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Colin CaseyJun 27 2016, 1:52pmHi,

I went out to recce leg 1 of Stone Cross - Lug over the weekend and have a query about the boundary of Kilbride Rifle Range that I hope someone can help with. I took the forest road about 1km from the start. After another KM or so I hit the barbed wire boundary. The barbed wire fencing took a 90 degree left turn about half way up Seahan taking me away from the summit and around the mountain side. At no point could I reach the summit. Should I have crossed the barbed wire at the turn mentioned above?


James H CahillJun 27 2016, 6:31pmThat may be the new barbed wire fence which has recently appeared and was encountered during the recent West Dublin Peaks race, and is described in that races details. There apparently is a stile somewhere along it but we crossed the fence during the race (most more succesfully than I who chose to leave part of my finger and most of my shorts on it!)
Lorcan FarrellJun 27 2016, 10:04pmThe new fence starts down at O 082 220 and comes up the hill towards Sefinn (O 085 206 there is a wire gate here that will allows one to cross) and on up towards Seehan.
Lorcan FarrellJun 27 2016, 10:04pmThe fence bears to the west short of the summit and contours around the hill. The "style" (a very slippy, tiny piece of wood) is located at a corner on the west side of the summit at O 080 200. From there I'm not sure where the fence goes because at the time I was recceing for a prospective 2016 NAV course. I've to head back up shortly to finalise my route selection. I was really annoyed to see a fence newly erected when I was up there as it kinda screws my original long and short course route selections so I've had to improvise as a result. I'm not sure if it was put up by the farmers who graze sheep on that side of glenasmole or if it was Coillte. I'd put money on it being Coillte as I can't see farmers up there being able to afford a fence of that scale. The problem with it is that there are only two crossing points to my knowledge but outlined above. It just incentives people to risk climbing across risking injury (unlucky about the finger James, I'd be more concerned about another part of the anatomy that would be in close proximity to the barbs!) and damaging the fence but sure Coilte was never really famed for its planning or foresight.
Lorcan FarrellJun 27 2016, 10:04pmI'll report back after I've been up there again possibly sometime in the next 2 weeks.
Lorcan FarrellJun 28 2016, 1:48pmDoes anyone have a GPX file for the stone cross to lug race?
Gordon PlaceJun 28 2016, 2:22pmIf you follow that new fence (east i think) from the stile, it brings you to the track crossroads you can see clearly see on google maps. The fence turns left (North?) and goes back to being old, easy to hop over and take the wide track up to Seahan. I think the stile is still the handiest if you are not looking to follow the clear tracks up to Seahan.
Remembered these links for the first leg only if they are any use to you, came across them when looking at the link provided on the West Dublin peaks page a couple of weeks ago.
Stephen CollerJul 6 2016, 5:12pmIf anyone needs a team member for this I'd be happy to run one or even two legs!!!! I know leg 1 v well but would need a bit of notice to recce the other two.
Stephen 0863982516
Brian O MurchuAug 12 2016, 3:37pmOnly 3 weeks to go, vacancy for RD! Enthusiasm required:)
Torben DahlAug 12 2016, 3:51pmBrian, I will take it! Cheers.
Brian O MurchuAug 18 2016, 11:36amAnnouncement on entries due this space!
Torben DahlAug 19 2016, 4:05pmGood afternoon folks,
Online entries are now open under 'Purchase IMRA products'. Event details updated with preliminary instructions.
Please read the instructions carefully! More details to follow next week.
I am also looking for 3-4 non running volunteers to help out at registration, hand over points and finish line.
Thanks a million!
Pádraig DoyleAug 23 2016, 4:07pmRunners of the mountain,
Might there be anyone interested in running Leg 1 as part of a team? Gordon Place and myself plan to run legs 2 and 3 so we're looking for one soldier to grind through the Seefingan to Kippure deadlands.

We've already put it out to the bould Stephen Coller but he won't know til next week if he's available, so in the meantime we're gonna try to complete the dream-team. That's dream-team as in "Volunteers-asleep-at-the-finish-line-waiting-for-us-to-come-in-type-of-dream-team".

Sure, let us know if you're interested.
My number is Oh Wait Seven - Nigh Nate Chew One Tree Nigh Nate

That just happened. (Sorry Gordon for embarrassing the team)
Laurence QuinnAug 23 2016, 10:54pmPadraig, if not already filled I'd gladly take that spot on Leg 1. I can't contact you on mobile as away.
Otherwise I'm looking to run Leg 1 or 2 for a team!
Kevin O'RiordanAug 23 2016, 11:11pmIf that doesn't work out, myself and Brian O'Murchu are also looking for a 3rd runner for our Stone Cross to Lug team :)
Gordon PlaceAug 23 2016, 11:37pmHi Laurence, still available, so if you can let us know if you'll take our the leg 1 spot as soon as you can, that would be great. And we'll close the transfer window early! ;)
Laurence QuinnAug 24 2016, 1:18amPadraig, Gordon, I'll take that Leg 1. My email is lorrieq at hotmail dot com.
Kevin, cheers for the offer!
Torben DahlAug 24 2016, 12:31pmLinks to 'Route Maps' and 'Profiles' have now been updated and should work again. Thanks to Brian O'Murchu for sorting this!
Colm MoranAug 30 2016, 8:30pmHey Kevin,
If you're still looking for someone I could run. Would prefer either leg 2 or 3 if possible. No preference between those.
If not, no worries.
Kevin O'RiordanAug 30 2016, 8:39pmThanks Colm. We managed to get sorted a few days ago. Matthew Sammon volunteered to run leg 1 for us.

Torben DahlAug 31 2016, 5:35pmEvent details now updated with Final Instructions, maps, links to Google Maps etc. Still one day left to get your team registered! Should be a great day out.
Laurence QuinnAug 31 2016, 10:22pmShould the start not be at the next forest entrance further north? Here's a solo track from last year, starting from there:

Torben DahlAug 31 2016, 10:48pmThanks for the link Laurence. I was actually looking at starting it from there but it was not fully obvious from the maps provided on the event details. I have no problem starting from where you suggest, that would be the same entrance as from where the West Dublin Peaks started from?
John J BarrySep 1 2016, 9:29amFolks,

I'm looking for a lift from Ballinteer / Marlay Park to the start on Saturday morning. Anybody passing near me who could pick me up?

Sarah BradySep 1 2016, 2:10pmHi! Anybody doing leg two want to car drop? If you can give me a lift from the Wicklow Gap back to start at Sally Gap I can drop you back for your car after? Or vice versa. I don't mind which end I park at. :)
Torben DahlSep 2 2016, 2:44pmFinal note: Start and registration moved a few hundred meters back from where previously advertised. Will be at the same forest entrance as from where the Seefingan and West Dublin Peakes races start from. Event details will be updated shortly. Parking should also be better there.

Google Maps link:
Brian O MurchuSep 2 2016, 3:29pmTeam Luggernauts may take an early lead....but it could all change on Leg 2
Gordon PlaceSep 2 2016, 4:01pmI think that's a safe bet!!
Gordon PlaceSep 2 2016, 4:02pm.... the second part anyway
Torben DahlSep 4 2016, 3:28pmA huge well done to everyone who was brave enough to get out for this challenge in the torrential rain yesterday! 13 brave souls started in the solo and 4 teams in the relay. With heavy rain and mist for most of the day, it was great value for money in terms of getting a REAL navigation challenge!!

I am however not sure if the real navigation challenge was in the mountains or on the road for those runners who eventually found themselves on a tarmac road looking for a pickup without being able to tell where they where ;) I am happy that we eventually found and recovered everyone :)

9 finished in the solo and 2 teams finished in the relay. Well done to everyone who took part, just doing parts of this race was a great achievement!

Thanks to my volunteers on the day, David Rouse as Deputy RD and Tanya Sheridan as First Aider and helper, you both did a fantastic job helping out and encouraging the runners. David is fully ready for his RD debut at Powerscourt in November. Luckily Tanya didn´t need to take the first aid kit into use.

Results will be uploaded in the database later next week, but until then here are the results of the finishers. I will have split times etc. ready in a few days time.

A fantastic day altogether with a great atmosphere and the sun eventually shining at us in Fenton´s :)

Solo Race number Firstname Surname Finish time
1 138 Barry Hartnett 07:04:00
2 797 Liam Vines 07:34:00
3 255 Andre Van Barneveld 08:15:00
4 212 Andrew Trafford 08:15:00
5 744 George Snee 08:48:00
6 995 Mick Roche 08:48:00
7 101 Graham Bushe 10:02:00
8 977 John Barry 00:10:45
9 417 Keith O'Shea 00:10:45

The Lost Boys
1 1293 Ronan Motyer
1240 Damien Cox
999 Bram Jansen 07:40:00
The Luggernauts
2 692 Laurenc Quinn
1065 Gordon Place
297 Padraig Doyle 08:31:00
Torben DahlSep 4 2016, 10:12pmResults with split times now uploaded:
Gordon PlaceSep 4 2016, 11:16pmThanks Torben, Tanya and David