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Laura FlynnSep 11 2017, 12:05pmWe have no Race Director as yet for this race if some one would like to take on the challenge.Helpers also needed.
Joe LalorSep 11 2017, 2:11pmSorted
Joe LalorSep 11 2017, 2:11pmSorted
Joe LalorSep 11 2017, 2:11pmSorted
Joe LalorSep 11 2017, 2:12pmSorted
Pól Ó MurchúSep 11 2017, 4:31pmWell sorted by the looks of it :-)
Barry DrennanSep 12 2017, 9:47amI'm down to Volenteer (Long over due) and Run so if theres anything i can do please let me know! thanks Baz
Thomas RocheSep 12 2017, 2:08pmI see Barry is down to volunteer and run - is registration open for this race???
Liam VinesSep 12 2017, 3:15pmI'll put out the kippure and Glendoo controls for you Joe..
will have to get you out for a recci Barry!!!!
Joe LalorSep 12 2017, 3:44pmNot many personnel needed for this race but a long commitment from one non running volunteer to do a four hour stint (or split with another for 2 hours) at checkpoint at Old Bog Road.
Adrian Tucker RIPSep 12 2017, 5:14pmAdded my name to volunteer list Joe.
I can look after the CP at Old Bog Road
Joe LalorSep 12 2017, 5:36pmGood man Adrian, we will see if we can get someone to share shift with you.
Brendan NevilleSep 12 2017, 9:21pmJoe added my name also so happy to split the shift at Old Bog Road with Adrian.
Joe LalorSep 12 2017, 9:57pmThanks guys. I have enough volunteers now.
Could Liam, Berndt, Barry & Brendan send me an email at Jlalor(at) so that I have your addresses on file and can contact you nearer the event.
Laura FlynnSep 12 2017, 10:24pmWell done Joe and thanks. I'll drop the prize vouchers to your house In next week or so.
Daragh O'FarrellSep 19 2017, 11:45amDo you need to have a hard copy of a map for this race or is a phone/ gps device ok?
Joe LalorSep 19 2017, 12:11pmThere is a short course available with turnaround at Old Bog Road.
Early start available at 9.30 for those eligible (160% or > of winning time)

Darragh you have raise a thorny issue here. GPS is not allowed on IMDRA races with navigational aspects although this does not seemed to be inforced
Joe LalorSep 19 2017, 12:11pmThere is a short course available with turnaround at Old Bog Road.
Early start available at 9.30 for those eligible (160% or > of winning time)

Darragh you have raise a thorny issue here. GPS is not allowed on IMDRA races with navigational aspects although this does not seemed to be inforced
Joe LalorSep 19 2017, 12:13pmseemed to be enforced (see comments on Wicklow Round re their use). I have no problem with using a paper or electronic map but one which shows you where you are breaks the spirit of the event and the rules.
Daragh O'FarrellSep 19 2017, 12:59pmOK I'll get a map then. Also when will registration for the race open? I haven't missed it have I??
Gareth LittleSep 21 2017, 10:59amHi all, I will be doing an early morning recce this Saturday from the start to the road (R116) after Tibradden. I have to be home so will be starting at 07:30 - Mail me or post here if you wish to tag along. gareth little at me dot com

Richard ChurchSep 22 2017, 9:51pmHi All. I was out doing a recce of the Tibradden to Glendoo section this evening and came across a couple of guys out deer stalking. They have asked if people could stay out of the land to the south-east of Cruagh Wood on the Glendoo side. Its private land and the landowner is unhappy with people entering it, particularly as its now the deer stalking season. As they had guns I decided to comply :-). I've put an screenshot in photos to show where.
Joe LalorSep 24 2017, 3:17pmCould all runners preparing for Dublin Peaks race respect trespass signs on the Glencullen Road and not enter land East (left) of Owendougher River, this is private property. Therefore all access to the high ground should be from Cruagh Wood and by the Mountain Meitheal boardwalk. There is a track on the westside of the river in Cruagh Wood.
To enforce this route on the day of the event there will be no control on Glendoo mountain but will be on the southern of the boardwalk instead.
John BellSep 24 2017, 4:29pmHi Joe, Do you need to visit each of the control points on the way out and the way back? The description has the same controls on the way back, i.e. Tibradden and Fairy Castle but the route map seems to show free route choice on the return. I think the free route choice on the return was available in previous years.
Joe LalorSep 24 2017, 4:59pmHave agreed with landowner to take down route map, waiting for IT dept. I dont think this map was ever a route map rather a route description of someones run a few years ago.
Route description and controls will be updated when I am confirmed as RD and authorised to make changes. These are the new conditions for race to go ahead.
Gordon PlaceSep 24 2017, 6:31pmHi All,
Not related to the race route, but is it just the area within the blue line on Richard's screen shot that is out of bounds, or everything left of the river even outside the newish fence on the blue line? Just for future reference when around there. Gordon
Joe LalorSep 24 2017, 9:20pmFollow compulsory route through Cruagh and boardwalk and then straight to white sand track, this is agreed route and condition of event taking place
Paul SmythSep 25 2017, 1:35amHi joe.

I think it makes sense to avoid the problem by putting a control at the top of the boardwalk, but why remove Glendoo summit as a control point? My understanding is that the land above the track/fence-line that runs SE from the southern-most corner of Cruagh wood over the north summit of Glendoo is not private. I think keeping the control on the south Glendoo summit makes for a more interesting route.

If not doing as I'm suggesting are you requiring people to use the White Sand Track? Or will people have free route choice from the top of the boardwalk to the Kippure bog road?
Joe LalorSep 25 2017, 10:28amI am not going with control on Glendoo summit as I am finding what is possible and not difficult to decern. From end of boardwalk to OBR control there is a free route choice, I mentioned the white sands track as the most obvious. As in a previous year it is the recei runs and the creation of new track that are causing problems. As it is likely that this will be the last running of this race for some time just enjoy it.
Justin ReaSep 25 2017, 1:23pmHaving recce'd Glendoo yesterday :( I wholeheartedly agree with this route change. It's all very wet around there and route to Bog Road is through knee high heather in parts.

It does introduce about 400m on Old Military Road which runners should take care on. Traffic is mixed cyclists, bikers and Sunday drivers, with a sprinkling of idiots.
Warren SwordsSep 29 2017, 4:25pmAny update on changed route/compulsory route through Cruagh?

My understanding is the route is unchanged until Tibradden.

Where is the compulsory route through Cruagh likely to start, the fireroad opposite entrance to Tibradden car park?

There's the boardwalk then to the summit. Is there free choice from there? Or areas to be avoided?

Cheers, appreciate it's a tricky race to organise given land issues.
Daragh O'FarrellSep 30 2017, 2:42pmJust checking about the registration. Will it be online once you decide on the course route??
Joe LalorSep 30 2017, 6:43pmRe Warran: Route through Cruagh will depend on how you descent from Tibadden, points is you must stay west of Owendougher river.

Re Daragh: Route is decided since 24th see post of that day. Race list is put up by committee not RD, could someone powered to do this please open race entry.
Johan DehantschutterOct 1 2017, 9:07amHave I missed registration for this race? It's not available for purchase on the website.
Kevin O'RiordanOct 1 2017, 12:15pmHi Johan,

Have just put the entry up in the shop. You should be able to purchase entry now.

Daragh O'FarrellOct 1 2017, 7:41pmOh, I was expecting this to be more expensive! Will the normal race vouchers be accepted for this event?
Conor O'FarrellOct 1 2017, 9:27pmHi Joe

FYI, the event page says to stay east of the river, but you mentioned west above. From my understanding, west is correct, yes?

Joe LalorOct 1 2017, 9:38pmWell spotted Conor, mistake on event page, is now corrected.
Race from Ticnock to Tibradden as was. Choice of straight down from Tibradden to Glencullan road or descend all the way by track to Pine Forest carpark. Route then must be completely within Cruagh Forestry to top (South) of boardwalk where there will be a control. Free route choice to OBR checkpoint with no control on Glendoo. Short turnabout at OBR, long course continues to Kippure summit.
reverse to finish hitting all controls again on return

race vouchers will be accepted on the day from registered runners (20017)
Gordon PlaceOct 1 2017, 9:40pmHi,
Just looking at the event page and see Glendoo is still down for checkin on the way back. Should that be changed to the boardwalk too?
Gordon PlaceOct 1 2017, 9:43pmSorry Joe, our messages crossed, you answered the question anyway.
Thomas RocheOct 3 2017, 3:50pmThis is my first event this year so do I pick up my race number at the start?
Joe LalorOct 3 2017, 5:49pmYes, race number at start
Niall McAlindenOct 3 2017, 6:12pmHi, Having been away for a bit I'm really confused by the route. Could you give a grid ref for the southern end of the board walk? Also can you cross the Owendougher River at O 142 223?
Joe LalorOct 3 2017, 9:17pmGrid Ref added to event page for Southern end of boardwalk 139216 (by little boot symbol on E/W map)
Re crossing of Owendougher River at 142223, since this will bring you directly into Cruagh Wood it is allow by above route description.
Joe LalorOct 3 2017, 9:18pmGrid Ref added to event page for Southern end of boardwalk 139216 (by little boot symbol on E/W map)
Re crossing of Owendougher River at 142223, since this will bring you directly into Cruagh Wood it is allow by above route description.
Liam CannonOct 4 2017, 10:04amSigned up for this, but will require a spin there and back. Please let me know if you might be up for it!
Niall McAlindenOct 4 2017, 11:19amThanks for the route clarification. See you Saturday morning
Kieran FalveyOct 5 2017, 3:19pmHi, I haven't done this race before but am very keen. I don't know the route and am unsure of the real distance.

The description says 30km but when I map it out it comes closer to 35/40km, does anyone know the actual distance?

Also, as I haven't done this before I would like a running buddy, I would probably be looking at the 4hr mark if it is 35km, anyone need a buddy?

Alexandre RioOct 5 2017, 10:18pmHi, sorry, don't know if that's the right place for my question but, would it be possible to get a lift from Dublin (I'm living in Kilmainham, Dublin 8) before the race on Saturday?
Niall McGuinnessOct 6 2017, 11:00amHi Alexandre,

I should be able to give you a lift. Get in touch: o 8 six oh 7 won won 9 for oh
Daragh O'FarrellOct 6 2017, 11:46amFor people who are using race vouchers, what time should we be there by to register?
Gavan DuffyOct 6 2017, 12:00pmHi, I'm posting this for Peter Rogers (Race No. 498).

Peter only received a hand written race number at Howth Winter (First & last race). He doesn't have this hand written number. Can he still run tomorrow? Thanks Gavan
Joe LalorOct 6 2017, 1:27pmFor reg. vouchers or not could runner be there by 10.15, main start and 9.15 for early start (160% or there abouts)
Will replace Peters number
Joe LalorOct 6 2017, 1:27pmFor reg. vouchers or not could runner be there by 10.15, main start and 9.15 for early start (160% or there abouts)
Will replace Peters number
Joe LalorOct 6 2017, 3:40pmAttention runner 713 Lillian Deegan. There is a bag of gear belonging to you with the IMRA equipment since the WW Solo. It will be available for collection at Saturdays race. If not attending yourself could you nominate someone to collect it. It is unlikely to survive the changeover of committee. Could anyone knowing Lillian draw her attention to this post
John McGregorOct 7 2017, 4:34pmThanks Joe and all the volunteers for another great day out on the Dublin Peaks. Well organised as always. Hope it's not the last. Cheers, John
Ian HarrisonOct 7 2017, 5:03pmThanks to all involved for a great day today, it was a great race.
Looking back at the Strava flyby for it - looks like I was the only one to follow the trail all the way down from Tibradden. Next time I'll follow the pack!
Fair play to Colm and Niall for their crazy fast times!
John MurrayOct 7 2017, 5:50pmFirst IMRA race and really enjoyed it! Thanks to organisers and everyone who marshalled on the day...well run event! John
John CondonOct 7 2017, 6:16pmThanks to Joe and crew for a great day in the hills. :)
Conor O'FarrellOct 7 2017, 6:39pmThanks Joe and everyone that made this happen today. Great race, really enjoyed it.
Joe LalorOct 7 2017, 6:50pmThanks to all my volunteers today you did a great job.
Keep to the running that mountain biking is seriously dangerous, two ambulances when up while you were out.

Below provisional results for long course. You will notice there will be about a 30 sec. error from your watches (my pre race briefing ran over) but it is the same for everyone

Short course to follow

1918 Colm Moran 2:34:15
1917 Niall McAlinden 2:39:19
333 Conor O’Keeffe 2:41:14
1020 Laurence Quinn 2:46:40
777 John Bell 3:05:25
317 Barry Murray 3:07:13
198 Martin O’ Reilly 3:09:20
366 Alan Ayling 3:15:52
1143 John McGregor 3:19:10
1880 John Mollohon 3:25:13
625 Richard Church 3:33:44
470 Paul Keville 3:33:48
17 Justin Higgins 3:35:20
1046 Paul Morrissey 3:37:20
1617 Alexandre Rio 3:37:22
1026 Padraig Somers 3:39:34
383 Donal Flood 3:44:14
229 Andras Kusch 3:44:40
833 Thomas Roche 3:47:00
1911 John Murray 3:47:00
1845 Johan Dehantschutter 3:51:05
78 Niall McGuinness 3:56:10
235 Barry Williams 3:56:18
336 Ian Harrison 3:57:00
53 Paul Smyth 3:57:44
945 James Cahill 3:58:12
163 Liam Cannon 4:01:00
2101 Michael Hallahan 4:04:20
77 Joe Boyle 4:08:22
270 Kieran Falvey 4:11:00
1350 Conor O’Farrell 4:13:20
187 Jason Dowling 4:14:30
6 Derek Livingston 4:19:10
292 Ken McCarthy 4:19:10
16 Ruth Lynam 4:21:58
170 Daragh O’Farrell 4:23:10
1919 Tessa Walker 4:23:10
866 Caitriona Nic Caba 5:22:10
581 Angela Flynn 5:45:45
9 Gavan Duffy 5:46:20
1916 Richard Cyganiak DNF
617 Warran Swords DNF
John MollohanOct 7 2017, 7:11pmMany thanks to Dr John for patching me up at today's race. Also thanks to Joe and Co for making it all happen. A proper day out in the hills. We are lucky people!
Richard CyganiakOct 7 2017, 7:30pmFirst IMRA race, slipped on the boardwalk on the way back, DNF with a bloody gash on the knee and pain in the quad. Was able to walk myself off the mountain, but looks like a couple of sedentary weeks are ahead. Many thanks to the runner who turned around to check on me and stayed until it was clear that I could walk!

Lesson learned: This isn’t road running. In a marathon it’s fine to burn it until the legs are wobbly and you can’t think straight. In the mountains, not so much. Descending requires full control and concentration.
James H CahillOct 7 2017, 7:37pmGreat day in the hills today. Thank you Joe and all the volunteers for giving up your day(s) so we could enjoy ourselves. Speedy recovery to all the injured (both physically and mentally)
Joe LalorOct 7 2017, 8:06pmShort Course provisional results

28 Gordan Place 1:57:15
130 Mathew Sammon 2:12:20
812 John Condon 2:32:45
265 James Curran 2:32:55
581 Justin Rea 2:46:54
293 Connie Dottino 5:30:00
Richard ChurchOct 7 2017, 9:02pmJoe. A huge thanks again to you and your volunteers for putting on the race and overcoming the landowner concerns. The work was appreciated. The bog up Kippure is pretty unique at this time of year - there were a few holes I wasn't sure I would come out of. Speedy recovery to the injured.
Joe LalorOct 7 2017, 10:23pmLooking at the splits for OBR out and back shows some interesting changes taking place. (Times are in real time)

Control 3

670 10:56 Early Start
1917 11:23:04
1020 11:23:20
333 11:23:35
1918 11:23:40
317 11:23:50
777 11:27:12
198 11:29:24
470 11:31:00
28 11:33:20 Short
1143 11:34:00
130 11:34:20
625 11:34:40
17 11:34:58
383 11:35:05
1180 11:35:57
53 11:39:01
1026 11:39:05
229 11:39:10
1617 11:39:15
1046 11:39:22
1911 11:40:40
293 11:41:20 Early St
2101 11:41:22
835 11:41:45
9 11:42:20 Early St
381 11:42:30 Early St
235 11:42:35
77 11:43:02
78 11:43:15
1916 11:43:45
270 11:44:00
1350 11:44:15
187 11:44:17
265 11:44:18 Short
1845 11:45:45
170 11:46:00
1919 11:46:20
812 11:47:00 Short
945 11:47:40
336 11:48:10
292 11:50:54
6 11:50:54
581 11:54:24 Short
866 12:23:00

Checkpoint 5

1918 12:17
1020 12:17
1917 12:18
333 12:18
317 12:19
670 12:28
777 12:29
198 12:33
366 12:40
1143 12:42
470 12:43
625 12:44
1880 12:45
17 12:50
338 12:50
1617 12:50
1026 12:52
1046 12:53
229 12:53
1911 12:57
835 12:57
78 13:01
187 13:02
53 13:03
1845 13:05
2101 13:07
235 13:07
77 13:07
945 13:08
163 13:08
270 13:08
336 13:08
1916 13:10
170 13:13:10
1350 13:12
292 13:15
6 13:15
293 13:17
381 13:26
9 13:26
866 13:54
Thomas RocheOct 8 2017, 8:06amThanks to Joe and the volenteers for organizing and great event. A great day out in the hills.
Barry MurrayOct 8 2017, 4:14pmThanks Joe, Adrian and volunteers for putting on this sufferfest. Lots of mud,cuts and bruises. Adrians photo's capture some. I'll try and get one final race report up !
Liam CannonOct 8 2017, 6:26pmMany thanks to Joe and co for making it happen.

Managed to get out and back with a minimum of navigational nous, so I'm gonna call it a successful day out.

That climb up to Tibradden through the undergrowth was sheer and utter torture.
James H CahillOct 9 2017, 12:58pmRace report up
Barry MurrayOct 9 2017, 1:20pmMy final race report for the year up. Enjoy
Richard ChurchOct 9 2017, 3:39pmAnother race report up.