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Daniela BoehmJul 10 2017, 11:55pmWhile everyone is still buzzing from the excitement of the Connaught weekend, it's time to build up the momentum for next weekend's LC race in Carlingford.

Another gem of a route from picturesque Carlingford village up to Slieve Foye and across to Fox's Rock with stunning views of the Mourne mountains across the bay (weather permitting)! The drive up is not much longer than some of the remote locations in Wicklow, there will be plenty of refreshments at the finish and few races offer such good odds at getting a spot prize! So please show up in plentiful numbers (even if that decreases said odds ;)).
Donal McMorlandJul 11 2017, 7:46amHi, Is online entry available for this race?
Pól Ó MurchúJul 11 2017, 11:40amOpen now
Denise MathersJul 12 2017, 8:46amHi Pol,
When logged on to MYIMRA I have no products to purchase - I need to join IMRA first and then enter the Foxes race for Saturday. Can you help please.

Note When I log into Dale's MYIMRA account - the Foxes race is available - although he already is a IMRA member

Gordon PlaceJul 12 2017, 8:52amHi Denise,
I think registration should be back up tomorrow after tonight's race so you should be able to do both then
Daniela BoehmJul 12 2017, 8:54amHi Denise,
annual membership is currently unavailable as it has to close ahead of tonight's race in Bray head but it will be available again from tomorrow. If you log into your my IMRA tomorrow, you should be able to purchase both annual membership and then enter the Fox's Rock race. Please let us know if you still encounter problems tomorrow.
Patricia FlynnJul 12 2017, 8:01pmHi,

Having the same problem and wondered what time tomorrow its available? Thanks Tricia
Conor O'FarrellJul 12 2017, 10:45pmHi Daniela

I've put myself in as a volunteer. I've fairly green on such things(I've not volunteered before), so not sure how much I can help, but I'm available if needed.

Daniela BoehmJul 13 2017, 5:15pmThanks, Conor, much appreciated. We'll put you to good use and the tasks can easily be learned on the job ;) If you could be there by 11 am that would be great.
Thanks, Daniela
Hamish KerrJul 13 2017, 5:30pmHi. I need to register as a one off for this race so I need the membership first I guess, then I can buy the race. Where do you get annual membership from on this website? I cannot find the link. Thank you. Hamish
Tricia FlynnJul 13 2017, 5:53pmStill unable to pay registration for Saturday. Anyone else? Reset my profile etc and still no luck
Pádraig DoyleJul 13 2017, 7:47pmTricia, as long as you've got annual membership, someone will give you a voucher to enter in exchange for €5 on the morning. I'm planning to be there and I've a few stamps spare on mine.

Andrew HanneyJul 13 2017, 7:51pmThis race is on the list of available products to purchase once signed into the site
Denise MathersJul 13 2017, 9:01pmHi,

I still cannot purchase anything on MYIMRA account. I need to purchase the IMRA membership and then Fox's race.
I understand that no one can offer me a voucher as I need to be a IMRA first.

Fox's race is available on MYIMRA for others who are already IMRA members.

Please help as I really was looking forward to this race.
Tricia FlynnJul 13 2017, 9:11pmI'm needing to purchase the annual membership. Checked again and nothing showing up for me to purchase.
Daniela BoehmJul 13 2017, 10:52pmHi Tricia,
I can see you on the list of registered runners, so it seems to have worked for you (race number 1770). Unfortunately I can't see if annual registration is open for the rest of you and will have to rely on someone with more powers over the IMRA system to do this for me...
Daniela BoehmJul 13 2017, 11:09pmRace instructions for Carlingford - Fox's rock:

This is an unmarked open mountain course that requires navigation skills. The only section that will be marked is the road/laneway leading as far as the open mountain and is compulsory on the outward and return. Mandatory points to be visited are Slieve Foye - Fox's Rock - Slieve Foye. You have free route choice except for above mentioned marked section.

All competitors are required to carry a longsleeve rainproof jacket!
Further kit requirements are a map of the route (can be downloaded from the events page), a compass (including the knowledge how to use it) and a mobile phone. The IMRA emergency number is on the back of your race number.

The race starts at 12 with an early start at 11am on Sat July 15th.

If the race distance seems a bit daunting, there will be a short course option going to Slieve Foye only and anyone who decides to turn back before reaching Fox's Rock will be given a short course time.
This race is not suitable for juniors or beginners as navigation over open mountain and rough terrain are required.

Prize giving and refreshments will be at the race finish. Patsy has checked with the local parish priest and 'unless someone dies' we are welcome to park in the church car park.

See you on Sat,
Conor O'FarrellJul 14 2017, 12:54amHi Daniela

That's fine. I will see you at 11.

Daniela BoehmJul 14 2017, 8:19amHi,
Annual membership and the Carlingford race should be available for purchase to all now - anymore issues, please let us know.
Please note that registration will have to close at 6 pm this eve in advance of tomorrow's race. Everyone wishing to run tomorrow needs to be an IMRA member for 2017 and have either pre-registered for the race online or use a voucher as we can no longer accept cash.

Sign-in will be in the church car park and we hope to be there from 10.30.

The weather forecast suggests showers (please come prepared) but I'm still hoping for a repeat of last year's glorious sunshine :)

Hope you'll enjoy the race,
Denise MathersJul 14 2017, 8:21amHi Daniela
Thanks entry all sorted now. See you tomorrow
Tricia FlynnJul 14 2017, 10:02amA kind friend managed to log on to sort mine. Thanks for replies and see you tomorrow.
David PenderJul 14 2017, 3:59pmHI, will a copy of the course map be provided on the day like in the Navigation races or do you have to bring your own?
David PenderJul 14 2017, 3:59pmHI, will a copy of the course map be provided on the day like in the Navigation races or do you have to bring your own?
Daniela BoehmJul 14 2017, 4:55pmHi David,
runners are expected to bring a map themselves (you can print the one from the website). I will provide a few spare ones just in case someone has forgotten but you shouldn't rely on that, as there will not be enough for everyone and a map is part of the mandatory kit.

see you all tomorrow,
David PenderJul 14 2017, 6:09pmHi daniela,
Thanks for that.the printer at home is broken.
Thanks, David
Pádraig DoyleJul 15 2017, 7:10pmWell that was a bit of craic. Thanks Daniella and extra-concentrated mini team. Sambos and cake hit the spot.

Conor O'FarrellJul 15 2017, 7:39pmHi All

I posted up the photos I got on the summit. Apologies to those I missed, and of any of them.are bad shots.

James H CahillJul 15 2017, 10:44pmThank you Daniela, Eoin, Conor and the other volunteers for a great excursion to Carlingford today.

The Sandwiches, and cakes and tea, and sweets were a real treat post run.

Great day out

Thank you all.
Paul SmythJul 15 2017, 11:28pmThank you Daniela and team for a wonderful race today.
Daniela BoehmJul 16 2017, 12:21amThank you to everyone who made the trip up to Carlingford today! I'm glad to hear people enjoyed it!

Special thanks to the (few but highly capable) volunteers: Conor and his brother (whose name I've forgotten - sorry!) for manning Fox's Rock, Eoin for minding 1st aid, finish line and more and running volunteers Patsy and Padraig for their help before and after the race. A particularly big thank you to Magret Muldoon for making all those lovely sandwiches (not a crumb was left!)! :)

Results will be uploaded in due course but in the meantime you can find the finishing times in the race report section.
Congratulations to the winners:
1. Colm Murtagh
2. Pete Grant
3. Dale Mathers
M40: Alan Ayling
M50: Johnny McCabe
M70: Patsy McCreanor

1. Denise Mathers
2. Connie Dottino
3. Tricia Flynn and Edele Clelland

Well done to all and I hope everyone had a good day out! :)