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stuart simpsonApr 26 2017, 10:48amGreetings from the Outer Hebrides! Considering a trip to the Emerald Isle for Carrauntoohil. Can you advise regarding entry?
John J BarryApr 26 2017, 2:45pmStuart,

You must join IMRA for the year which costs €10. After that under "PURCHASE IMRA PRODUCTS" the 'CARRAUNTOOHILL' race will be displayed closer to the time as a 'product' to purchase.


Event Entry for Wicklow Way Race (10 June, 2017) 60
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Vivian O'GormanMay 23 2017, 9:22pmHi All,

I would like to run Carrauntoohil myself so I am looking for a Race Director. Most of the preparation is done and I will give plenty of help.

Also a First Aid Person, Laptop Operator and Summit Marshall are needed.

The race will be on 'purchase imra products' in the next few days. Please be aware that online registration will close at 2pm on Friday 2nd June.

I will post more information early next week.
Robert McEvoyMay 24 2017, 12:34pmHi Vivian, I won't be racing that day so I'm happy to be summit marshal / first aid person. Rob
Brendan Murphy72May 24 2017, 11:22pmI have signed up as a non-running helper and so has my daughter Áine. I can switch to a different role if required.
Vivian O'GormanMay 26 2017, 1:06pmCan the Carrauntoohil race be put into 'purchase imra products' please with pre reg to close at 2pm next Friday 2nd June...thanks..

And I still need a few more volunteers...
Paul DeaneMay 26 2017, 7:08pmHi Vivian, I am not running and happy to help out as RD, Reg etc, but I will have to leave at 4pm...if we can work something out
Conor MurphyMay 27 2017, 5:04pmYeah, I'll volunteer too. I'll be running it but can be there early and help with registration.
Paddy O'SheaMay 28 2017, 9:34amAny sign of the Carrauntoohil race on the 'purchase IMRA products' yet?
Paddy O'SheaMay 28 2017, 9:34amAny sign of the Carrauntoohil race on the 'purchase IMRA products' yet?
Vivian O'GormanMay 28 2017, 9:20pmThanks Paul and Conor. Paul would you give me a call - 087 4150398 - any evening next

Conor I will put you on the volunteers list.

The race should be on 'purchase imra products' shortly.

I will post more information on Monday/Tuesday

Robert McEvoy will be First Aid or Summit Marshall. So I'm still looking for volunteers.
Pól Ó MurchúMay 28 2017, 10:29pmOpen now.
Matthew BranchMay 29 2017, 4:33pmHi Vivian - there are at least 4 people from Munster (that I know of - possibly more) looking for mugs from the Maurice Mullins Ultra. I believe Pol said you would be bringing a batch down with you. Hope to finally get my hands on it... See you at Carrauntoohil!
Michael CoghlanMay 29 2017, 10:47pmHi. I joined imra and purchased 50 voucher. Can this be used as credit towards carrauntoohil or do I still need to purchase separately. Thanks
Vivian O'GormanMay 30 2017, 8:56amHi Michael - just print out the email you got from imra after your purchase. Then bring it with you on Saturday and we'll look after you...
Michael CoghlanMay 30 2017, 3:40pmThanks Vivian for letting me know. Michael
Vivian O'GormanMay 31 2017, 9:14amHi Folks - Race Info

The race starts at 1pm

Race Registration will open at 11.00am and close at 12.30pm SHARP. Please remember, if you don't have a voucher, to Pre Register BEFORE 2pm on Friday.

If you have a voucher - no problem. If you have recently joined IMRA then you can collect your race number and voucher at registration. Just have proof of purchase with you either on your phone or print out.

No money will be taken at race registration and NO entries will be taken at the race start.

The Early Start is at 12.00pm - just let me or Paul Deane know.

The Kit requirement: A longsleeved rainproof jacket (mandatory) - Hat/Gloves - Bumbag with chocolate/biscuits whatever suits you - Water - Map - Compass - Whistle - Mobile Phone

Remember if you have a problem during the race use the mobile number on the back of your race number. RING this number DON't text. This will go straight to the Race Director Paul Deane.

This is NOT a beginners race. Please do not make this your first mountain race. Try an easier shorter Wednesday evening type race first.

This race is also not suitable for Juniors.

There is absolutely NO parking on the road it is just too narrow. We have a carpark for 3 Euro per car. It will be clearly marked. You can carpool from the Climbers Inn.

Prizegiving will be in the Climbers Inn.

Don't forget Pre Entry closes at 2pm on Friday.

Finally I hear tell that I will be selling the now famous Maurice Mullins Mugs - buy one and get the second for double!!! Just let me know...
Brian HarmanJun 1 2017, 10:39amHi folks. Me and a few of my friends would like to register for the Carraun run. I have logged into my account but need to renew my IMRA membership before I can purchase the race entry. However, I can't seem to figure out how to pay the IMRA registration. Any guidance would be appreciated. Apologies for the novice question. Brian.
cathy wyseJun 1 2017, 10:40amAnybody going down for this race interested in car pooling and sharing fuel costs?
Vivian O'GormanJun 1 2017, 11:41amHi Brian - 'purchase membership' is not in 'purchase imra products' at the momment for some reason.

So can the webmaster please put it in - thanks
Renata RogicJun 1 2017, 11:47amanyone have a GPS track for this race?
Rob ClearyJun 1 2017, 5:50pm'Purchase Imra Products' is showing ' items currently available...' for me.
(I see this is an ongoing problem from the previous posts).
Will this be available before 2pm tomorrow? If not - can I pay on the day? If not - what to do?
Pól Ó MurchúJun 1 2017, 6:05pmWill have a look when I get home in about 40 min.
Pól Ó MurchúJun 1 2017, 7:13pmShould be open now...
Renata RogicJun 1 2017, 8:42pmCathy and I are still looking for lift from killarney to the start of the race. Anyone? Pretty please?
Ciara LargeyJun 1 2017, 11:24pmCan't get past the online registration for imra... is there any registration on the day please? I'm already a nimra member, will that do?
Vivian O'GormanJun 2 2017, 9:48amStuart Simpson from the Outer Hebrides. I don't see you on the pre entry list. If you still want to run Carrauntoohil you will have to pre enter before 2pm today otherwise you can't run!!

Ciara Largey keep trying. Some other NIMRA runners have entered. Otherwise text me - 0874150398

Pre Entries close today at 2pm. If you haven't pre entered or don't have a voucher you won't be running tomorrow!!

Please bring the kit as listed in the earlier post above with you . A decision will be made tomorrow as to what is required for the race.

Don't forget your Jacket. This is MANDATORY and no matter what the weather you be be carrying/wearing this in the race.

Finally as I've said pre entry CLOSES at 2pm today.
Brian LeddinJun 2 2017, 12:10pmRenata, if you put a message on the Munster Mountain Running facebook page somebody may be able to help you. I can give you a lift from Killorglin if that's any help?
Conor MurphyJun 2 2017, 1:42pmI forgot pre-entry, that means us volunteers can't skim our usual cut or pocket the odd tenner.

Bah humbug.

Could we at least get a Maurice Mullins mug as a perk?
Vivian O'GormanJun 2 2017, 1:52pmConor you still have 8 minutes!!
Vivian O'GormanJun 2 2017, 2:15pmEntries are now CLOSED...

See you all tomorrow...
Renata RogicJun 2 2017, 2:58pmhi Brian. thank you for your help! Killorglin is not on the way at all. If anyone from Munster Mountain Running fb responds please let us know.. thank you.
Tony HolmesJun 2 2017, 3:22pmSorry for coming in after the deadline - I've just missed the registration for tomorrow. any chance I could pay at this stage???
Brian LeddinJun 2 2017, 4:16pmRenata, I know Killorglin isn't quite on the way, but you could get a bus there easily from Killarney. It's only 15 or 20 minutes. I could pick you up in Killorglin then.
Conor MurphyJun 2 2017, 5:08pmOh I made it in on time Vivian!

My gripe is that no cash means no ability for us volunteers to pocket any money on the side. Another door slams shut...
Renata RogicJun 2 2017, 5:22pmWe shall come to Killorglin! My number 083 852 8737. Please get in touch
Brian LeddinJun 2 2017, 5:30pmNo problem. I'll send you a text later to arrange the time and place :)
Joseph BoyleJun 2 2017, 6:17pmRenata,
Myself and my wife are heading out from the Eviston Hotel at 11.00 and I've 2 spaces available. Let me know if you want them as I was going to post on carpool.
Renata RogicJun 2 2017, 8:07pmHi Joseph. Yes, we would like to get lift from you, is it handier. thank you very much! My number is on the forum.
Brian, thank you for offering lift, you are life saver!
Donal CashmanJun 2 2017, 11:36pmHi,
I was hoping to run, but have had to reconsider and (at this late hour) now I've volunteered.
I see that I have been "accepted", so what time would you like the volunteers there tomorrow and where to meet up?

If I dont hear back I will aim to be there before 11am.

my number is 086-3470917

Best regards,
Donal Cashman
Dermot MurphyJun 3 2017, 6:03pmThe race results are up on the website as a race report - proper results to be posted in the next few days...
Conor MurphyJun 4 2017, 11:48amBloody hell Dermot, that was quick! Fair play.
John ShielsJun 4 2017, 7:40pmRace Photos on FB
Vivian O'GormanJun 5 2017, 11:16pmYou just never know what Carrauntoohil is going to throw at you. On Saturday we literally got two short showers and then sun for the rest of the day. The views were fantastic!! So I'm told 'cause I was running so fast I missed them!! You know yourselves...

Thank you to all the volunteers. Particularly to Paul Deane who took over the RD duties and let me run. Robert McEvoy for being Summit Marshall, Brendan Murphy for First Aid and Dermot Murphy for doing the Laptop and getting the provisional results up so quickly.

Also to Aine Murphy,Patricia Murphy,Arlene Mahony,Conor Murphy,Donal Cashman who stayed with us until everybody was off the mountain and Peter Bell who did a great job giving out the tickets for the spot prizes.

The Summit Times are in the report section on the race details page.

The results proper will be up shortly.

Also to
John ShielsJun 6 2017, 10:59pmWhile it's great to see I'm down as 30th in the provisional results with a time 113.7 and a summit time of 102.03, (I always said I was a savage descender), I must request a correction to my time as I did an early start. I timed myself at 171.17 making me joint 80th with Brian O'Meara.