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Gary EnglishApr 12 2016, 8:52amHi am from Liverpool UK and wanting to enter this event it is on the site although does not appear that I can enter it yet? can anyone help please?
Tanya SheridanApr 12 2016, 9:46amPlease let us know which event you mean, Gary.

Best, Tanya
John J BarryApr 12 2016, 10:15amGary,

You have to register with IMRA first - €10.


You can then register/enter for individual events once your an IMRA member. The registration number at registration time is your race number for the year for all IMRA events.
John J BarryApr 12 2016, 11:10amBTW,, The Glen of Atherlow events are not available yet for purchase. I checked my own options and it's not there. Probably a little early for the Ultra/Marathon/Half.

Ballyhoura is available for three weeks time - great event!

Event Entry for Ballyhoura Mountain Half (30 April, 2016) 35
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Gary EnglishApr 12 2016, 1:27pmThanks guys, am only running the one event as am on holiday can I run as a guest runner? or how much cost is it to enter Glen of Aherlow Trail Half-Marathon? I registered for Myimra although did not see the 10 euro fee, just trying to work out the total cost of the event? thanks again.
Graham K. BusheApr 12 2016, 1:38pmHi Gary, When you log-in you should see the Purchase IMRA Products tab (upper left)
Here (among other things) you will see the option to purchase IMRA Annual Membership €10
However as the Glen of Aherlow Trail is not until September the option to purchase entry to this race is not available yet. I do not know how much the entry fee is for this.
John J BarryApr 12 2016, 1:42pmBallyhoura is €35 for the half. Since Atherlow is also MMRA event I suppose the price be similar.

So €10 (Registration) + €35 Fee
Gary EnglishApr 12 2016, 1:43pmThanks again, do I need a IMRA Annual Membership to run this event? sorry for all the questions
Karen DevenneyApr 12 2016, 3:00pmHi Gary, for insurances purposes, you have to be a member to run an IMRA event so you will need annual membership
June WalsheJun 15 2016, 2:52pmHey, just wanted to inquire about registering my husband for this race, the 1/2 marathon, as a present for Father's Day. I can't seem to register online? Do I need to register him, and pay annual membership first? Seems a bit crazy, seeing as this will be the only event he will be doing this year. Can you please revert? Thanks & regards, June
Robbie WilliamsJun 15 2016, 4:29pmRe: Glen of Aherlow
The reg for this will go online towards mid /end of July and will be posted on forum.

Yes all imra races require runners to be 'members' to be covered by insurance. €10 for year

I would advise doing some of the other shorter races on the way to it if not used to trail running as it will give him a feel for rough terrain.
Jimmy D'ArcyAug 30 2016, 5:07pmHi please advice where I can register for this event...I cant seem to find it I am an imra member...

Brian O MurchuAug 30 2016, 5:19pmHi Jimmy,

Log onto MyIMRA, and then click on 'purchase IMRA products'
Michael McSweeneyAug 30 2016, 5:21pmJimmy,
Entry for the Half, Full and Ultra is listed on the Purchase IMRA Products page. Or at least it was just now when I checked.
Aidan KelleherSep 3 2016, 3:42pmWhere can I see the full results from last years half race please? Its my first trail half marathon and curious of the times. Thanks, Aidan
Michael McSweeneySep 3 2016, 3:50pmClick on the half marathon event page, click on History tab, then click on 2015.
Hilary DuncanSep 3 2016, 4:47pmHi this is my first time running Aherlow half, is water provided on the course or do I need to carry my own? Also do I need to carry a waterproof jacket during race, thanks, Hilary
Michael McSweeneySep 3 2016, 5:22pmUnder IMRA rules for competitors safety, it is mandatory to bring and carry a jacket that is shower and wind proof for the entire race. Any competitor seen not carrying or wearing their jacket at any stage in the race will be disqualified. There are no exceptions to this rule!

The above rule is for all IMRA races. Hope this answers the first question. As for the second question, water was provided at about three points along the Loop last year. This was more of a re-fill point for your bottle than like a traditional water-stop in a road race. So you will need to carry your own bottle. Hope this helps.
This is all assuming the set up is the same as last year, but you know what they say about assumption, and whose mother it is.
The race organisers will probably post up closer to the date, with more detailed info.
Hilary DuncanSep 3 2016, 5:31pmThanks Michael,great information
Robbie WilliamsSep 3 2016, 7:25pmATTENTION ALL RUNNERS:
Online registration will CLOSE on Monday 5th Sept at 11pm.
NO ENTRIES AFTER THAT IN ANY FORM. Please pass on to any interested parties wishing to reg..

100% no opportunity to reg on the day
Bruce PhillipsSep 10 2016, 11:57amRobbie, your information on race entry does not correspond with online entries on IMRA website. A few moments ago it was still possible to purchase Online entries for this race. I presume that this means entries are still being accepted.
Robbie WilliamsSep 10 2016, 4:35pmThis is a mistake.
I'm not sure it will make a valid purchase. They all fin last min eve
Jonathan DolanSep 11 2016, 2:02pmhi all sorry i did not see any post about the registration been closed. last Friday i registered for the ultra with my imra account,i got a confirmation email stating that i had a entry for the ultra...will i be able to run ,if not how do i go about a refund thanks
Cynthia KoningSep 12 2016, 12:35pmHello,
I was just having a look on google maps to see where the start is. I don't see a community centre in Lisvarrinane, but I was wondering seeing the size of the town, I assume you shall be easy to find on the day?
If not, can someone please give me an address?

Barry HartnettSep 12 2016, 4:28pmHi Cynthia, the village is very small and the community centre is right in middle. Once you get to lisvernane youll be grand.
Cynthia KoningSep 14 2016, 10:31amThanks Barry!
Another quick question - are there any aid stations for the half and if yes, what are they stocked with?

Cynthia KoningSep 14 2016, 10:32amPlease ignore my previous question, I just see it is answered in a separate topic!