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Pól Ó MurchúJan 4 2016, 1:11pmAnyone like to RD this one. Happy to help with the pre race organisation, registration etc.
Laura FlynnJan 5 2016, 2:55pmSee my reply directly to committee Pól. Subject to race director coming forward I see we still need first aid person if someone would please volunteer for this. Also shadow lap-top needed. Meant some of helpers who've already volunteered are trained?
Laura FlynnJan 8 2016, 8:15pmI will RD Howth next week. Have we a contact in the hotel? If not I will just call
Mary CollinsJan 9 2016, 4:48pmHi Laura
Thanks for offering to be RD for Howth.
I have put my name down as a non running volunteer.
Happy to help Gerry to mark course/demark and stay out as a marshall duing race. But also do not mind if you need to give me another duty on the day.
Mary Collins
Laura FlynnJan 11 2016, 12:49pmThanks a million Mary and to all who have volunteered so far. I will put you down to de-mark the course as Gerry is marking. If you can also do Marshall that would be great.Can you liaise with the marker for next race to make sure you hand over flags/tape etc to them?
I will post in next few days re other duties.
Looks like we still need a First-aider if someone would please put their hand up I'd appreciate it.
Laura FlynnJan 11 2016, 2:37pmShould have checked first... Just see Aidan has volunteered for first aid!
Thanks Aidan
Andreas KuschJan 11 2016, 10:19pmThe start time is down as 10.30. I thought I saw a 12 o'clock start a little while ago. Laura, can you please clarify the start time. Thanks.
Shane O'MalleyJan 11 2016, 10:25pmInfact all the times for the Winter league have changed to 10:30

Pretty sure that is wrong.


Laura FlynnJan 11 2016, 10:28pmThe start time is as per web-site Andreas , 10.30am
Shane O'MalleyJan 11 2016, 10:31pmSo Laura, you are saying the times have changed for the races. ?

When did this happen?
Paul SmythJan 11 2016, 10:55pmIt was stated in the forum announcing the calendar's availability that initially the details would be taken from last year's races but that they would be updated in due course.
Shane O'MalleyJan 11 2016, 11:14pm6 days before the race?

I also remember a conversation where it was decided not to change the times as it gives people from outside dublin time to get there.
Also mentioned was that it gives time for ice to thaw not just for the runners but also the race markers.

Last Sat i arranged lifts for the 10 people from our group going which now has to be rearranged. I have to rearrange the lifts anyway as something else has come up but still a bit awkward.

Can we confirm that all the races in the Winter/Spring league are now 10:30 AM.

Brian O MurchuJan 11 2016, 11:57pmHi Shane,

That is most unfortunately that you have to rearrange times for lifts. There was a disclaimer that "start times, prize giving locations, specific instructions from RD) are subject to change". The most up-to-date information is on the event page. Hope to see you on the start line.

Gavan DuffyJan 12 2016, 9:06amGreat idea bringing back the times to 10.30, will have an afternoon to relax before Monday morning now!
Paul SmythJan 12 2016, 10:24amI also favour the earlier start time.
Laura FlynnJan 12 2016, 11:24amShane, it is indeed unfortunate for you and your friends that you have been discommoded in you travel arrangements. However, as Brian has pointed out, the original calendar was posted with the provisio that it was subject to change. These changes have taken, and will continue to take place for a number of reason which reasons are not necessarily ventilated on the forum but rather discussed at committee level.
The committee and particularly Karen and Eoin spent a large number of hours over the past weeks, including over Christmas, putting together the 2016 calendar. We invited comments via the forum for a designated period of time and these comments were taken on board as far as possible. If you have ever been involved in organising events yourself I have no doubt you will understand the work involved and also that it's impossible to please all the people all of the time. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.
Shane O'MalleyJan 12 2016, 11:31amAll fine Laura. I was just taken a little by surprise as it was only Paul Smyth's post that alerted me.

Martin Bagnell's shared google calendar has been updated with the new times and i must admit i am in favour of the earlier times as it allows for family time in the afternoons.

Sorry to be missing the race myself (Gone soft with too much road running) but will be there for Race 2.

I know how much work you guys put in and am very grateful.

Laura FlynnJan 12 2016, 11:58amI have allocated the following roles to volunteers for Sunday:

Giving out numbers: David Rouse, Matthew Sammon, Dermot Mc Namara and Liam Cannon.

Manning sign-in sheets (one for pre-paid sign-ins and one for vouchers):
Ray Linn and Declan O'Dwyer.

Marshall and de-marking course: Mary Collins.

Second Marshall: Tim Chapman ( Mary and Tim, if you can collect high viz jacket from me first and then go to Gerry for directions as to where you are to stand).

Parking: Sarah Ni Ruairc (it should be straight-forward enough Sarah expect that part of the course is in the car-park. If you can liaise with Gerry on the morning he will point it out to you and you can put cones down and then just make sure people avoid that stretch. I will give you a high viz jacket ).

Recording finishers: Sarah, Grace Egan,Declan O'Dwyer and Matthew Sammon.

I hope I haven't missed anyone or anything,mic so please feel free to point out to me!
If anyone has any problems please let me know.
Start time is 10.30am the for race. I plan to be there between 8.30 and 9.if volunteers can be there between 9 and 9.15 and report to me.
Inigo AlanaJan 12 2016, 12:19pmHi Laura,

It turns out I'm available to volunteer on Sunday if you need more help.

Laura FlynnJan 12 2016, 7:44pmThanks Inigo, I might ask you to Marshall as Gerry recommended 3 marshals for the course so wrap up well!
Craig DeeryJan 13 2016, 1:49pmGood afternoon, I'll be competing for the first time on Sunday and am looking forward to the race.
Can someone clarify the start location as the 'Description' mentions Howth GAA Club but the map and 'Race Description' show/mention Deer Park Golf Course. Thanks.
Gareth LittleJan 13 2016, 3:40pmHi Craig, it's Deer Park Golf Course

Craig DeeryJan 13 2016, 4:25pmThanks Gareth, see you there!
Mary CollinsJan 14 2016, 2:39pmHi Laura
With regards to number of marshalls I agree that 3 minimum needed--as per your note on advice from Gerry.
Will plan to be one of marshalls as per earlier note and help demark. Would it be possible for one of other marshalls on the day to help demark part of course also.
Also in last few years Gerry has had one or two of us help with marking--so if necessary happy to go out early with him--unless you need me at registation area before race starts. Thanks, Mary Collins
Laura FlynnJan 14 2016, 2:47pmThanks for your input Mary. I'm meeting Gerry 9am so if you're there too I'm sure he'd welcome your help. TIM , can you help Mary de- mark course after race?
Tim ChapmanJan 14 2016, 2:59pmI can indeed. I was going to have a little jog around with the young one so happy to demark as we go.
Colm MoranJan 14 2016, 3:51pmHi, I'm trying to enter for the Howth race, but can only find a €7 entry fee, but I would like to enter as a student for €5.
Is this option available?
Gerard ClerkinJan 15 2016, 9:42amThe option to pay for entry to Sunday's race seems to have disappeared from the Purchase IMRA Products list. I believe Saturday at 6pm is the cut off time so it looks like there's a technical issue?
Brian O MurchuJan 15 2016, 9:50amHi Gerard,
If you plan on doing a few races, the 10-race voucher is good value for money....just putting it out there!
Gerard ClerkinJan 15 2016, 10:00amHi Brian.
I actually registered for Howth a few days ago but my wife was trying to register this morning and had this issue. If the only option is to purchase the vouchers then I guess she'll do that but I presume there will be others in the same situation today and tomorrow who'd rather not shell out €50.
Bronagh CheethamJan 15 2016, 10:59amGerard, U should be allowed use your voucher for your wife also - ie €50 race voucher is not runner specific so can use for both of you. that was the case last year unless this has changed this year - Im sure some of the committee will clarify this for you.
Gerard ClerkinJan 15 2016, 11:43amHi Bronagh,
I don't have race vouchers at present but that's not really the issue. I registered individually for the Howth race a few days ago and paid my €7 but that option seems to have disappeared for no apparent reason. I though it was worth highlighting it on here because the new registration details specifically mention 6pm the day before a race as the cut-off time for online entries.
Michael MurphyJan 15 2016, 12:05pmHi, There are no Carpool ads for Sunday. I am looking for a lift for 2 guys from Dublin 8/12, for pick up in town because Dart or Bus times on Sunday morning would leave us uncomfortably tight for registration. Able to make own way back.
Ian O'KaneJan 15 2016, 12:16pmMichael, I am going from Dublin 12 and have a couple of spaces. You can get me at o86 3929297
Aidan HurleyJan 15 2016, 2:13pmAnother issue (perhaps not for most people but perhaps for the younger generation who may not have access to a credit card) is that Laser cards don't exist anymore. These were replaced with visa-debit cards, which the system currently doesn't recognise.
Graham K. BusheJan 15 2016, 2:21pmI used the Visa option to pay for my membership and it worked ok (using a Visa Debit card)
Maider GastonJan 15 2016, 2:41pmHi guys, same issue as Michael, no bus or dart options early in the morning on Sunday. Looking for a lift if someone is driving from Dublin, anywhere around city centre?
Gavin PJ MurrayJan 15 2016, 2:44pmI'm thinking of popping along on Sunday, have purchased a booklet of 10 races online during week, Noobie questions :

Is registration for the Howth event closed (no longer able to purchase specific €7 event on site?
Do you physically get a booklet of vouchers or are these virtual system vouchers?
When you're doing your first IMRA event can you collect your race number/vouchers before event on race day?
If you have a booklet of vouchers can you register on the day of event?
Pól Ó MurchúJan 15 2016, 2:52pmRegistration open again now. Apologies date was entered incorrectly to close today.

@Gavin - you get a card which is stamped each time you use. With this you can register on the day.
Gavin PJ MurrayJan 15 2016, 2:55pmThanks Pol
Emer ConroyJan 15 2016, 3:07pmHi, for first timer - is race number provided on the day or should I print out? thanks
Laura FlynnJan 15 2016, 3:19pmKaren, you will collect your number on the morning at race registration. You can print off the email confirmation and bring it to registration but we will have a record of all entrants at registration and corresponding numbers.
You will keep your number and use it for any other IMRA races you do in 2016. See you on Sunday!
Laura FlynnJan 15 2016, 4:02pmRegistration for Howth this Sunday should now be available again. Apologies to all affected... There will probably be a few glitches as we get the new system up and running so please bear with us.
Stephen Mc CabeJan 16 2016, 3:32pmHi, I'm a newbie and I apologise if it's posted elsewhere but what time does registration open and close tomorrow morning? Thanks
Laura FlynnJan 16 2016, 3:47pmGood question Stephen.
I hope to have registration open around 9.15am and close 1 hour later to allow race to start on time.
We may need to be a little flexible on this as its first race of the year and everyone will be collecting their number for the year.
Jean O'Neill2Jan 16 2016, 5:42pmEmer, you will use the same race number for every race in 2016. But at the end of each race you return your number and collect it again for the next race you run.
Laura FlynnJan 16 2016, 5:44pmSomeone has contacted me looking for a lift to race tomorrow from Dunloaghaire// Blackrock area. If anyone has a spare seat I would be grateful if they would contact her directly at 085 7371581
Laura FlynnJan 16 2016, 5:48pmThey system is changing this year Jean. You do NOT hand back your race number after each race. You keep your number for the year and it's your responsibility to bring it to each race.
Brendan ArthursJan 16 2016, 6:31pmDaft question, but with the new online pre registration approach for each race, how do I register / do I need to register online for tomorrow's race if I've already bought the multi race voucher? I can't see any option to do so other than by paying for the race individually?
Jason SmithJan 16 2016, 6:32pmI'm was about to ask same question Brendan
Richard NunanJan 16 2016, 6:38pmIf you purchased a race voucher, you must have also paid your Annual Membership. So you have already registered.

Tomorrow just bring the print out of the email. You will be able to sign in and get both your Voucher and your "Race Number" for the year.
Filipe SousaJan 16 2016, 7:31pmHi, is registration for tomorrow's race closed?
Karen DevenneyJan 16 2016, 9:35pmHi Filipe, yes online pre-registration closes at 6pm the evening before the race. However, you can still race tomorrow provided you have completed the annual registration online and either bought a voucher yourself or if any of your friends have vouchers, you could buy a race from them for tomorrow. Hope that helps!
Mags FitzgeraldJan 16 2016, 9:49pmWhy is the option to buy a voucher booklet no longer in the ‘purchase section’?
damien mc donnellJan 16 2016, 10:03pmhello sorry I would like to do the howth event tomorrow is it to late to buy a voucher booklet or is there anyway of paying at the race sorry for the late question . thanks a million
Karen DevenneyJan 16 2016, 10:11pmVouchers should be available for purchase now
Filipe SousaJan 16 2016, 10:15pmHow many vouchers are there in the booklet?
damien mc donnellJan 16 2016, 10:22pmthanks a million karen
Arron FoxJan 16 2016, 10:24pmhello, just wondering, i'd like to race tomorrow in howth, but if I purchase the 50 voucher, would my partner also able to use it during the summer races?
Karen DevenneyJan 16 2016, 10:31pmFilipe, there are 10 races in a voucher which means you get the reduced rate of €5 per race

Arron, the voucher is not runner specific so not only can your partner use it, you could also share with friends too if you so wished. Also for the first time, unused vouchers purchased this year can roll into next year
Arron FoxJan 16 2016, 10:34pmthank so much, looking forward to tomorrows run.
Filipe SousaJan 16 2016, 10:36pmThank you all!
Gerry BradyJan 17 2016, 12:13amReminder: Non-juniors do 2 laps of the outer loop (anti-clockwise) whereas juniors do 1 loop then complete the Deerpark loop (clockwise). When you see a marshall tell them you are a junior so they will know not to direct you back up the steepest climb a second time.

There will be plenty of marking tape so if you are not seeing any, consider retracing your steps!

At the furthest point on the outer loop, you pass a mast and then have a narrow rough descent. This is the only point on the course where you might meet a car so keep your eyes open.

It is a very technical course with lots of turns and rough stony ground underfoot. The course has dried out but will still be mucky in places. Lift your head up at times to enjoy the spectacular views of the sea off Howth, Bull Island, and the rock formations in Deerpark itself.

The start is in the car park but 150 metres later you hit a steep climb up steps. If you are going to walk up the climb then hang back a little at the start so as not to create an unnecessary obstruction. There will be plenty of time out on the course to regain ground.

The finish is where you entered the forest and not in the carpark where the start is.
Brendan LawlorJan 17 2016, 9:30amBest of luck to everyone running at Howth today in the first race of the year. Please bear with Laura and the committee as the new registration system settles in. There will be a few bumps along the road but everyone agrees its the way to go. And be extra kind to the President if he turns up after doing the Art O'Neill yesterday, he might be a bit tired the poor lad !
Gerry BradyJan 17 2016, 3:20pmWell done to all runners today - so many hats and gloves and leggings on such a warm day!

My watch has the senior course at 5.71 km with 255 metres climb. Has anyone got measurements to compare with this?

We inquired in the bar afterwards about the possibility of starting the race further down the drive-in and it looks as though that will be possible for the next time once we minimise our interference with cars driving in and out.
Jeff SwordsJan 17 2016, 3:53pm5.57 and 247 is what I have.

We started last summers race down at the Castle to spread the field out before the steps so shouldn't be an issue next time. I think it's a bit quiter on a Wednesday evening than a Sunday morning though.
Ruairí ShortJan 17 2016, 4:04pm5.56km 196m climb is what I have.
James HigginsJan 17 2016, 4:28pm5.57 & 132m climb from my Garmin.
Colm HillJan 17 2016, 4:32pm5.67km 290m
Regina KellyJan 17 2016, 4:46pmHi Guys. Checked it out on mapometer which takes info from the OS maps. It got 5.67 and 221m
Gerry BradyJan 17 2016, 5:39pmWe are all getting similar distances. Anyone know why the climb is varying so much? Is it the website reading the gpx file or the gpx file? Does it depend on how frequently the watch is taking altitude readings?
Miriam MaherJan 17 2016, 5:40pmThanks Laura and all of your team of volunteers this morning. Great morning at the first race of the year. Course really well marked and given the huge pressure of first time using the new registration system, brilliant job done by all of you.
Jeff SwordsJan 17 2016, 6:10pmDepends on the watch Gerry.

Most use GPS to work out your altitude based on your locations.

Others have an built in barometers which tend to be more accurate.

The figure I gave for the elevation gain was from a watch with a barometer.
Laura FlynnJan 17 2016, 6:13pmThanks to all the volunteers today. I forgot to voice my thanks at the race but you were all brilliant on what was always going to be a difficult event being the first of the year and with the new system.

There were a few issues with numbers which we hope to iron out before the next race. If anyone notices any discrepancies in the results please let us know.
Karen DevenneyJan 17 2016, 6:17pmResults are up.
There were a few issues with some missing results and mixed up numbers so if you see any mistakes (or there's no result for you) please email me at karen.devenney at imra dot ie.

DO NOT post issues here - they will not be rectified!

Well done to all who ran today, the first race after Christmas is never easy! Thanks also for your patience with the new registration changes - there were a few teething problems but hopefully all will run smoothly for the next few races

A reminder to take care of your race number and remember to bring it with you to the next race!
Laura FlynnJan 17 2016, 6:20pmI found a yellow rain jacket and a bike key after the race. If they belong to you please call or text me on 087 7420795 and I will arrange to get it to you.
Inigo AlanaJan 17 2016, 6:27pmSomebody gave me a hat they found, grey with 3 black stripes. I forgot to mention it back at the bar. If the owner shows up here, I'll try to bring it with me next time.
Brian O MurchuJan 17 2016, 8:22pmWell done to Ian O'Kane who joined the Club100 today!
Pól Ó MurchúJan 17 2016, 8:27pmThanks Laura and all volunteers today. Excellent race. We had a great turnout for the first race of the year and as usual there was a bit of a delay getting everyone through reg in time. It's no easy task getting 260+ runners signed in and numbers for all in the space of an hour. The new system seemed to be working well and certainly takes a lot of work away from volunteers on the day and taking a massive amount of the pressure away from RDs and Laptop ops too. There seem to be a couple who have run with incorrect numbers not sure if you happened to have put them down somewhere and picked up the wrong number or they got switched while picking up somehow...we won't name and shame but if you can get In Touch with Karen or myself and we can fix for you...This in turn skewed some of the ladies results ahem again not mentioning any names :-) We would ask runners to be careful when picking up their number that they ask for the correct number and ensure you have been given the right number too. Also careful that it is your race number and not voucher number. All in all seems to be fine and certainly no more issues than the old system. Thanks all for your cooperation.
Karen DevenneyJan 17 2016, 9:40pmIt has been highlighted that a few more people ran the short course today (1 lap only) than appear on the results. In the interest of fairness to all race participants, if you did complete the short course today or indeed at any IMRA race, please make sure to let the laptop operator or manual results marshalls know so that results are accurately recorded.
Colm MoranJan 17 2016, 11:42pmGerry - 5.63km 189m climb
Gerry BradyJan 17 2016, 11:53pmThanks for course measurements. Any chance an orienteer with a map of Howth would do a manual count - I think the course is on the orienteering map? It would be interesting to get this input as the watch estimates differ by 100m of ascent or 50%!
Colm HillJan 18 2016, 7:19am+/- 275m
Thomas RocheJan 26 2016, 2:22pmI didn't enter for this event but my name and race number (371)is on the results page. I just want to make sure my number has not been duplicated as I am entered for Hellfire this weekend.
Thomas RocheJan 26 2016, 2:33pmSorry, I just seen Karens post from Jan 17th. I will mail her :)
Thomas RocheJan 26 2016, 2:33pmSorry, I just seen Karens post from Jan 17th. I will mail her :)