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Siobhán LyonsJul 17 2018, 10:57amHello,
When can I buy entry for this race? Does it count as 1/10 required for Leinster League?
Thank you :)
Gordon PlaceJul 17 2018, 12:45pmHi Siobhan, the Leinster league ends with Downshill.
Tim ChapmanJul 17 2018, 1:01pmIt's 7 for the league 10 for the end of season prize. It won't count for the league as Gordon said it's finished weather it counts towards the 10 I'd imagine so as it's any 10 IMRA races throughout the year.
Conor O'FarrellJul 17 2018, 2:11pmI might be wrong about this, but I seem to remember that this race was an online only entry last year, i.e. no vouchers. Is that the case this year?
Siobhán LyonsJul 17 2018, 3:30pmBrilliant thank you
Mike JordanJul 17 2018, 4:45pmThis event is a fundraiser for Dublin Wicklow MRT and Glen of Imaal MRT and will have ONLINE ENTRY ONLY. All money from entries will go directly to mountain rescue so if you can't make the race but want to make a donation through IMRA it's a handy way of doing so.
Usually the entry for the Wednesday races opens the week before the race but I'll ask the committee if it can go up a little earlier as there will be no vouchers accepted for this race.
My understanding for the Leinster IMRA Prize is that any 10 Leinster races (winter league, trail league, LL, LC, nav challenges) in 2018 count and so I would think the MR race will count towards it (just make sure you get your volunteering done).
Your position in the overall Leinster League is based on your best 7 results in the 13 LL races, the last of which is Downshill.
Siobhán LyonsJul 18 2018, 4:03pmThanks a million Mike!
Mike JordanJul 19 2018, 10:29amI've confirmed with the webmaster that entries will open for this race at the start of August (2 weeks before the race). Enter early and often!
Gareth LittleAug 7 2018, 1:07pmHi all, we have enough volunteers for this event now. Thanks
Mike JordanAug 10 2018, 2:18pmWith the Trail League taking place before the Leinster League this year, the last Leinster Wednesday night race of the year is fast approaching next week.
Entries for the Mountain Rescue Benefit Race are online only and the entire entry fee goes to DWMRT and GOIMRT. Entries close next Tuesday (14th) at 6pm. The race will count as one of the 10 races required to collect the Leinster End of Year prize.
The race is the same format as last year with parking in Trooperstown carpark, registration in the mountain rescue base, and the race starting at the forestry entrance as indicted in the map section and heading for a loop up around Paddock Hill.
Sincere thanks in advance for your support.
Ger PowerAug 11 2018, 3:44pmI just registered for this race and the cost was €5 instead of €10.
Gareth LittleAug 13 2018, 11:26amHi volunteers, I will be sending a mail later on today so just keep an eye on your inbox. Thanks
Mike JordanAug 14 2018, 10:01amJust a reminder that entries for this race are online only and will close at 6pm this evening.
Thanks for your support.
Gareth LittleAug 14 2018, 10:06amHi all, tonight marks the last of the summer evening time racing! :(

Online entries will close at 18:00 today so if you would like to take part, please register today as we would love to see you tomorrow. Entry is €10 with all proceeds going directly to the Dublin / Wicklow and Glen of Imaal MR teams.

The two teams are made up of 100% volunteers and provide a rescue service 24/7, 365 days a year and are predominantly funded by fundraising, such as this event.

Many thanks and we hope to see you all along for the race tomorrow.

Gareth Little (RD)
Gareth LittleAug 14 2018, 10:06am** tomorrow night I should say!
Gerard McIntyreAug 14 2018, 11:23amHi, I am just wondering if you have to be registered with IMRA to do the run tomorrow evening. I am registered but have two friends who are not and would like to support the cause.
Gerard McIntyreAug 14 2018, 11:23amHi, I am just wondering if you have to be registered with IMRA to do the run tomorrow evening. I am registered but have two friends who are not and would like to support the cause.
Dave DochertyAug 14 2018, 1:51pmGerard McIntyre- " As it is end of season, there will be no IMRA registration fee and new runners are most welcome." Thats from the race description so ya should be grand.
Mike JordanAug 14 2018, 3:32pm@Gerard McIntyre - Can you get your 2 friends to create MyIMRA accounts before the event tomorrow if they don't have them already please?
Previously the annual membership was waived for this race but it's a tad trickier with the new online payment system. We'll try and arrange it so that they can make a cash donation tomorrow night and run the race, though there may be a delay getting their results up until they're registered on the system too. Thanks.
Lorcan FarrellAug 14 2018, 6:11pmI've forgotten to register for the race!! Any possibility of making a donation tomorrow evening in order to run? I'm registered for 2018.....
Tim HarrisAug 14 2018, 11:02pmI have the same question as Lorcan :-/.
Mike JordanAug 15 2018, 6:46am@Lorcan & Tim - We'll have the ability to take a few on-the-night cash entries tonight so come along
Liam CannonAug 15 2018, 11:13amSigned up at the 11th hour yesterday and am looking for a spin down to the hills later. If you happen to a have a space in your car for a skinny fella, please let me know.


Liam CannonAug 15 2018, 11:49amLift sorted.
Mike JordanAug 16 2018, 9:12amA huge thank you from the Dublin Wicklow and Glen of Imaal MR teams to all those you ran last night, donated money in the collection buckets, signed up online but didn't run, and volunteered to help last night. We're all volunteers on the teams and your donations go towards funding a vital service for mountain users throughout Leinster.
Special mention for the Pied Piper of Paddock Hill - Graham Bushe - who serenaded us with an uplifting tune towards the end of the run.
Also, apologies for the lack of MR presence in the pub afterwards. As it happened, we received a callout for an injured runner on the Brockaghs just after 9pm and got diverted there - duty called. I believe MC Brendan Lawlor managed to keep the show on the road in our absence :)
Thanks again!
Gareth LittleAug 16 2018, 12:36pmI would just like to also say thanks to all who took part in last nights event and especially to all my volunteers who were nothing short of outstanding. The great spirit of IMRA is certainly alive and well!!

To reiterate Mike's point about the prize giving, our apologies again for not making that but there was a fellow runner in need of our assistance so that had to take preference.

Finally, I will be in touch separately to the first 3 ladies and men home yesterday as I have vouchers to get to you for your great result last night.

All the best for now

Siobhán LyonsAug 16 2018, 12:51pmCracking race! awesome cause! Thanks to DWMRT, RD, Volunteers and fellow runners for a great evening.
Conor O'FarrellAug 16 2018, 4:34pmThanks Gareth and team for another great night out in the hills. Was that hill from the start until the heather always that long? It was a tough auld climb last night anyway. Greta fun leaping threough the heather and heading downhill after that though.

It's a shame the midweek races are coming to an end. It's like the summer holidays are over and I'm going back to school. :-(
Karen DevenneyAug 16 2018, 4:56pmWell done to Gareth, Brian, Mike, Brendan and all the other volunteers (MR & IMRA alike) for a fantastic evening on the hills. A great way to close out the Wed evening series and supporting a great cause. Pity you all had to run off but a reminder to us all just what a selfless and amazing service you provide.

Results are now up, please email me at karen.devenney at imra dot ie with any issues.

Hard to believe we're nearly at the end of another season but still a few races to go for the die hards amongst you....Nav Challenges, Stone Cross to Lug and Powerscourt Ridge to name a few. Thanks to all who helped make this a fantastic year on the hills!
Liam CannonAug 17 2018, 11:41amThanks to all involved for a great event!

My abiding memory of this one is going to be hearing the faint sound of a tin whistle in the distance and thinking my mind was playing tricks on me. Then I saw IMRAs own wandering minstrel Graham Bushe serenading passing runners at the top of the hill with a couple of jigs and reels. For a second, I thought the little people were at large in the Wicklow hills and I should call Eddie Lenihan.

A man of many talents, it has to be said!
Laura FlynnAug 21 2018, 10:21amIf the prize-winners in this race could please email me or text me their addresses I will post thiS prizes to them ASAP.
087 7420795

Apologies for inconvienence, I went off on holidays without leaving them for Gareth.