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Angus TynerAug 11 2014, 10:33amAlso first aider, race marker needed.

I'm busy with NC 1 so not in position to RD. If race is going ahead, I need laptop, preferably not at last minute so I have time to relearn how it all works again!
Rene BorgAug 11 2014, 3:11pmJust replied to Rachel, Angus. Its too short notice for me to race direct but can mark the course and help any race director with advice on how we organised this event in the past - so if anyone wants to step up I can take a call with them and run over the main things to know.
Rachel CinnsealachAug 11 2014, 4:00pmThat's great Rene. karen is going to do Race director. I have sorted permission from Coilte. do we deffo need a key to the gate? will the gate be opened and what time will it shut at?
Rachel CinnsealachAug 11 2014, 4:02pmScrap that last comment, I have just heard back from Helena, in Coilte and the gate will be left open until 9.30 pm.
Rachel CinnsealachAug 11 2014, 4:03pmNow we just need a first Aider.
Regina KellyAug 11 2014, 5:45pmIs anyone leaving relatively late to this? I would love to get a lift if possible? there's nothing on the carpool at the moment. I work in Ballsbridge so can get to N11 etc
David PenderAug 11 2014, 7:46pmHi what time do you need volunteers for? Thanks,
Karen DevenneyAug 11 2014, 8:55pmThanks to all who've volunteered so far. Still looking for a First Aider though...any takers??

It'd be great if volunteers could get down for 6pm or as close to as possible. If anyone particularly wants to marshal on the course, please let me know and other than that we'll figure out roles on the day depending on who we have.

Happy to accept any tips, advice etc on what to do as complete novice when it comes to RD and I'll do my very best to keep the blonde questions and blank looks to a minimum!

See you all on Wed:)
Caoimhin MacMaolainAug 11 2014, 10:07pmI am happy to do first aid. I'll run as well, but should be fine to do the two things.
Rachel CinnsealachAug 11 2014, 10:54pmHi Caoimhin, you are very good to step forward. In general, The RD, Laptop operator or First Aider cannot run, (IN case some-one gets injured, on the course, while the first aider is running). Caroline was around at my house tonight, she is injured herself and can't run, so I put her down for it.

I have added you as a running volunteer thoufgh, cause Karen is short on volunteered and she could realy do with a hand. Hope that's OK?
Eamonn HodgeAug 12 2014, 12:58amHi Karen, I thought I had already volunteered in a non-running capacity but I was mistaken. Happy to marshal or do whatever is useful.

Karen DevenneyAug 12 2014, 4:17pmThanks a million to all the additional volunteers, makes my job much easier!

A few reminders about tomorrow...

*There will be no early start
*Please car pool where at all possible as parking is limited - there is parking at Ashford House
*Prize giving is at Ashford House
james mastersonAug 13 2014, 12:14pmHi,
will be leaving Donnybrook at 6.20 if anyone needs a lift
Farrant StuartAug 13 2014, 1:30pmHi James. A lift would be great if you still have space. Let me know where you're leaving from. Stuart
John CollinsAug 13 2014, 1:47pmHi James,

Would take a lift from Donnybrook as well if space left - jcollinsdub at gmail dot com

Shay FoodyAug 13 2014, 3:07pmHi James,

Would you have another space left in your car? shayfoody at gmail com is my email if you do.

Shay FoodyAug 13 2014, 4:19pmI have a lift now. Thanks.
Michael De BurcaAug 13 2014, 5:10pmdevils glen adventure centre is not on google maps
Karen DevenneyAug 13 2014, 5:43pmComing from Dublin, turn right at the first roundabout when you come into AshFord, then stick to the Glendalough Rd until you see Devil's Glen on your right. Remember to carpool from Ashford House if at all possible. Car park is free after 5pm
Caoimhin MacMaolainAug 13 2014, 10:30pmGreat race tonight. Really well marked and interesting route. Thanks to Karen and others for the organisation.
Karen DevenneyAug 13 2014, 11:44pmWell done to all who ran tonight. Thanks to my crack team of volunteers, you were all brilliant! Special mention to
Rene and Aoife for marking the course
Eamon and Caoimhin for demarking
Photographers Kevin and Jerome too
Zoe for taking charge of the numbers
The Walker family for the best Cash system I've seen yet!
And a massive, massive thanks to Rachel, Angus and especially Vivian for all your help and advice, tonight wouldn't have done so smoothly without it!
Have to admit I was more than a little nervous about taking on this role, especially as really I'm still a newbie but it was a great night and I'm delighted I did it. So for anyone else out there that has ever thought about doing RD but worried that their too inexperienced, in my opinion......just do it!
James H CahillAug 14 2014, 6:05pmThank you Karen and all your volunteers for a very enjoyable, well organised race.
David PenderAug 14 2014, 10:20pmHi caroline. Thanks for all your excellent help at race. Made it home in one pièce.MRI tomorrow so fingers crossed.
Angus TynerAug 15 2014, 10:38amNo wifi in Ashford House so results could not be uploaded then. The laptop is in transit to its next race, but results will be posted ASAP
Barry JohnAug 16 2014, 7:05pmAre there any results for this race from last wednesday yet? thanks
John J BarryAug 17 2014, 10:02amMr Barry,
As Angus said results were not posted since Pol did not have WiFi connection on wed. Im sure Pol will post results the second he gets the laptop and/or results.
Pól Ó MurchúAug 17 2014, 10:08pmResults up...Finally! Apologies for the delay. There was no wifi in the pub Wednesday to get them up after the race - the laptop wnet off and there was some trouble sending them on to me... and then I was busy myself having a life...Sorry Barry John - won't happen again! ;-( me bad ;-)