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Brían O'MearaJun 16 2015, 2:36pmCan summit marshal this, if needed.
Rachel CinnsealachJun 16 2015, 2:41pmBrian, How would you feel about doing race director? Or is there anyone else that will take on the job? I can take you through it.
Brían O'MearaJun 16 2015, 3:06pmUnlikely to make Laragh before half six Rachel, so parking along Kevin's way and running up to Brockagh summit is about the height of it, I'm afraid.
Stuart ScottJun 16 2015, 3:11pmBrockagh summit is about the height of Brockagh alright!
Brían O'MearaJun 16 2015, 3:14pmThere should obviously be a prize for the best mountain related pun...
Jeff SwordsJun 16 2015, 4:45pmStuart already peaked with his.
Brian O MurchuJun 16 2015, 11:05pmAfter reading this tread I have come to the conclusion that puns deserve a special section in the yearbook....
Ken CowleyJun 16 2015, 11:16pmThese puns are very up and down..
Alan AylingJun 19 2015, 8:12amAh here, cnoc it off
John CondonJun 19 2015, 11:26ambut Ken, they certainly display an elevated sense of humour
Santina DohertyJun 19 2015, 11:32amI think we're going downhill fast...
Gavan DohertyJun 19 2015, 11:44amHigh all. Can we please stop reaching such low points in this thread. Otherwise we'll have a mountain to climb to regain credibility (we're already on a slippery slope). I know it's part of the ups and downs of any forum, but to summit all up, please stop.
Jason KehoeJun 19 2015, 3:48pmI'm nervous to comment in case I become the butte of these jokes. We seem to have hit a plateau with Gavin's reply but sure isn't a plateau the highest form of flattery?
Rachel CinnsealachJun 20 2015, 6:47pmWe "highly" need a race marker, a laptop operator, and a first aider for this race. Would any of the current volunteers or any other volunteers be able to "step" forward?
Juju JayJun 22 2015, 3:01pmhey Rachel I can do first aid for you but am also racing so Ill have my vest and my own first aid kit with me so if I see anything on the hills needs help ill stop and help out.... is that OK for you ??

send me email as am not always on here...

Angus TynerJun 22 2015, 3:44pmI'd like route details for both long and short course. The current map shows an out & back route but I suspect the national park are dictating otherwise?
Rachel CinnsealachJun 22 2015, 3:57pmJuju, Thanks for volunteering but the first aider can't race. We need them to be free during the race incase someone is badly injured.. The quicker we attend to them the better, we can't have someone out on the course.

Angus, I will get those maps up ASAP.
Graham K. BusheJun 22 2015, 5:10pmSorry, I'm not around tomorrow night (school event) graham
Graham K. BusheJun 22 2015, 5:11pmSorry, I'm not around Wed night (school event) graham
Rachel CinnsealachJun 22 2015, 6:00pmI have enough helpers now, but I need a race marker, if anyone is about?
Deirdre Flynn-McGrathJun 22 2015, 6:29pmIs there an early start?
Maider GastonJun 22 2015, 8:32pmHi guys, anyone going got a spare seat to give me a lift from Dublin, somewhere along the luas red line (red cow, city centre area, saggart)? Many thanks!
Shane O'MalleyJun 22 2015, 9:00pmIf you could get to the other luas line and out to sandyford i can give you a lift.
Jenny O'LearyJun 22 2015, 9:32pmI'll be leaving Citywest at 6pm if that's any good to you? Not heading back that way though
Maider GastonJun 22 2015, 9:59pmCitywest will be perfect Jenny, I'm actually working there so it's great, thanks! I will sort another lift to get back to town, don't worry.
Thanks Shane, would take longer to get to Sandyford though, but will see you in the race!
Jenny O'LearyJun 22 2015, 11:42pmEmail me on to make arrangements Maider!
Louise ReillyJun 23 2015, 11:29amHi all - tomorrow will be my first IMRA race and I'm just wondering where I should go and how far in advance of the start time I should plan to be there? (There doesn't seem to be as much detail as for some of the other races.) I don't want to take up too much space on the forum, so if someone could message me on louisejreilly@gmail, that would be brilliant. Thanks a million & looking forward to meeting the pun-makers soon! Louise
John B RiordanJun 23 2015, 11:33amSorry Rachel know you have hands full but if details (route) on short course available great ... might be able to get two juniors along :-)
Juju JayJun 23 2015, 11:38amOk that's all good. Well I'll still be about if help needed...
I also run with my vest on....

Rachel CinnsealachJun 23 2015, 11:52amHi John and everyone else...

I only siged up for this on Saturday because no-one else came forward. I was helping Pol for the whole 24 hours on Sunday, so I'm only really getting to sort stuff now.

Secondly, All the routes now need to be circular, so that 200 runners are not doing additional damage to the environment, by runner out and back on the same tracks.... so the map on the forum is wrong. I sent the correct map to Pol last night to put up... So I don't know what's keeping him so long.... Maybe he's a bit tired after his 24 hours in the hills, Or the new job, or the fact that I also need him to ammend the results from Saturdays race, to add in the early starters.. I guess my point is that all of this is voluntary, so some times things that a bit longer.. (I know you weren't hassling me, but I do what to get accross to people that there are people in IMRA who race all the time and do the bae minimun of volunteering, just to get their prize and there are others that do loads and the at times people just out because... the race isn't marked properly, or the results aren't up or whatever....

Anyhow.... enough of a rant... There will be a junior course tomorrow, I am thinking of getting the juniors to do an out and back to Brockagh east, but I have to get a race marker sorted first, and no-one seems to be stepping forward. I'll need extra marking and extra marshals for this route for the Juniors... So really waiting until I find a race maker to make the decisions...
Rachel CinnsealachJun 23 2015, 12:16pmHi Louise,

Welcome to IMRA... and despite my above rant.. it really is a great organisatio and the races are such fun... I have added more details to the forum now. Do you know how to get to Laragh? Once you get to Laragh, you can park here and walk to the start of the race, lots of people will be around to show you where to go. You should get there between 6.15 and 7.00 pm to register. Idelly if you could register online line that would be great. Then you just have to bring your 7 euro's for the race and sign in. If you register at the event, the registration for the year will cost you 10 euro. Any more questions just ask... People are normally quick enough to reply to stuff on the forum.
Louise ReillyJun 23 2015, 6:25pmThanks a million, Rachel - that's great.
Rachel CinnsealachJun 24 2015, 12:40amThe junior course will start about a km from the main start, along the Wicklow way, Where the Brockagh loop, intersects with the single track. The juniors will run up towards Brockagh to the saddle beside Brockagh east, and run back down the same way (the main field will also be running down this way). The juniors finish the race as per the main field. Juniors will need to allow themselves time to get to the start.
Gavan DuffyJun 24 2015, 2:52pmHi is the race start up behind St Kevin's National School?
Shane O'MalleyJun 24 2015, 11:01pmWell done tonight. Great race on a fantastic course. Thanks for all the volunteers.

Nice also to have so many flies around to provide nourishment on the run.
James H CahillJun 25 2015, 2:47pmThank you Rachel, Race Director (for stepping in at short notice) and all the volunteers many of whom also stepped in at short notice to ensure this race happened. Great route and the midges inspired me to run in places I really didnt want to, in a vain attempt to get away from the little ****ers.
Rachel CinnsealachJun 25 2015, 3:27pmYes, I hope everyone enjoyed the race :)

Thanks to all the volunteers, the race couldn't have gone ahead without ye... Just to add that people were very good about stepping forward when I was "freaking" about having no race marker/first aider on Monday... I had a good few people come forward.. More of this type of stuff please...

Fair play to Connie, stepping forward as Laptop operator... She did a great job, there are a few little things that need to be learnt for this, so ideally, and what I propose from now on... is that an experienced laptop operator "shadows the new laptop operator" and teaches them what to do.... Both of these should be non running volunteers.. having some-one who has never done it before, and leaving them on their own is not good!

There are a few mistakes in the results, the early starters, were ammended in the pub last night by Connie, myself and Pol, but some were left out... Same goes for people who did the short course... So if your result is not correct could you email Pol directly at
Jim FitzharrisJun 25 2015, 4:28pmRachel,

Thanks to and your team for a great race last night.

Well done Connie on the laptop! It would be normal to have someone more experienced guiding you and I am sure Pol was a big help.

There always some experienced laptop people around before a race that could help with registration – which is actually the trickiest part.

I would respectfully suggest that some of the M60 results refer to early starters and/or short course. I see another few anomalies in other AG categories.


Eva FairmanerJun 26 2015, 7:44amI was quite surprised at the amount of early starters at Brockagh - I know some beginners are nervous as to gauging their ability and there are others coming back from injury etc but........ Speaking too from doing recording the results manually at the finish line, it would make life much easier if the runners would call out "early starter" as they cross the line instead of the volunteers having to second guess. It is up to individuals to come forward so the results are fair.
Steven BradyJun 26 2015, 8:23am100% agree with previous post. There are lots of people running as early starters who clearly don't need to (otherwise they wouldn't end up being erroneously recorded as having finished so high up the field). The rule of thumb is a predicted time of at least 160%. There are plenty of very capable runners who appear to be looking for a headstart, rather than heading off early out of necessity. This makes the recording of results really difficult, especially when early starters don't clearly declare this at the finish. For some, early starts are a great idea. Some of the best 'IMRA people' are regular early starters. But it should be an option that is reserved for those who actually need it.
Ronan HickeyJun 26 2015, 9:02amYeah we had problems with this before, the first time the Glasnamullan Djouce race was run before for instance. These fast early starters get a huge advantage in terms of bottlenecks (and generally not having as many slow runners starting ahead of them on the start-line, but that's another bug-bear for another time)

Fast early starters have been DNF'd by the RD in the past if their time shows that they clearly did not need the early start. And in fact in the IMRA constitution (available for perusal here: it says:

"The race director may amend the finishing time of an early starter to 150% (or more) of the winning time in that race category (M40 etc.) if the RD considers that the runner should not have taken an early start"

So Rachel can feel free to amend the times of any crafty super-speedsters. I think the thing to do is to announce at the Early Start that anyone who has a time faster that 160% of the winner's time will be DNF'd if they run the early start. That way everyone has heard it and there can be no excuses.

Sam ScrivenJun 26 2015, 9:06amJust so happens sometimes, depending on the length of the race.
160% of the winner's time on Wednesday minus half an hour leaves a sprint finish between the race winner and a 160% early starter!
A shout to those recording the finish is probably the best solution.
Thanks again to all the volunteers for a very enjoyable race.
Regina KellyJun 26 2015, 9:18amMaybe some kind of sticker or arm tie could be used to distinguish early starters? It can be hard to remember to say it on the line. Especially when you're having a sprint finish with someone. Was there a list of early starts taken?
John J BarryJun 26 2015, 9:25amA 'shout' at the end does no work. It may or may not be heard.

The simple policy used in general is the race director/volunteer records the early starters and the LAPTOP operator amends the times of does numbers from that list after the race finish. I did that at Djouce and it only takes a few minutes.

Maybe the early start list was not recorded or not handed to the LAPTOP operator last Wednesday.
Angus TynerJun 26 2015, 9:57amAgree with points about needless early starters. The near foolproof way of handling them for results is to record the list of race numbers at the early start. There is an early start feature in the software but that doesn't seem to work. So each time is adjusted manually, so the less to amend the better.
Ronan HickeyJun 30 2015, 9:48amHey guys,

Just wondering if the tidying up of the Brockagh results is still in progress? I still see a bunch of people who were obviously early starters high up in the results.

It mightn't be an issue in general but for instance Diarmuid Collins, who is in contention for the Leinster League win has been docked a point from 2nd to 3rd place due to an Early Starter being entered above him. The way this league race is shaping up that point could potentially end up costing him a league win!

At a quick scan of the first 50 results I see that the racers at positions 2, 10, 25 and 48 are incorrectly recorded for a start anyway.

Brían O'MearaJun 30 2015, 11:47amPerhaps early starters could be branded across the forehead in order to differentiate them?
Rachel CinnsealachJun 30 2015, 4:43pmRight, I've jut spent the last hour going though the results and amending them, so that Pol doesn't have too. I have sent the file onto him so hopefully the correct results should be up soon.

This could all have been easily done last Wednesday, but "the early starters list, was not added to the early starters column in the laptop. This was not the laptop operators fault, She was new to it... Ideally the assisant laptop operator, should have been there to help out after the race.

Most of the early starters were slower that 160 % of winning time. I've mixed feelings about early starts. Personally if the race is short I don't like doing them, becuase I don't like losts of people passing me out!!!! I do like (and do take) the early start on the championship races. That said I love the way IMRA is freindly and inclusive and I know races can be intimidating, especially to new people I think it's great that everyone is encouraged to run no matter how fast or slow you are and I often encourage people to give IMRA races a go and I entice them by sayingthat they can even start early if they like... I would totally agree though a race is a race and people shouldn't be starting early if they are fast runners. I don't think people do, but I would hate to think of people starting early just to get the edge over other competitors.
Alan AylingJun 30 2015, 5:44pmEarly starts should not be putting an undue burden on race directors and other volunteers. So the system needs to be as simple as it can be. For the races with large numbers at least (Leinster League, Winter League).


ONE early start at a pre-defined time. Means only a single adjustment time has to be inputted. Anyone doing early start responsible for being in good time for a briefing and the start itself.

NO early starts for people who don't need them. The 160% guideline is fair. Anyone who knows they are quicker than 160% (and you generally have a pretty good idea) has a moral obligation to start with the main field.

NO self-timing. It's a race at the end of the day, you're either in it or you're not. If it's too much, do the short course or skip that race. [There is currently one exception being made, which seems only fair in that the runner involved commits a volunteer effort to each and every race he's at, but this should be strictly a once-off arrangement, not a precedent].
Pól Ó MurchúJun 30 2015, 11:06pmThank you Rachel. Corrected results up now.
Brían O'MearaJul 10 2015, 9:21amSome delayed extra photos of racers from the summit are up now.
Ronan HickeyJul 10 2015, 5:31pmLove the Summit photos Brian. I was wondering if there was a chance I could get a hi-res version of one of them in particular?

Brían O'MearaJul 10 2015, 9:13pmSure, yeah. Dont think they're that hi res though. Send ne an email at brianomeara(at) of the one you want.