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Vivian O'GormanAug 10 2018, 1:19pmHi Folks,

This is your last chance to finish the Irish Championship. If you have two races run you have to run this one to complete. It is also the second last Munster Championship race.

I am looking for a Laptop Operator and a First Aid person. Also a few more volunteers - running or non running.

Please take note that the race start time is 12pm with the early start at 11am.

Race Registration will open at 10.15am and close at 11.45am. Please bring with you all the kit listed on the details page.

There will Summit Marshall's on each mountain top but the race route itself will NOT be marked.

This race is NOT suitable for Juniors or beginners.

The Munster hospitality that we all know so well will be well and truly there. Tea - Sandwiches and Goodies afterwards. But ya have to run to find out!!

That's all for now more info nearer the day...
Mícheál O'MullainAug 10 2018, 3:50pmHi Vivian

I am running it but am happy to volunteer to help out in any way I can on the day. Contact details or 087 207 75 76

Tanya SheridanAug 10 2018, 4:40pmJust to add a reminder about the prize that John has been working on for those who complete 3 of the Irish Champs series. Thanks to John. And also thanks to Vivian for arranging the race and the well deserved afters for those who finish it and the volunteers.
Brian FlannellyAug 12 2018, 2:26pmWhilst processing the results for yesterdays half marathon in the Galtees, I accidentally uploaded to this event first. To clear them from the website I have added our RD with a temporary entry until the results come through next week to over-write 92 people thinking they may have done the race a week in advance!
The correct ones will be sorted next weekend...
Barry HartnettAug 13 2018, 12:17pmHi Vivian,

I see you have plenty of volunteers for the race but just to give you an option (if necessary) I will be up on the day watching the race so if you need a summit marshal at short notice just give me a shout.
Patricia RyanAug 13 2018, 2:09pmMichael & Patsy, thanks for volunteering. Would you both be able to be there at 9.45am to help with parking please? Spaces are limited & the road will need to be kept well clear to allow farmers go about their business & to allow hikers to use the space too.
Mícheál O'MullainAug 13 2018, 2:18pmHi Patricia

I will be there by then. I am running it but my knee is half crocked from coming off Galty last Wed night so may do the early start at 1100 so as to ensure I just get around for a result without being a hindrance to the "racers"!

Talk Sun.

Patricia RyanAug 13 2018, 3:21pmPlease note that there will be random kit checks at the finish line. Any competitor not carrying the mandatory kit as outlined by Race Director on race morning, will not be recorded in the results, no exceptions. Please see event details page for kit list.
Vivian O'GormanAug 16 2018, 1:50pmHi Folks - Final Race Update

The race start time is 12pm with the early start at 11am

Race registration will open at 10.15am and close at 11.45am sharp!!

Don't forget your race number. We won't be able to find your number at race reg.

The kit requirement is as listed on the events page -
long sleeved windproof jacket - Hat - Gloves - Whistle -Map and Compass. The Map can be printed from the events page and I will have copies with me. We can make a decision on Sunday as to what kit to bring in the race.

you can also bring your mobile phone. If you get into difficulties you can RING the number on the back of your race number and it will get me.

The race route will NOT be marked.

This race is NOT suitable for either Juniors or beginners

Please obey the directions of the Parking Marshalls. We have to keep space clear for the local farmers and hillwalkers

And lastly as well as your race number the Jacket is mandatory
Mícheál O'MullainAug 19 2018, 6:47pmMany thanks to RD Vivian, Trish and all the crew for a great day out today on the Galtees. Some unusual buzzards on Cush....of the winged variety that is....
Brían O'MearaAug 19 2018, 6:57pmThanks to RD Vivian and helpers. Great race.
Vivian O'GormanAug 19 2018, 11:02pmA big thank you to all the helpers today.

Michael and Patsy for the car parking. Marie O'Shea and the other ladies for the race registration and finish. The three summit marshalls - Ger - Ewan and Stephen and our ever smiling first aider Patricia Blackburn.

To IMRA for looking after the tea and sandwiches and lastly but by no means least Patricia Ryan who literally did all the work - I just turned up!!

Well done to our winners today Brian Furey and Becky Quinn.

Becky and Sean Quirke also won the Munster Championship and Becky is the ladies Irish Champion and is on the Irish team in the upcoming World Championship.

Thank you all for a really enjoyable day.
Brian FlannellyAug 20 2018, 8:54pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian.flannelly at imra dot ie