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Rachel CinnsealachAug 30 2014, 10:17pmFolk's,

The date of this race/AGM has changed. It is now on the 22nd of November.

Secondly the actual AGM this year will be held in the Powerscourt Arms Hotel, (Mr Ayling, wanted to go "upmarket", have it in a hotel!!! :) )

Thirdly, I'm looking for your opinions, as to what ye want for afterwards? Should we just do the prize for the year after the AGM? Or do people want a social event.

Do people want a formal event, Lovely girls, dressed in lovely guna's.. with a sit down dinner, or would people prefer a bar in town and finger food?

Are people interested in a night out? PLEASE respond to this post, so I get get organising, if you do not respond there will be no social event after the AGM.
Tim ChapmanAug 31 2014, 9:07amGreat stuff,

I would be more drawn to finger food and beer than sit sown and dress up. having said that Im pretty easy and will go with the flow.

just look forward to an evening of fun and frolics to round of the year
Eva FairmanerSep 10 2014, 10:00amI like the old-style dress up in the guna, have dinner and then a waltz as it was always a great night out. I am happy to organise the "do" should everyone agree to have it in Blackrock Rugby Club as we did a few years ago if IMRA wish to subsidise it to some degree. The night was a great success and there was a large turn out.
Rachel CinnsealachSep 24 2014, 11:17pmThanks a million for that Eva :) The committee are delighted that you will organise this and they will subsidise it to some degree.

Just to clarify, to give Eva time to organise the event properly it will be after the winter league in 2015. This allows time to sell tickets at the winter league and promote the event. Also it will not be clashing with the start of "the silly season".

For the AGM night itself, Fiona has booked Doheny and Nesbitts. It will be an informal night with pints and craic and prize giving of the 2014 events.
Rachel CinnsealachSep 24 2014, 11:18pmThanks a million for that Eva :) The committee are delighted that you will organise this and they will subsidise it to some degree.

Just to clarify, to give Eva time to organise the event properly it will be after the winter league in 2015. This allows time to sell tickets at the winter league and promote the event. Also it will not be clashing with the start of "the silly season".

For the AGM night itself, Fiona has booked Doheny and Nesbitts. It will be an informal night with pints and craic and prize giving of the 2014 events.
Fin O'HaraOct 12 2014, 3:46pmHi
Just trying to get more info on this event.
Is it open to all & how much does it cost to enter?
Richard KieranNov 9 2014, 8:12pmHi - I have not been running this year due to injury but happy to help out if needed - be a good way to meet some people I haven't seen for months!
Kevin O'RiordanNov 9 2014, 9:42pmHi Fin,

Event is open to all. Race entry is 7 euro for registered IMRA members. It's normally 10 euro to register for the year but I believe since it's the last race of the year, they either waive the registration fee or else charge a total of 10 euro for annual reg+race entry, not quite sure which.

Liam CannonNov 13 2014, 8:33pmI plan to take part in this race as my first trail run. I don't drive and I live in Fairview on the north side of the city. Looking for car pool options, if there are any. Can meet in city centre, Bray, Enniskerry or wherever might suit.


Barry MageeNov 16 2014, 12:27amHi folks - just wanted to check on the actual distance for the short course. I can read the description but not quite clear on map so trying to gauge if anyone can help.
Marc MatarafactNov 16 2014, 10:16amThe page for this event has the distance as 15.5km
Marc MatarafactNov 16 2014, 10:19amShort course wont be fat off the Maulin Winter League route distance ot 7.5 km
Barry MageeNov 17 2014, 8:53amGrt thanks for that Marc much appreciated
James CurranNov 17 2014, 9:38amLiam Cannon. Can pick you up Killiney Dart Station 9:45. We need to be ther early to get parking. Would that suit.
Liam CannonNov 17 2014, 12:12pmJames Curran - that's excellent man. I'm 6 foot 3 with a beard and long hair, so you can't miss me, haha. Thanks very much and see you then.
James CurranNov 17 2014, 2:16pmMy number is 0876543312. Drive Micra 04 LH ????, goldish colour.
Karen DevenneyNov 17 2014, 9:47pmHi all,

Not long to go now to the last race of the season!! I need a few more volunteers for Saturday, including a race marker. Any takers?? Pretty please!!

Thanks, Karen
Gareth LittleNov 18 2014, 10:03amHi Karen, can you send me your email address re the race on Sat.
Martin O'DonoghueNov 18 2014, 11:18amHi forum,
I am new to mountain running and planning to do the run at Powerscourt on Saturday.
I've registered with imra... do i need to bring some proof of registration with me on Saturday ?
Also, is there any compulsory kit required to run (i have trail shoes) ?
Mike LongNov 18 2014, 1:30pmMarc / Barry
Re your note on the short course.
I am not sure if you meant the short course would be as the winter route course. I marked the winter route and it is very different from the Powerscourt Ridge route. It is also not that easy to mark due to the many forest tracks early in the route.
Vivian O'GormanNov 18 2014, 5:40pmHi Karen - please add Henny Brandsma as a non running
volunteer for Powerscourt thanks.
Jim FitzharrisNov 18 2014, 7:10pmJust to reinforce Karen's plea for volunteers for this race - we are WELL short of what is required.

Sign up now !!

Or else you can do circuits of that Dart station where you are doing your car pooling ....
Elizabeth WheelerNov 18 2014, 10:08pmIs anyone driving out from Dublin City on Saturday morning....,,??
John McGregorNov 19 2014, 8:55amHello James Curran, I'm volunteering too and live in Ballybrack, close to Killiney dart station. Just wondering if you would have room for one more on Saturday morning. Thanks, John.
John McGregorNov 19 2014, 1:04pmSorry James, I got mixed up and thought you were volunteering. Ignore that request for a lift.

Karen, its my first time volunteering, and I hope to run too. What time should I/we be at Crone Wood to be of use?

And if there is another volunteer passing along the N11 with space in their car I'd be grateful for a lift.

Thanks, John
James CurranNov 19 2014, 1:34pmJohn McGregor, could give you a lift if you are stuck I am meeting someone at the garage in Ballybrack at 9:30 and someone else at killiney dart station for 9:45, hope to get there at 10:20 or so to get parking space. If that is early enough then you can come along.
Diarmuid MeldonNov 19 2014, 2:28pmHi, would any have space for two people coming from Dublin City Centre?? Thanks!
Philip BoylanNov 20 2014, 12:32pmi will also be leaving from Killiney area by 10:00 and can pick up any stragglers...
Roger TegartNov 20 2014, 2:01pmWhat are the kit requirements for this race?
Ian ConroyNov 20 2014, 3:13pmHi Philip, I'd be interested in taking a lift from Killiney if the offer's there thanks.
John McGregorNov 20 2014, 3:48pmJames Curran: Great, I'll take you up on that offer. I'll be at the garage at 9.30. Thanks, John
Karen DevenneyNov 20 2014, 9:39pmUpdate for Sat....

Registration will be open from 9.30 at the car park in Crone. Please make every effort to car pool as parking is limited. Race starts at 11.00 - there will be an early start option at 10.15. The course will be unmarked but there will be marshals at the Maulin and Djouce summits and 1 or 2 other points as well. The forecast for Sat morning looks reasonably good but I'd recommend carrying a light jacket/windbreaker anyway. Thanks to all who have volunteered to help out...if anyone else wants to help out, please add your name - the more the merrier:) Volunteers should be at Crone for 9.15-9.30.
Prize giving & the usual raffle will be at the Powerscourt Arms in Enniskerry after the race. The AGM will also be held there at 2pm and it would be great to have a good crowd for this too. Last but not least, don't forget the social night in Doheny & Nesbits from 8pm for a few drinks, finger food and the 2014 Prize giving.

See you all on Saturday!
John McGregorNov 21 2014, 12:04amJames Curran: Sorry again, just see now volunteers wanted earlier than I thought. So I'm jumping ship.....
Hello Daniela! I'm about to book one of your seats. I can be on the Cherrywood/Wyattville flyover bus-stop at about 8:50. Thanks, John
Steeve DESMIDTNov 21 2014, 4:11pmHi,

is there any shower facilities available tomorrow?

Thanks in advance,


Jim FitzharrisNov 21 2014, 4:15pmSteeve,

The weather forecast mentions "passing showers" if that is of any use to you ..... ;-)


Karen DevenneyNov 21 2014, 4:15pmUpdate re kit requirements...

A jacket & buff/hat will be mandatory for tomorrow. There will be random checks at the finish line & anyone found without this gear will be disqualified to be fair to all runners.
Philip BoylanNov 21 2014, 10:43pmIan, I'll be leaving Killiney at 10:00, where can I pick you up?
James H CahillNov 22 2014, 2:58pmWell done and thank you Karen and all your volunteers for a well organized, well marshaled, "enjoyable" (I use the word advisedly) race. Speedy recovery to those who took tumbles. I hope that AGM is going well and everyone has a great time this evening at the prizegiving and apologies that I am unable to attend both.
Ian ConroyNov 22 2014, 6:06pmHey there Philip, only saw your reply now! No worries, I'd decided against racing in the end as it was only 2 weeks after a crash on the bike.
Caitlín BentNov 23 2014, 12:58amMile maith agat Karen and all helpers on today's race. Did'nt make it to Doheny & Nebit's as I opted for Net Flicks 'Hungergames 2' which reminded me of this year's Nav Challenge which by the way did'nt get a mention at todays AGM.:)
Pól Ó MurchúNov 23 2014, 6:01pmWell Done to Karen and crew yesterday for great event.

Provisional results up now. Any problems drop me a mail

A couple of errors that I'm aware of 1204, 1214, 1095 and 1089 - missing registration forms for these number so no runner details.
Jason KehoeNov 23 2014, 9:38pmThanks everyone for a great race yesterday, it's a tough course but a real classic. Some great pictures by John Shiels and even some shots of the marshals having a laugh which is great to see.

Good luck to the committee again for 2015. Possibly the shortest AGM I have ever been to! Also a great night last night. So altogether a great're all BRILLIANT!
Rafael del Pie IglesiaNov 23 2014, 9:48pmNumber 1095 was mine: Rafael del Pie Iglesia