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Paul O'GradyAug 25 2016, 12:03amGreat news folks - the summer isn't over yet!! We've one race left. We are remembering Seamus. Details to follow.
Owen FletcherAug 25 2016, 11:18amI have some friends that might be interested in doing the short option...they're not a member of IMRA...would they need to pay for annual membership first and then pay for the run too? (I think I know the answer, just wondering with it being this late in the year and the race not being part of a series)
Paul O'GradyAug 29 2016, 7:17pmHi Owen. Unfortunately yes they do. The committee has agreed to reduce the membership fee to Eur 5 for those registering for this race - and the membership monies will also be donated to ARC.
Paul O'GradyAug 29 2016, 7:19pmLaptop operator required if anyone wants to get a volunteering role done that isn't on the weekend.
Mikey FryAug 29 2016, 8:07pmHey Paul do we have to reg night before or can you pay cash on the night like the mountain rescue race? thanks Mikey
Paul O'GradyAug 29 2016, 8:29pmThanks Mike.

As this is a charity race, we will have facilities to allow non-IMRA members to register and race on the night.

IMRA members should pre-register online before 6pm tomorrow as usual.

Hopefully we will have a good turnout for the last evening run of season and the last summer race.
Stephen Mc CabeAug 29 2016, 9:59pmHi Paul,
I am trying to buy an entry for wed night but its not up on the available products on the IMRA site. Is there another way to sign up?
Stephen Mc CabeAug 29 2016, 10:05pmSorry, forget that. I just saw it!!
Gavan DohertyAug 29 2016, 10:42pmHey Paul,

Seamus asked me to do the laptop last year for the same race. I wasn't around so couldn't.... so I'll gladly do this Wednesday's laptop (only a year late for Seamus!).

Thanks for putting on the race, Seamus would be very pleased.
Mike JordanAug 30 2016, 8:23amPaul, I put myself down for first aid but if not needed for that role I can just help with registration/finish.
John ShielsAug 30 2016, 10:04amI'll take a few photos unless someone else is offering and I can run.
John ShielsAug 30 2016, 10:04amI'll take a few photos unless someone else is offering and I can run.
Kevin O'RiordanAug 30 2016, 10:34amWill there be overflow parking available again tonight? I remember last year the main car park filled up very quickly and it also got a bit tight in the place down the road.
Kevin O'RiordanAug 30 2016, 10:34amSorry that should say tomorrow night.
Paul O'GradyAug 30 2016, 1:31pmThank you Gavan - that is very much appreciated.

Mike - a little of both please!!!

John - thank you.

Kevin - I don't think that we will need it. If some people carpool from Buglers then the car park at the Hellfire Club will be sufficient - but if there is a sudden surge in registrations, I will try to arrange that overflow carpark.
Brendan CarriganAug 30 2016, 2:12pmHey is there still 400m of climb in this race even though it was reduced from 10km to 6km last year?
Shane ColganAug 30 2016, 7:29pmPaul,
I've volunteered as a 'Helper'.

New to this... can you let me know what time you'd like to see me?

Paul O'GradyAug 30 2016, 10:01pmFolks - just to let you know, registration has not closed yet, but it will close tomorrow morning.

So for those who haven't registered - you have time to register before you go to bed!!!
Paul O'GradyAug 30 2016, 10:09pmThank you Shane, if you (and the other volunteers) could be there from 6pm we will get the show on the road.
Donal McKiernanAug 31 2016, 11:15amCan I register tonight at the hell fire club. Thanks
Paul O'GradyAug 31 2016, 1:12pmYes Donal. We are going to operate the bucket system tonight. So definitely come along.

We currently have 54 online registered entrants and roughly 150 people ran the race last year.
Paul O'GradyAug 31 2016, 11:24pmThank you to all the volunteers, the Committee and the runners tonight. A special thank you goes to John and Henny for marking what was a thoroughly enjoyed course.

It was a great evening and we just about had enough light.

It was great to see Seamus Jr and the team from ARC Cancer Care there tonight. It was also great to see representatives from the BHAA.

I will post the final total for this worthy cause when we have it.

Stones Cross and Navigation 3 are the next races - just in case the summer lasts a bit longer.

Thanks again to everyone for a very enjoyable final Wednesday evening.