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Aidan EganFeb 3 2017, 7:41pmHi there,

Just wondering when or how you can register for the mullaghmeen run?

Laurence BriodyFeb 3 2017, 11:34pmHi Aidan
Entry normally opens when the race before in the same league has been run. Brockagh brust is on the week before.
Aidan EganFeb 6 2017, 10:05pmthanks laurence..i see its up there now...i see theres an option for 5euro and 7euro..i went with the 5euro .. is that ok?
Laurence BriodyFeb 7 2017, 7:55amHi Aidan the 5e is for a replacement chip. You need the 7e option. I will find out what can be done to sort it for you...
Aidan EganFeb 7 2017, 6:23pmcheers laurence...sorry about to this to be honest.. was thinking the 5 was like an early bird option..anyway ill pay the 2 euro on the day if thats an option or ill just pay the 7 again?..sure let me know whats the best solution - cheers for your help !
Laurence BriodyFeb 7 2017, 9:45pmHi Aidan the 5e will be refunded and you can purchase the 7e.
Aidan EganFeb 8 2017, 9:40pmgreat stuff..thx for your help..
Laurence BriodyFeb 9 2017, 10:32pmHi all i.m looking for a laptop operater and a few more helpers please.
We are also running a shorter race for the juniors and youths who want to participate..
Laurence BriodyFeb 13 2017, 10:32pmHi everyone we are having an early start for anyone who feels they are not able to complete in 1hour 45mins. The early start is 11.30. The short route is for juniors just under 5k.
Still looking for laptop operater.
Registration opens at 10.30 and closes 11.30 sharp...
Elisa RodriguesFeb 15 2017, 2:58pmSorry, where could I subscribe-me for this running MULLAGHMEEN 10 K RUN? Because, I don`t living here... So, 1) Could I run?
2) How much I have to pay? And Where?

Laurence BriodyFeb 15 2017, 3:18pmHi Elisa
Yes you can run these are tough hill races. You need to register on this site as an Imra member first for 10e. This allows you to entry as race on the Imra calendar for the year. Then you entry each race separate for 7e..
Let me know where you are coming from and i will try and help you.
Alan KilbrideFeb 15 2017, 3:49pmHi there,

I have a % of winners time of greater than 165% on average over my last 10 runs. Am I ok to do the early start if I can make this race?

Laurence BriodyFeb 15 2017, 4:02pmYes Alan you can do an early start. Early start is 11.30. Be there earlier for signin...
Catherine McCourtFeb 15 2017, 5:05pmHi, I joined IMRA this week and entered for Mullaghmeen, should I receive my number and chip in the post or will I collect it on Sunday?
Laurence BriodyFeb 15 2017, 5:27pmHi Catherine you can collect at signin from 10.30 sunday morning..
Laurence BriodyFeb 15 2017, 5:27pmHi Catherine you can collect at signin from 10.30 sunday morning..
Laurence BriodyFeb 15 2017, 5:38pmHi Catherine you can collect at signin from 10.30 sunday morning..
alan hallFeb 16 2017, 7:52amAs far as the early start is concerned, can anybody start early? I have 'important business' to do in the afternoon and the early start would suit better than a 12 start. Are the finishing times all taken together? I would be hoping to finish in under an hour.

Gordon PlaceFeb 16 2017, 9:17amHi Alan, I think the early start is only for people with average times over 165% of the winning time, you don't sound to be in that category if expecting to finish in under an hour?
You would also have the advantage of a clear run with no traffic?
Gordon PlaceFeb 16 2017, 9:18amHi Alan, I think the early start is only for people with average times over 165% of the winning time, you don't sound to be in that category if expecting to finish in under an hour?
You would also have the advantage of a clear run with no traffic?
Laurence BriodyFeb 16 2017, 11:25amHi Alan. Gordon is correct early start only for average times over 165%.
Still looking for laptop operater...
alan hallFeb 16 2017, 1:24pmThanks for the reply lads. First year in IMRA. I did think there were some restrictions alright! Learning as I go. Great events so far, BTW!!
Gill McLoughlinFeb 16 2017, 6:29pmHi Laurence, i am down as a helper on Sunday and see you still need a laptop operator. It will be my first time volunteering at an IMRA event, but if no one else steps forward and someone wants to train me in on the system i'm happy to give it a go....
Laurence BriodyFeb 16 2017, 7:01pmHi Gill.
At the moment we dont have anyone. I shadowed in hellfire so if can't get anyone was going to do it myself.I not 100% sure on all.If someone steps up we'll try bring you upto date on it and some more for me.. see you sunday thanks Gill..
Miriam MaherFeb 16 2017, 8:05pmHi Laurence/Gill,

I am heading to Mullaghmeen but won't be there early enough to set up laptop. I can give you a dig out when I get there (11ish) and a crash course in how to set it up. Will help out at the end in finishing off the results when I get in. If Laurence knows a bit about it already from shadowing it, we should be able to work it out all together. The far better option would be to have just one person doing the whole thing. I'll be doing laptop for other races coming up, wanted to run this route. Anyone out there feel like getting their volunteering in nice and early?! Anyway - that's your plan B if nobody steps up in the meantime. Miriam
Laurence BriodyFeb 16 2017, 8:52pmThanks miriam. I just not sure how to start and finish. You can run since your planing on coming down. I try getting started and you can help me before and after race. Any tips appreciated..
Miriam MaherFeb 16 2017, 9:09pmHi Laurence, just sent you a msg through Facebook with my email, we can sort out the details ahead of Sat that way.
Laura FlynnFeb 17 2017, 7:56amUnfortunately I'm not going to make this race on Sunday now. Would someone Dublin-based be able to take the gear back and I will arrange to collect from you Tuesday and deliver to Peter and race markers for Ticknock race.
Caroline ReidFeb 17 2017, 9:28amHi Laura, I am heading to Moylagh Saturday night, so I could collect from you this evening or tomorrow and deliver to one of the race organisers Saturday night / Sunday morning if this helps. Just drop me an email to if this helps.
Laura FlynnFeb 17 2017, 10:27amsorry Caroline but what I want is someone to take the gear back to Dublin after Mullaghmeen.Laurence already has it for Sunday.
Jim FitzharrisFeb 17 2017, 10:38amLaurence,

You were with me on the laptop at Hellfire.

Can you please email me directly: jim dot fitzharris at smurfitkappa dot com and I can send you a few notes on the laptop that I prepared myself and could be useful.

Do you have access to MS Access on a PC?

If so, I can send you a test database to play with.


Stephen RoeFeb 17 2017, 11:05amHi Laura,

I can take the kit with me & have it ready for collection from Monday am in Dublin.

Just give me a call on 086 3892679

Stephen RoeFeb 17 2017, 11:06amHi Laura,

I can take the kit with me & have it ready for collection from Monday am in Dublin.

Just give me a call on 086 3892679

Peter O'FarrellFeb 17 2017, 11:09amThanks Stephen,

I will ring you to arrange pick up of the gear.

cathy wyseFeb 17 2017, 8:14pmWould anybody have space in their car for one more on Sunday? I can share fuel costs and meet anywhere in Dublin
Laurence BriodyFeb 17 2017, 10:17pmHi all
Quick note on getting to mullaghmeen. Gps coordinates 53.7468273 -7.2718364. If you coming the M4 take the castlepollard exit. In castlepollard take water st and follow the signs for mullaghmeen country. If the M3 take the exit to oldcastle by R163 go straight through the town another 2k to a bridge take the L6813 to ballinacree then towards ballymanus. We will have signs up for hill run..
Ian HarrisonFeb 18 2017, 12:46pmHi Cathy,
I'll be driving out from Dublin and I've space in my car. Just added myself in to the carpool section.
Let me know if you're still looking for a lift and we can arrange something. ian4harrison at gmail dot com
Jody o ReillyFeb 18 2017, 4:06pmHi is it possible to still enter this race
Jody o ReillyFeb 18 2017, 4:06pmHi is it possible to still enter this race
Naoise O GibneFeb 18 2017, 4:13pmHi Ian
Just wondering will you be passing through Navan on your way to the race in Mullaghmeen?
If so would I be able to get a lift off you?
Naoise O GibneFeb 18 2017, 4:29pmmy phone number is 0857651020
Naoise O GibneFeb 18 2017, 4:31pmI wont have access to the internet between today and tomorrow, so would it be possible for you to text me if your heading through Navan.
Jody o ReillyFeb 18 2017, 6:04pmHi ,does any one know is it possible to register for this run
Jason DowlingFeb 18 2017, 6:21pmHi Jody,

If you have not already registered for IMRA in 2017, then you will not be able to partake in the race tomorrow. Also, even if you have registered, the online registration for tomorrow's race is already finalised so that option is won't be available.

From your post, I'm assuming that you don't have the vouchers that can be used for race registration, so your only option, assuming that you have registered for 2017 is to turn up at the race tomorrow and ask someone to sell you a voucher for the race.

Hope that helps,
Laurence BriodyFeb 18 2017, 7:14pmCan all volunteers be in the carpark for 10.15 please...
Jody o ReillyFeb 18 2017, 7:36pmThanks,I only registered with imra today,looks like I'm out of luck for tomorrow
Andrew ReillyFeb 18 2017, 9:05pmHi, I'm on the look out for a voucher for Mullaghmeen in the morning. Anyone have one? Andy
Jon FinnFeb 19 2017, 4:39pmGreat event today ... thx to all for making it happen and St Brigid AC for post race treats... !
Laurence BriodyFeb 19 2017, 6:04pmHi all i would like to give a BIG THANKS to all who helped today and all the runners local and afar.Hope you all enjoyed the new route... Sorry for the delay in results a few errors with the laptop on my behalf. The other category winners will sorted soon and the rest of the results we be up when Karen gets to sort things out...Thanks Karen...Thats why you should not RD and laptop operater together. Lesson learned..
Stephen RoeFeb 19 2017, 7:07pmHi Laurence,

A big Thank You to all in St Brigid AC, Great Hosts, & the Hospitality after the run was incredible.

A challenging course, well done organisers & volunteers...

Aidan EganFeb 19 2017, 9:37pmwell done to all at mullaghmeen ... great event
Miriam MaherFeb 20 2017, 8:17amHi Laurence, super event yesterday. Thanks so much to you and all from St Brigids AC for everything. Great route - so good that Caroline and myself went back out for more ;-) Very well organised, you played a blinder! Photos tell the tale of the cruel last climb....have to get back to the forest for the much talked of bluebells show in another month or so.
Derek KellettFeb 20 2017, 8:37amLoved that, thank you
Caitlin BentFeb 20 2017, 1:04pmCongratulations on a wonderful Roller Coaster Ride course through Mullagh Meen Woods. yesterday. Well done all!
Karen DevenneyFeb 20 2017, 8:28pmWell done to Laurence & co on a great race yesterday and thanks so much for the great spread afterwards! Results are now up....any issues (I expect there might be a few), drop me a mail at karen.devenney at imra dot ie
Derek KellettFeb 20 2017, 8:49pmKaren, can you tweak the results, I was one of the early starters (106)
James HigginsFeb 20 2017, 10:16pmExcellent show by the good people in St Bridget's AC. Thank You! You never go wrong with an athletic club organising a race. That was a tough course. I was under the impression that this would be a trail race around a forest. Was I way off the mark. Some serious ascents and descents and for anyone who wants a serious mountain run put it into the calendar for next year.
Gavan DuffyFeb 20 2017, 10:23pmWhat a super trail run. Very well organised. A big big thank you to all involved. could you leave the markers up for a few weeks, I want to do that circuit again? :-)).
alan hallFeb 21 2017, 6:07pmGreat event on Sunday. Thanks to st Bridget's AC for the post race treats. Just wondering if there is an external website for the photos taken at the event. I know I saw a few cameras out and was wondering where people go to see them if they're not up here.
Aidan EganFeb 22 2017, 8:02pmi second that earlier comment, be great to have some of the markers left up ...will be up again, would love to bring a few buddies around the course
Laura FlynnFeb 22 2017, 8:22pmim really sorry to have missed what sounds like a fantastic race so well done to Laurence and his team. Unfortunately one of the conditions of our Coillte permit is that we remove all markings and litter which is understandable. Maybe there's a case to be made to them to have a permanent marked trail laid out for runners in the same way as there are permanent orienteering courses in some parks?
Laurence BriodyFeb 22 2017, 10:45pmWOW super comments glad ye all enjoyed our new roller coaster route as Caitlin called it.. We run the route and more sometimes on a Sunday morning around 830 and an odd friday evening at 8 all welcome anytime.
Laura i might touch base with coillte about new routes there is lots more in Mullaghmeen.
Alan lots of photo on St Brigids Facebook page.
Thanks again to all.
Come see the blankets of bluebells in a few weeks....
Caroline ReidFeb 24 2017, 4:22amReally great race...thanks to everyone involved!

PS don't forget the primroses as well as the bluebells in a few weeks - just magical...well worth a return visit!