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Pól Ó MurchúApr 20 2017, 10:58pmEvent reg is open now...Will close Tuesday 25th April 18:00
Laura FlynnApr 23 2017, 7:15pmDoes anyone have any recommended route for getting to this race from Terenure. Is it better to go through city and along quays and out by coast road or via m50 and, if so, what exit?
I'm concerned about getting caught in traffic as I can't leave till after 5.30pm.
John ShielsApr 23 2017, 7:57pmthe M50 might be a better bet. its normally quieter North bound in the evenings
Declan O'DwyerApr 24 2017, 1:51pmLaura, M50 would probably be best . Continue straight on onto R139 and straight through Baldoyle till you reach the coast and turn right to Sutton and Howth
Declan O'DwyerApr 24 2017, 1:51pmLaura, M50 would probably be best . Continue straight on onto R139 and straight through Baldoyle till you reach the coast and turn right to Sutton and Howth
Kieran CrowleyApr 24 2017, 5:22pmA note from Deer Park Golf Club on the Howth Estate - Please do not park or drive on the verges on the avenue, clamping in operation, any car on verges will be clamped during the race. Please come early as the gold club is much busier than last year and parking may be limited.

I need 5 or 6 more volunteers please.

Race will start promptly @ 7:30.

I would be grateful if all runners and volunteers would please read this post so that everyone understands the system and hopefully it will help things to run smoothly:

1. When runners come into the registrar area they will be directed to either the pre-registration table, if they have registered on line or the pay-with -voucher table if they have not.

2. At those table they will sign in for the race. This is an important cross-checking tool for us as it tells us who actually started the race as opposed to registering but not taking part.

3. At the voucher table you will have the voucher punched once per entry, so if you're paying for another runner you will have it punched twice. You can also collect new vouchers here which you have bought online but please bring your confirmation email.

4. You will then go to the numbers' table and collect your 2017 number which you will keep for the year. Please bring and check your acknowledgement email to ensure you collect the correct number. It's very easy to get , say, 147 mixed up with 174 and this can cause huge headaches for us in sorting out the results.

5 you then go to the chip table and collect your new timing chip which, again, you will keep for the year.

6. Please fill out your contact details on the reverse of your number.

7. We will do our best to ensure the race starts promptly at 7:30. Registration will open at 6.15(and close promptly @ 7:15) and volunteers should report at 5.30. Please let me know when you arrive.

8. Prizgiving will be in Deer Park golf club bar.

The race markers will head out at 6. Please bring high-via jackets if you have them as I cannot currently locate the IMRA jackets.

I have allocated the following volunteer roles and if anyone has any difficulty please let me know:

Car-parking – Matthew Sammon & Gerard Keating ( can you bring a high-via jacket Matthew + Gerard and please make sure cars don't park on the verges on the avenue, clamping in operation. Also be sensitive to the golfers.)

Greeting runners – Damien Coyle

Pre-Reg table - Shane and Joseph

Voucher table – Gordon and Alistair

Numbers table – Liam, Connie and John

Chip table - Pól and Alice

Finish Chute , recording numbers - Matthew, Shane, Joseph and Gordon.

Mark Course: Val Jones

- Summit Marshall and unmarking course: volunteer wanted
- Midway Marshall and unmarking course: volunteer wanted
Junior Turnaround marshall and unmarking course: volunteer wanted

If I've forgotten anything or made any mistakes feel free to let me know.
Laura FlannellyApr 25 2017, 8:32amHi there,

Just wondering whether it's possible to walk to the start from the Dart station or does the race start at the very top of Howth?

Joseph BoyleApr 25 2017, 8:32amKevin,
I'm down as a volunteer for tomorrow's race, but unfortunately due to a bereavement in the family I can't attend tomorrow. Apologies for the inconvenience caused as I can see you're currently looking for additional volunteers.
Joe Boyle.
kieran crowleyApr 25 2017, 9:07amRegistration will be at The Deer Park Golf Club, so yes you should be able to walk from dart station - a 15/20 minute walk I would think.
Shane O'MalleyApr 25 2017, 9:12amHi Kevin,

It looks like i will have to pull out from volunteering as well due to a family commitment. It may change but wanted to give you some notice.

Shane O'MalleyApr 25 2017, 9:12amHi Kevin,

It looks like i will have to pull out from volunteering as well due to a family commitment. It may change but wanted to give you some notice.

Alan AylingApr 25 2017, 10:17amHow many clamps do they have?!! :-)
Stuart ScottApr 25 2017, 12:06pmHi Kieran,

I don't mind volunteering tomorrow if you still need someone? Happy to do summit marshal. Though in this weather it'll be more like 'Howth Winter'!

Gerard KeatingApr 25 2017, 1:36pmHi Kieran,

probably not what you want to hear but I cannot make tomorrow. I've been drafted into something in work that I cannot avoid. I hope you manage to get a replacement for me. Apologies!
Tanya SheridanApr 25 2017, 10:10pmWe are very short on volunteers for tomorrow's race in Howth. Please volunteer to help if you can. Thanks!
Laura FlynnApr 25 2017, 10:49pmThanks John and Declan for that advice.

Kieran, I will volunteer but would like to run so if you can ask one of the volunteers at the registration to do Marshall I will man of those desks.
Peter GormanApr 25 2017, 10:51pmHi, id also like to run and volunteer if possible.
Gordon PlaceApr 26 2017, 7:37amI'm on registration and can run ahead after the 7.15 cut off and marshall
Declan O'DwyerApr 26 2017, 9:11amHi Kieran, I've just volunteered. I can do marshal or anything else needed.
Kieran CrowleyApr 26 2017, 9:50amA few people had to drop out so now assigned the following roles:
Car Parking: Owen Fletcher, Peter Gorman & Shay.

Greeting runners – Damien Coyle

Pre-Reg table - Declan, Brian Leonard, Laura Flynn & Cathy

Voucher table – Gordon, Alistair and Gill

Numbers table – Liam, Connie, John and Sarah

Chip table - Pól and Alice

Finish Chute , recording numbers - Matthew, Gill, Sarah and Gordon.

Mark Course: Val Jones, Jeff, Stuart, Mike Jordan

- Summit Marshall and unmarking course: Stuart
- Midway Marshall and unmarking course: Val
Junior Turnaround marshall and unmarking course: Jeff
Conor O'FarrellApr 26 2017, 11:04amHi

If anyone is heading back towards Ratoath/Ashbourne/Dunshaughlin area with a spare seat after the race, I would be grateful of a lift.

Gavan DuffyApr 26 2017, 11:09amHi Con,

I'll be heading back to Navan and will pass those places if you need a lift.

Conor O'FarrellApr 26 2017, 12:11pmThanks Gavan. I'll look for you later so.

Gavan DuffyApr 26 2017, 12:32pmGive me a text on,

Zero Eight Seven two six two one five nine eight.

Craig DeeryApr 26 2017, 3:26pmI'll be there around 6.15 if I you still need a hand. I'll be running but can't hang around after, sorry.
Martin BagnallApr 26 2017, 9:25pmThanks Kieran and team, great race tonight and well organised.
Michael DevineApr 26 2017, 9:50pmGreat race. Thanks to the helpers/director.
Paul KevilleApr 26 2017, 11:01pmHey Karen my time for tonight was 39.13 I came in behind pat Foley. Sorry I didn't realise we were using chip timing. I'll know better next time. Thanks again for all for a great race
John CondonApr 26 2017, 11:12pmThat was a great race. Thanks to Kieran and all the volunteers for tonight. Much appreciated.
Mike JordanApr 27 2017, 9:47amWell done Kieran and all for last night. Does anyone know who took the RD kit after the race? I was in a bit of a rush to make the race start after marking and managed to leave my IMRA fleece in a plastic bag of marking tape in the golf club. If someone found it / has it, let me know please. Thanks!
Laura FlynnApr 27 2017, 9:57amthanks Kieran for a great race.
I have the race kit and am passing it to Damian this evening Mike. There is navy fleece there alright which I'll leave with the kit and you can get at next week's race if that suits.
Mike JordanApr 27 2017, 10:08amThanks Laura, I've sent you a mail to your IMRA email.

Also, for any Strava users, I created a segment for the loop we did twice last night. I was surprised to find I was 1 second faster on the 2nd loop even though it felt like alot harder work!
Kieran CrowleyApr 27 2017, 5:26pmThanks very much to all volunteers last night
Paul O'CallaghanApr 28 2017, 9:26amI left a hard day of work behind me, spent a fiver, took five minutes to register for my favourite past time and had a great evening of racing. Only made possible by the effort of IMRA and the race organisers and volunteers. Thank you
Brendan O'KeeffeApr 28 2017, 9:48amGreat race, well organised. First time I cycled to an event and home after. I slept well that night. Any news on the results?
Warren SwordsApr 28 2017, 10:50amGreat race on Wednesday. Cheers to all volunteers and thanks to Alice on first aid.
Karen DevenneyApr 28 2017, 5:59pmThe results will hopefully be up over the weekend, there are a few glitches to post out before they can be posted.

IMRA is a entirely voluntary organisation so between juggling an extremely busy job & having a life too, the results don't always get posted immediately.
Tim ChapmanApr 28 2017, 6:18pmKaren this is very unacceptable. We will not accept such excuses. In Pol'S day they would have been up as the last runner crossed the line!!!
Miriam MaherApr 28 2017, 6:23pmSays Tim with the safety of the Irish Sea between himself and Karen...
Tim ChapmanApr 28 2017, 6:48pmHa very true. Also a beer for courage!
Keith MulveyApr 28 2017, 6:49pmTo anyone witnessing me stumbling frantically over the rocky break above the Rhododendron gardens with arms flailing whilst jumping over people whilst diving into the pink petal lined undercover, it was either a giant hornet buzzing over me about to sting me into oblivion, or somebodies drone that was threatening to crop my hair shorter then it already is! But either way the adrenaline sped me up past a good few runners, so thanks, I think! p.s. has anyone got the drone footage of this?
Karen DevenneyApr 29 2017, 3:15pmResults are now up. They took a long time to sort out this week largely down to people signing in with the wrong race number and a lot of people not having a chip on their shoe.

Please bring your current race number with you when you sign in so that you don't have a blonde moment and write the wrong number. The chip timing system will be fully implemented in the next few weeks....if you haven't received a chip to date, get one at the next race. Once fully implemented, if you don't have your chip on your shoe, you won't get a result full stop

Well done to Kieran and co for a great race, looking forward to the next!
Craig DeeryApr 29 2017, 6:15pmHi all, Does someone have my Garmin HRM, couldn't find it today so went to Deer Park and the barman said he remembered seeing it on a table around where we were registering, thanks.
Stuart ScottMay 2 2017, 11:10amA chip on your shoe sounds much better than a chip on your shoulder!