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Jim FitzharrisJun 28 2018, 10:54pmHi all,

I am the IMRA representative on the Dublin Mountain Initiative (DMI) – this small committee represents the recreational and sporting users of the Dublin Mountains, and is in turn represented on the Dublin Mountain Partnership (DMP) which deals with these issues at an official level.

The DMP also has a separate Consultative Forum with designated local residents as well as representatives from other relevant organisations (not included in the DMI).

It is worth remembering that IMRA uses a number of venues in the Dublin Mountains for events such as Hellfire, Tibradden, Three Rock, Kippure, Scalp, etc.

Many IMRA members will be aware that Edmonstown Road is closed just above the Merry Ploughboy pub which is inconvenient, to say the least.

The Consultative Forum is considerably exercised about this and have stated:

“The ongoing road closure for the past 8 months by South Dublin County Council, who have shown no intention of remedying the situation or plans to re-open the Road, has led to much frustration for the road users, local community, business and tourists to the Dublin Mountains.”

The Consultative Forum has asked that DMI members be informed that that the Forum is organising a protest march about this issue at 12 noon on Saturday, 30th June at the junction of Scholarstown Road and Edmonstown Road.

Here is the Facebook link: