to stick around for the day and follow their team mates to the end. We are hoping to have a BBQ in Fentons, but this is not definite yet. Secondly, Nav challenge 2 is on the following day, so it could be like the Connacht champs weekend all over again, but this time in Wickla . Relay on Saturday, BBQ and beers Saturday evening and Nav 2 on Sunday, a weekend of IMRA…. Now how much fun is that!!! So start thinking about you teams, and get those recce’s in.
Conor O'FarrellAug 15 2018, 11:41amWe already have a few teams in, so this looks like it's going to shape up to be a good day out.

If anyone is looking to join or form a team for the relay, please post up here.
James HeggieAug 15 2018, 1:55pmAnyone thinking of doing a Recce before the race?
Richard ChurchAug 16 2018, 9:49amHi Rachel. I'm planning to do the solo but its not up in my 'Purchase Imra Products' list, neither is the relay. Happy to use a voucher on the day but please add me to the list of runners. Thanks.
Gordon PlaceAug 16 2018, 11:23amHi Rachel, same here.

I'm carless that day but have a lift to the start. Would anyone be able to offer a lift from Fentons to a bus route or towards town afterwards? Be away from the weekend until the day before the race so getting my spoke in a bit early! Thanks
Paul KellyAug 16 2018, 12:20pmHi Rachel,

Same here RE: planning on doing the solo event too!

Just wondering about parking or transport from start to finish and/or vice versa. I'll be driving up from Carlow and wondering on where's the best place to leave the car?


Gordon PlaceAug 16 2018, 12:42pmHi Paul,
Last time I think people just paired up and left a car in Fentons the night before or very early on the morning, and then travelled together to the start in the other, and got dropped back after the race to collect the start car.
Paul KellyAug 16 2018, 2:13pmThanks for that!! I know of a couple of guys from Wexford who are thinking of running the solo too so I'll try arrange something with them!

Alice ClancyAug 16 2018, 4:29pmThis is shaping up to be a lovely day out in the hills!

@James, there are a few people doing a recce of leg 3 on Saturday morning - I'll put the meeting point up here if anyone would like to join us!
@Gordon, I can drop you back towards a bus route from Fentons if you're stuck that evening.

fyi Rachel has organised accommodation in the IMC hut on the Saturday night for anyone who'd like to stay on for the Nav challenge on Sunday...I think there will be a post up here on the details over the weekend.
Richard ChurchAug 16 2018, 4:39pmHi. I was thinking of dropping a car to Fentons the night before and can give folk a lift back as far as Blessington - you can catch the 65 bus from here into town.
Paul KellyAug 16 2018, 4:55pmHi Alice

Yes if you could put up the meeting point for Sat that would be great! I was planning going out on Sunday but if there are a few going Sat I might as well get to know a few faces! My plan is to do a 30+K loop to the top of Lug and back to the carpark in Turlough Hill. If that suits and there's room for one more, I'd be happy out!

Gordon PlaceAug 16 2018, 5:11pmThanks Alice & Richard, looks like I won't be stuck in Fentons so!
Rachel CinnsealachAug 16 2018, 9:35pmHi folks,

It’s time to start registering for the SCTL Solo and Relay. All information is there under the race instructions. This year ALL runners (including solo runners) must pre register by Thursday 30th August. I will NOT be accepting entries on the day.
Can the team captain email me at rachelcinnselach at gmail dot com with the following information. The teams cannot be changed after this after 6.00 pm on Thursday 30th August.
Team Name:
Team Captain:
Captain's e-mail:
Captain's Phone number:
Leg 1 Runner (name and IMRA race number):
Leg 2 Runner (name and IMRA race number):
Leg 3 Runner (name and IMRA race number):

As you know the race finishes in Fentons, we will have a BBQ there and we ask people to bring salads.

This year we have the unusual situation where we are fortunate enough to have an IMRA event on the following day, Nav Challenge II so we are going to turn this into an IMRA weekend. Following the BBQ in Fentons, we will adjoun to the IMC hut in Glendalough. Located in Glendasan. This is about a 15 minute drive from the start of the Nav challenge on Sunday. The hut has 21 bed spaces and plenty of room to pitch tents outside. Please email me at rachelcinnsealach at gmail dot com if you want to reserve a bed space.

Lastly, I have a few people looking for teams, so anybody interested in being on a team for the relay, please email me and I will do my best to sort out a team for you.

Rachel CinnsealachAug 16 2018, 10:53pmMy email address is rachelcinnsealach at gmail dot com
Rachel CinnsealachAug 16 2018, 10:53pmMy email address is rachelcinnsealach at gmail dot com
Rachel CinnsealachAug 16 2018, 10:53pmMy email address is rachelcinnsealach at gmail dot com
Rachel CinnsealachAug 16 2018, 10:54pmMy email address is rachelcinnsealach at gmail dot com
Graham K. BusheAug 17 2018, 1:02amHi all. For anyone planning to do a reccie on Sunday, bear in mind that there will be some traffic restrictions / road closures due to Ironman Dublin. I had a quick look at the website today. There is a map, I didn't see if there were times given. Roughly as follows... Stepaside, Enniskerry, Roundwood, Luggala, Sally Gap, Glencullen, Stepaside.
Conor O'FarrellAug 17 2018, 7:42amGood point Graham. I think the Military Road is closed from around Sally Gap to the Hellfire Club until 11:45, or thereabouts.
Phil behanAug 17 2018, 7:54amHi all, if there are any relay teams that need a runner let me know. Thks. P
Alice ClancyAug 17 2018, 6:28pmHello, recce of leg 3 planned for tomorrow, meeting 11.30am at Wicklow gap...Paul you’re very welcome to join us, and anyone else too! email me at clancyalice at yahoo dot co dot uk and I’ll add you into the email chain...
Paul KellyAug 17 2018, 8:46pmThanks Alice,

I've just emailed you. I assume that ye are meeting at the car park at Turlough Hill? See ye in the morning!

Jason DowlingAug 18 2018, 4:52pmHowdy All,

Just to let you all know that Fentons now does food and it takes cards!!
Rachel CinnsealachAug 20 2018, 9:39pmPhil,

What is your email address?

Any other runners looking for teams please email me at rachelcinnsealach at gmail dot com

Rachel CinnsealachAug 20 2018, 9:39pmPhil,

What is your email address?

Any other runners looking for teams please email me at rachelcinnsealach at gmail dot com

Gavan DohertyAug 20 2018, 9:48pmHey Rachel,

If it's Phil Behan you're looking for he's now on a team with myself & Val Jones.

There's a fair few teams from what I've heard & I'm looking forward to the knees-up in Fenton's followed by Glendalough!!

Thanks for all the organising!
Rachel CinnsealachAug 20 2018, 9:52pmThanks Gav
John MurrayAug 22 2018, 7:00pmHi Rachel,

On LEG 3 you say there is no requirement to go to the cairn on the summit of Table Mountain. Just wondering if Table Track Junction is a 'DEFO' hit point or can people take alternative route from Conavalla to Camenabologue? :)

Rachel CinnsealachAug 24 2018, 9:03pmHi John, Yep Table track Junction is a definite. YOu must cross this point.
Rachel CinnsealachAug 24 2018, 9:03pmHi John, Yep Table track Junction is a definite. YOu must cross this point.
Rachel CinnsealachAug 24 2018, 9:04pmSince we were last there Fentons are now selling burgers and cheesy fries and all sorts of delicious food, on this basis we decided not to go ahead with the BBQ after the race. The plan is to get food (and beer, if you’re not driving) in Fentons and then to head onto Glendalough later in the evening. The IMC hut has been booked and there are still a few spaces left, which will be allocated on a “First to get in touch” basis. Be sure to bring some food for breakfast, and then it’s off to the Nav challenge 2 on Sunday. #IMRA weekend.
Rachel CinnsealachAug 24 2018, 9:32pmI have two people looking for a third runner for their team. Either leg two or leg three, if your interested email me at rachelcinnsealach at gmail dot com
John MurrayAug 24 2018, 9:41pmThanks for the clarification Rachel! :)
Conor O'FarrellAug 27 2018, 2:55pmHi All

I am running leg 1, and I'm wondering if there will be a spare seat in a car going back from Sally Gap to the start of the race at some point. I will need to pick up my car from there once I am finished. I can then ferry 1 other person to the end of leg 2 or leg 3 if needed.

Rachel CinnsealachAug 28 2018, 10:02pmEntries close this Thursday. Team captains need to email me their teams. All members of the team need to "purchase IMRA product Stone Cross to Lug. Thanks to all those who have got their entries in to date.
Graham K. BusheAug 29 2018, 12:37amHi, I'm just wondering if anyone passing by the old mill bar on the way to the start would have room for one more please? Graham
Conor O'FarrellAug 29 2018, 9:49amHi Graham

I can pick you up at the Old Mill around 7am if that suits you. Number: oh, ate, 7, too, seven, oh, oh, for, ate, too

Also, I'm still looking for a seat from end of leg 1(Sally Gap) back to the start to pick up my car, if anyone has room. Otherwise, I'm going back the way I came. :-(

Graham K. BusheAug 29 2018, 11:23amHi Conor, that's great. Thanks
Richard ChurchAug 29 2018, 11:38amHi All. Similar to Graham, I'm just wondering if anyone will be coming through Blessington on the way to the start and would have room for me? I can offer a lift back from Fentons in return. Richard
Paul KellyAug 29 2018, 2:37pmHi Guys,

I've 3 free seats in my van/bus if anyone needs a lift from Fenton's to the start line. I'm picking up a few people at 6 and driving to the start at about 20 past. Richard I'll be passing thru Blessington and can pick you up if you still need a lift?

Richard ChurchAug 29 2018, 3:31pmPaul. That would be great, many thanks. My mob number is oh eight 6 , seven 8 one,3641. Richard
Paul KellyAug 29 2018, 4:22pmNo Probs at all Richard! I'll be in Blessington at around 6:50 and will pull into the car park in front of the Lemon Tree restaurant. Hopefully that suits?

Richard ChurchAug 29 2018, 5:09pmPaul. Thats great, many thanks, see you then.
Paul MorrisseyAug 30 2018, 11:07amHi Paul, I would be very grateful if I could get in on that plan and meet you in blessington Saturday morning and get a lift to the start. And Richard, if I could jump in with you for the spin back afterwards, that would be magic!
Gordon PlaceAug 30 2018, 12:28pmHi Richard,
Still hoping to take a lift off you back to blessington as well if you still have space. Thanks, Gordon
Colm MoranAug 30 2018, 2:57pmHi,
Is there any history on course record / leg records for this? I've heard rumours of outrageous times from the 80s and would be very interested in seeing.
Paul KellyAug 30 2018, 3:31pm@Paul Morrissey yep I can pick you up at the same place
Gavan DohertyAug 30 2018, 4:40pm@Colm Moran

The archive is a treasure trove - link at the bottom of the homepage

Knock yourself out, several names you'll recognise there some still running/orienteering....
Rachel CinnsealachAug 30 2018, 7:07pmFolks there is no registration on the day forthis event. People must register by tonight.
Colm MoranAug 31 2018, 2:17pmHi Rachel,
Sorry, I've evidently missed the deadline. Our team are entered, but I haven't paid my €7.
Didn't fully think it through and I guess I assumed I could pay up until this evening (I think this was the deadline on the purchase product?) and got a message from my captain last night, but only saw it this morning.
Could you let me know the simplest way to sort this?
Hope it doesn't cause any issues for my team-mates.
Colm MoranAug 31 2018, 3:05pm@ Gavan - thank you, that archive is a right treasure trove!
Paul MorrisseyAug 31 2018, 7:19pm@Paul Kelly - Thats brilliant Paul, thanks! See you in the morning.
Paul MorrisseyAug 31 2018, 7:20pm@Paul Kelly - Thats brilliant Paul, thanks! See you in the morning.
Paul MorrisseyAug 31 2018, 9:53pm@Paul Kelly - just to clarify I will meet you in Blessington at 6.50.
Phil behanSep 1 2018, 6:11pmThanks to all who organized and volunteered at today’s event. The second stage was tough to navigate at the beginning due to very low visibility but thank god approaching Mullagcleevaun the cloud shifted slightly. I was hesistant to take off the breaks until that point. I also almost missed Mullaghcleevanun East due to my eagerness to get to the main summit. A quick route check set me right, only backtracked slightly. Again, thanks to all involved, these unmarked routes are a great challenge and great fun to run.Hope everyone got in safe and enjoy the pints in Fenton’s. Phil.
Alice ClancySep 2 2018, 6:12pmA huge thank you to Rachel and brilliant volunteering team for Saturday! It was great run from foggy misty start to sunny Fentons evening!!!
This race is a cracker....
A group of us stayed over in IMC hut in Glendalough and went to nav challenge today....I would highly recommend this next year!!!!
Also a huge thank you to Angela Flynn who very kindly cooked us up a delicious dinner complete with berry tirimasu and then managed to also cook us a slap up breakfast this morning....the Connaught champs bbq has a new rival!
Conor O'FarrellSep 3 2018, 2:52pmThanks to everyone who organised and took part in the event on Saturday. The relays are always good craic. Well done to the UCD lads and Adrian's/Paul's team.

Report up.
Kevin O'RiordanSep 9 2018, 11:15amLink to relay results and split times is on the event details page now.
Val JonesSep 10 2018, 1:21pmThanks, Kevin, for adding these.
It would be great if the leg times history of this great event could be gathered in one place. I was searching to find some times from a few years ago but couldn't, the links to spreadsheets no longer worked. It is a classic with a long impressive history.
However I appreciate maintaining the website is time consuming.
Thanks also Rachel and the other helpers.
Colm MoranAug 6 2020, 9:10pmHi,
Was just having a look at some old results and noticed the results look a bit off for this race. The first two teams in the results don't have a 3rd leg runners' time recorded, and so the final results is just calculating their time for 2 legs.
Not particularly important, but just thought it was worth mentioning as it might be an easy fix.
Kind Regards,