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Donnchadh CullinanMay 22 2014, 10:13pmI know this is a new route - but was wondering if anyone has any thoughts of what the likely peaks might be
Caitlín BentMay 22 2014, 10:34pmI would quess Seehán, Seefinn, Seefinghán, Kippure?
Sam ScrivenMay 22 2014, 10:54pmCopied from another thread:
The race is 1000 metres of total ascent, and pretty much exactly 21 km. You'll run over 9 peaks in the course of the race. It takes me almost 4 hours, and I'm guessing the winning time will be somewhere between 2-2.5 hours. Biggest selling point? Virtually NO fire-road! But it is a long draining route, lots of lovely open mountain, but with energy sapping peaks and peat-hags (especially if wet), and some navigation skills will be needed (especially if poor visibility).· Start. Seefingan carpark· Name of race. West Dublin Peaks· Time. 11am, early start 10am· Mandatory kit to be decided, but will probably include jacket, food, drink, map, compass, space blanket· Run, the Start is as per Seefingan LL race.. · Must check-in at summits of - Seehan, Corrig, Seefingan, Seefin, Seefingan, Kippure, Seefingan, Corrig, Seehan· Otherwise, it's a non-marked open mountain race, and people can choose their own lines· Navigation skills needed, especially if there is any chance of poor visibility in the Seefingan/Kippure region of the race· Prizegiving - probably Ahernes
Ken CowleyJun 3 2014, 9:43amA few updates on this race;

After giving it some thought, and some recces, and discussed it with committee members, I’ve made the following amendment to the route;

– runners do now NOT need to hit Seefingan on the final run for home from Kippure, as this leaves some interesting route choices from Kippure to Corrig (there are at least three different routes people could take down through that valley (some of which is a bit rough, but some is not too bad), or of course they can choose simply to return on the high boggy ground via Seefingan again).

Therefore it gives a few extra options, and takes some of the potential slog out of the out-and-back Kippure-Seefingan section, which is VERY muddy. But, it still remains a race where the navigators don't get a huge advantage (albeit navigation skills WILL be required if visibility is poor)

The race is still almost 5 weeks away, so if anyone has recce’d the route (with the mandatory return to Seefingan) sorry about that, but there is still plenty of time to get up for another run around it, and NOTE – there is not a huge amount of difference really (especially from a kilometres point of view), we just want to make the race a little more enjoyable and exciting and add an element of route-choice

Runners MUST still go home via Seehan (after their final summit of Corrig). We don't want anyone using roads or going near the army rifle range.

To summarise then, the race is;
Carpark - Seehan - Corrig - Seefingan - Seefin - Seefingan - Kippure - Corrig (free route choice from Kippure to Corrig, not required to do Seefingan again) - Seehan – Carpark

Short course is;
Carpark – Seehan – Corrig – Seefingan – Seefin – Seefingan – Corrig – Seehan - Carpark

If we can get a summit marshal for Seefingan, that would be great. Otherwise, we may do the race ‘on trust’ as with other LC races. Please make sure you physically touch the trig points OR the cairns at the tops of all the required mountains.

We plan to have a cut-off of 1.30pm for the second summitting of Seefingan. If you haven’t reached Seefingan for the 2nd time by 1.30 you must return home and NOT go to Kippure. You will be counted as having run the short course, so it will not be a DNF if you don’t want it to be.

I will put up some Jpegs on the IMRA Facebook page shortly

The main info for the race says prizegiving in Ahernes, but as with the other LC races this year, we will probably just do it in the carpark.

Looking forward to a good competitive race, with hardly any fire-road, good mountain running and a rare chance to race to the historic 5000 year old cairn at Seefin!


Ken Cowley, race director
Ken CowleyJun 26 2014, 8:09amJust looking for a couple more volunteers now for this race. Could be a good way to get your 2 non-running contributions in, prior to the end of the Wednesday season. I need a first-aider, a lap-top operator and (hopefully!) a summit marshal for Seefingan. Don't forget the earlier posts about this race, with the slight route-change it is now permissable to choose your line from Kippure to Corrig, no need to hit Seefingan on that part of the return. Please read my previous post for a longer explanation. Any questions please post them here, or email me at cowleyken72 at gmail dot com Thanks
Donnchadh CullinanJul 1 2014, 10:17pmFolks

Planning on doing West Dublin Peaks at weekend. Can someone confirm the starting position as I haven't done this or the Seefingan LL race previously. Is it as per the map above
Ken CowleyJul 2 2014, 5:07amHi Donnchadh,
Here is the race start (it's the 2nd map on the linked page, ignore the 1st one);
John Kelly71Jul 3 2014, 2:58pmStill need a laptop operator and a first aid volunteer.
John J BarryJul 3 2014, 11:02pmJohn / Ken,
Can we get start time confirmed. Event details say 12. But comments say 11 am.
Rachel CinnsealachJul 3 2014, 11:25pmThe start time is 11.00 am. This just needs to be updated on the website, which will be done.

Also note Runners do not need to hit Seefingan on the way back from Kippure

We need a first Aider for this event. This could be a good opportunity for anyone looking to get a "non running" volunteering position filled :)
John Kelly71Jul 4 2014, 9:01amHi all

Its 11am start on Sunday not 12.

I could also do with a couple more volunteers please.
Kieran CravenJul 4 2014, 12:41pmWhat time do you need volunteers there by?

If anyone has space in their car, I need a lift. Live in city centre, but can travel for the lift!
John Kelly71Jul 4 2014, 4:39pmGuys please read kens latest post for race details on route.

also urgently need volunteers even running ones
John Kelly71Jul 4 2014, 4:42pmKisra i can pick you at kilmacud luas at 9.20 if that's ok
John Kelly71Jul 4 2014, 4:54pmI mean Kieran
Kieran CravenJul 5 2014, 3:31pmThanks John, I'll see you there at 9.20.
John Kelly71Jul 5 2014, 4:21pmHi Kieran

can we change that to talaght stop at 9.30?
Ken CowleyJul 5 2014, 6:44pmA big thanks to John Kelly for taking over as Race Director at the last minute. I'll to be up there in some capacity myself, but am a bit crocked after injuring myself at the race last Wed, so had to pull out of the main role. I hope everyone has better footing than me around the lovely Seefingan area! This is a final reminder that there is 'free route' choice on the final return from Kippure to Corrig (as per previous posts). And don't forget everyone - the race is 11am, NOT noon! Early start is 10am.
John Kelly71Jul 5 2014, 7:45pmPlease note it is not the same starting place as last Wednesday nights race but to traditional Seefingan starting point
Shay FoodyJul 5 2014, 9:37pmHi John,

Have you got enough volunteers for tomorrow? I can volunteer if not.

Kieran CravenJul 5 2014, 10:30pm9.30 at Tallaght. See you then John.
John J BarryJul 6 2014, 5:04pmResults from today:

Bernard Fortune M40 Sliabh Bhuidhe Rovers 117.09
Zoran Skrba M 129.00
Laurence Colleran M Boards 132.39
Barry Moore M40 133.37
Dallas Baird M 141.36
John Mollohan M40 143.13
Warren Swords M 147.57
Philip Brennan M50 Setanta 148.49
Jim Breyfogle M Albuquerque Road Runners 154.55
Donnchadh Cullinan M40 156.5
Aidan Blighe M DSDAC 161.23
Pat Barry M40 Pennine Fell Runners 164.04
Eddie Cousins M40 164.32
Stuart Scott M DUO 165.27
Laurence Briody M40 St brigids 165.38
Daniela Boehm F 166.13
Ruth Lynam F60 CNOC 172.2
Felim Meade M40 173.1
John J Barry M40 IMRA 175.58
Annette Kehoe F40 DSD 176.06
Pat Quill M40 Crusaders AC 177.48
Don Short M50 CNOC 178.52
Paul Smyth M50 Ajax 181.09
James Cahill66 M40 187.03
Shay Foody M 194.27
Noel Kehoe M40 194.34
Pat BarryJul 15 2014, 12:52amA little writeup about my race.