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Tanya SheridanMar 1 2016, 10:21amTrooperstown – Race Director still needed.

Just a reminder that we still need a volunteer to take the role of RD next Saturday at the Trooperstown Race. Please see earlier post for a new perk of being RD (volunteering as RD once will now satisfy the volunteer requirement for the league prize) and also for new supports the committee is putting in place for new RDs.

If any new RDs have been thinking of volunteering for Trooperstown, we already have a number of volunteer mentors to support you. Also, in case you weren’t aware, we have a step by step guide to being an RD, which we will send to you immediately.

Many thanks to all volunteers.
Jeff SwordsMar 1 2016, 12:05pmI'll give it a go Tanya. Bring on the mentors!
Brian O MurchuMar 1 2016, 12:08pmHi Jeff,
Welcome to the world of Race Directing! I'll send you an email with some initial details
Vivian O'GormanMay 23 2016, 1:37pmHi Folks,

Henny Brandsma is going to be the Race Director for the Trooperstown league race on 1st June.

He is looking for a First Aid Person, Laptop Operator and a Course Marker.

Also both non running volunteers and running volunteers.

So come on give him a hand its his first time to be an RD.
Henny BrandsmaMay 23 2016, 3:20pmHi all,
re Vivians message,i will be r.d.for Trooperstown race Wednesday a week,still need volunteers for this race a.s.a.p.
If interested forward your name on the imra webside or e-mail me at, or phone/text at 087-7604825.
Thanks Henny.
ps.No volunteers ,no race!!!!
David GrayMay 23 2016, 4:01pmHi, I've just volunteered as a helper, switching from Djouce (I'm out of action for a couple of weeks with an injury, hoping to be back to race by then!).
Henny BrandsmaMay 26 2016, 2:42pmHi all,still need a course-marker,laptop-operator and a
couple of volunteers,(running and not running) for next Wednesday,course-marker has to be familiar with the new
summer-route,with go's straight up trooperstown hill and continuous op to a little hill calt boot-hill,this is the turning point and then the same way back to finish,anybody
interested please put your name down,aswell the laptop-operator has to be a experienced person,could everybody that's volunteers please be at Trooperstown not later then six a clock.
Niamh JenningsMay 26 2016, 3:10pmHi Henny
I am happy to volunteer as a general helper but I would like to run as I was a non running volunteer for this race last year & I have yet to run the course!
Henny BrandsmaMay 28 2016, 1:41pmThanks Niamh,have you down as running helper for this race,still need a experienced laptop-operator for this race,anybody interested please put your name forward a.s.a.p. think we are ok now for general helpers,I will be at Trooperstown by 5 o'clock so racemarkers have enough time to mark course,will all volunteers try to be at racestart/registration at about 18.45 hrs at latest.
Thanks Henny.
Henny BrandsmaMay 28 2016, 8:57pmHi all time for volunteers to be at race is 17.45hrs not18.45 as in earlier message.henny.
Anne HodgeMay 30 2016, 8:28amHello
If you need a non-running volunteer on Wednesday I am happy to help out.
Vivian O'GormanMay 30 2016, 8:52amHi Folks -

We still need a Laptop Operator for Wednesday night!
Daniela BoehmMay 30 2016, 9:30amHi Henny/Vivian,
I can do the laptop on Wed.
Barbara KilbrideMay 30 2016, 10:38amHey Henry,

Is there an early start for this race........please?

Henny BrandsmaMay 30 2016, 11:17amHi Daniela,thanks for taking the job as laptop-operator,think we now have enough volunteers for this race,a big thank you
for volunteering all,the functions will be assigned before race start.See you all on Wednesday.
Henny BrandsmaMay 30 2016, 11:21amHi Barbara,as the race is longer then 8km,there will be a early start,usual about 20 minutes before main start.
Rachel CinnsealachMay 30 2016, 11:27amHenry, could the early start be at 7.00 pm? If it is I'll do the early start. If it's only 20 min ahead of main crowd, I'll start with the main crowd. I hate getting in the way of faster runners and while I have no problem being passed out by one or two, I find it really demoralising if "the bulk if the field" is passing you out.
Vivian O'GormanMay 31 2016, 9:10amImportant Reminder -

If you don't have the race vouchers and/or have not paid your 10 euro imra membership then don't forget to PRE REGISTER BEFORE 6pm this evening otherwise you won't be in the race...
Mark ByrneMay 31 2016, 9:22amHi, I'm just wondering if you are running a junior race tomorrow evening? Thanks Mark
Eamonn HodgeMay 31 2016, 9:54amThis is my first time running this year! (damn kids). I've registered for 2016 and I'll be attempting to pick up my sister's 10 race voucher. Do I have to sign up for Trooperstown itself or if I have the voucher will that do?

Brian O MurchuMay 31 2016, 10:31amHi Eamonn,
Welcome back!! If you've registered for the year AND you have vouchers, you just need to show up and sign in:) Have your confirmation email handy on your phone as well
Vivian O'GormanMay 31 2016, 11:36amYes Mark the Junior course is to the top of Trooperstown Hill and back...
Eamonn HodgeMay 31 2016, 11:54amWill do Brian, thanks. Have to pick up Anne's voucher. She signed up in January but never picked up the voucher.
Mark ByrneMay 31 2016, 12:00pmThanks Vivian
Vivian O'GormanMay 31 2016, 9:37pmEarly start tomorrow night is at 7 sharp! But be aware of the 160% rule -
Alan McDevittMay 31 2016, 11:15pmHi, i couldnt get online earlier! Is there a way to just pay for this race? Could i buy a voucher off someone at registration??
Stuart ScottMay 31 2016, 11:15pmHi Henny,

I've also volunteered for the laptop so Daniela doesn't have to forgo another run (assuming you'll have me!). 1745 is tight for me but she's happy to stand in until I take over. Hope that's ok with you?

Andrew HanneyJun 1 2016, 8:56amAlan, if you're stuck for a race voucher I can help you out. I'm race number 169, wearing a Kilcoole AC singlet.
Vivian O'GormanJun 1 2016, 9:07amAlan you can only use somebody elses voucher if you have paid the 10 euro imra membership fee - online

As for Stuart - 200 - Scott - thats fine!!
Barry CroninJun 1 2016, 9:50amAnyone else have a spare race voucher they wouldn't mind being parted with at Trooperstown tonight?
michelle o'sullivanJun 1 2016, 10:09amHi Barry, I'm #1377 and paid online for tonight. I'm not able to make tonight, so you can take my spot.
michelle o'sullivanJun 1 2016, 10:09amHi Barry, I'm #1377 and paid online for tonight. I'm not able to make tonight, so you can take my spot.
Pól Ó MurchúJun 1 2016, 10:34amSorry Barry & Michelle, online entries are non transferable and specific to the person and the race. The voucher system gives enough flexibility - it would be an absolute nightmare for the laptop operator and RD if we allow swaps of individual entries.
michelle o'sullivanJun 1 2016, 10:56amThanks Pol - hope you get sorted Barry
Happy running folks,
Karen DevenneyJun 1 2016, 12:01pmHi Barry, you can use one of my voucher stamps. I'll be around registration area anyway but my race number is 3
Barry CroninJun 1 2016, 1:19pmThanks guys
Henny BrandsmaJun 1 2016, 2:23pmHi Stuart,got your message 're laptop-operator,that's ok with me if you and Daniela share this job.see you all tonight
Karen DevenneyJun 1 2016, 10:30pmBig congrats to Henny on his RD debut tonight and well done to all who ran. Results are up - a few may have been missed so please email me karen.devenney at imra dot ie with any issues
Miriam MaherJun 2 2016, 8:27amA little list of thanks due after my unfortunate ankle roll last night. First of - Brendan Doherty - who after he recovered from hearing me shriek like a banshee - got a call through to Henny through someone else's mobile - sorry don't know their name - but thanks to both of you. And to Trish Murphy for giving me an arm to lean on while I hobbled down the descent that I'd previously imagined nimbly descending...and listening to me rabbit on to myself about how bad it wasn't. And to Niamh Jennings who picked me up at the road and drove me in open top convertible splendour to the finish line!!! Thanks to the first aider for the ice pack and last certainly not least to my bevy of friends who rejigged the car pooling with Helen Fahy driving my car home for me and Jacqui Kearns for following us and bringing Helen back. Really enjoyed the race - right up to the point I scored my first DNF. Thanks Henny and co for a great night, despite the personal drama. Jury is still out on the ankle but I'm blindly optimistic it's not too bad.
Daniela BoehmJun 2 2016, 8:28amBig thanks to Henny, Vivian and crew for a fabulous race on an absolutely beautiful evening! Special thanks to Stuart for taking over laptop duties giving me the chance to run and to Niamh for the amazing flapjacks! Such a worthy cause, Niamh, - well done to you for all your efforts!
I picked up a purple running belt with a jacket (I presume) that someone had left beside the river but forgot to mention it in the pub. Its owner can reach me at boehm dot dan and I can bring it at one of the next races.
Andrew HanneyJun 2 2016, 8:48amWell done RD Henny on a great event, thanks to all the volunteers. It was wonderful to see everyone cooling off in the river afterwards, how lucky we are.
Henny BrandsmaJun 2 2016, 11:40amI would hereby thank my army of volunteers,who helped last night,John and Brian for a great marking job,Daniela,Karen and Stuart for the laptop and results,Mike for looking after the car key's,Vivian for being my mentor,Deborah for doing first-aid and Deirdre,David,Ruth,Graham,Kevin,Peter,Jiang,Kevin,Jacqueline and Liam, who where looking after all the other jobs that needed to be done,you did yourself proud.
Thanks again:Benny.
Henny BrandsmaJun 2 2016, 11:47amSorry for typing mistake Niamh my translator gave you a Chinese sounding name,so for all of you,hope I did not forgot anybody,a big thank you.
Gavan DuffyJun 2 2016, 8:26pmThose Oat Meal cakes at the end were yum!! Hope your going to Sorrell Hill next week. :-)
Niamh O'CeallaighJun 2 2016, 9:29pmThank you so much to everyone who supported Wicklow Hospice last night. 322 Euro was raised and has been handed over to the Hospice. Really appreciate your generosity and it is going to a really worthy cause. The building of the Hospice is due to commence in July.
Brendan LawlorJun 3 2016, 7:36amWell done Henny and all your volunteers !
Niamh JenningsJun 3 2016, 5:30pmHi Henny. Great job as race director.
Did you or anyone else come across a pair of white Oakley sunglasses that I have lost. I think I left them near the check in area. Best wishes also to Miriam for a speedy recovery. It was fun driving the ambulance!
Henny BrandsmaJun 7 2016, 9:15pmHi Niamh,think I saw your sunglasses,we're in bag of marshal bibs I gave to Vivian,maybe ask at tomorrow's race if somebody found them.
Niamh JenningsJun 7 2016, 10:31pmHi Henny
That's great news. Unfortunately I won't be at the race tomorrow evening as my daughter is doing the junior Cert. Would there be any chance you could get them & I could call to you to collect them as you are living near me otherwise if you have Vivian's email or phone number I could get them from him.
Enjoy the run tomorrow