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Sam ScrivenJun 10 2014, 11:01amRegistration for this event will take place at Crone Woods car park. Registration will open at 6:15 and will close at 7:15.

The race route will incorporate a climb to Maulin summit. In keeping with 2014 tradition, the route will be 'fast and furious' and the ascent and descent of Maulin will follow different paths (Route map to follow).

Junior route and availability of early start to be confirmed.

Terrain is mixed. Tracks are quite technical in places with plenty of rocks and branches in so please wear appropriate footwear and take care when descending.

The NPWS have imposed a cap of 200 runners for this race. This will be operated on a First Come First Served basis.

Race entry is €7. Usual concessions apply. Race vouchers may be used for entry.

Parking is very limited at Crone Woods carpark. Please carpool from the Glencormac Inn in Kilmacanogue or another suitable location. Cars will be turned away when the carpark is full so please consider other runners and only come to Crone Woods if there is more than one runner in the car (ideally 4!).

Prizegiving at the Glencormac.

Please keep an eye on the weather and bring sun protection and/or insect repellant as necessary.
Sam ScrivenJun 10 2014, 11:07amThanks to those who have volunteered for this race so far. Still looking for a few more, particularly the non-running variety, and also a race marker and laptop operator.
John WardJun 12 2014, 12:58amIs there a route map available for this
Sam ScrivenJun 12 2014, 11:59amThere is a map up now on the Events page. Still tinkering with the route through Crone Woods so watch for the tape on the day!
Gareth LittleJun 12 2014, 12:09pmStill need a laptop operator and race marker for this event
John CondonJun 12 2014, 12:14pmThanks for putting the map up. Is it anticlockwise?
John WardJun 12 2014, 12:22pmIt looks like the out and back section to Tonduff is gone ?
Sam ScrivenJun 12 2014, 12:36pmThe route will be anticlockwise. I couldn't have people going down that grassy hill - they wouldn't be able to stop ;-)

All races which enter the National Park are subject to a permit from NPWS, and permission to run the out and back section to Tonduff which was proposed initially could not be obtained. A circuit involving Tonduff was not really practical. The route shown in the map has been approved, so we will go with that.
Brian FreelandJun 12 2014, 12:39pmId be happy to volunteer for laptop
Sam ScrivenJun 16 2014, 12:37pmhi all

Volunteers still needed for this Wednesday night's race!

Sam ScrivenJun 17 2014, 9:45amMorning!

I really need somebody who is familiar with the Laptop role to volunteer for the League race on Wednesday.

I am not familiar with the role myself. I have a willing volunteer who may be able to enter the data at the finish, but in any case I need someone who is able to set it up, complete new registrations etc.

I also need a two or three more helpers.

Gareth LittleJun 17 2014, 10:01amHi all, at the moment we have no race unless someone steps up to do laptop. Also, we could use a few more volunteers including a race marker. Sam has agreed to mark the route if no one steps up but it is unfair to have him do this as he already has enough to do with the RD role.


Daniela BoehmJun 17 2014, 2:08pmHi Sam,
I can offer to do laptop tomorrow but I won't be able to make it down very early. Not sure if you are expecting many new people registering...?! they could always go ahead with filling in the form and would just have to wait a bit for their number. So if that's any use to you, let me know.
John J BarryJun 17 2014, 3:47pmGareth / Sam,

I was intending on running tomorrow but I can be there early on the laptop up to about 7:20 if that's any use to you.

Kieran CravenJun 17 2014, 5:33pmHi there,

Anyone got 2 spaces in their car for this event? We work in Trinity, but can travel out a little from city centre to meet.

Keith MulveyJun 18 2014, 12:15amKieran, check out the Carpool, 1st come 1st served :), Keith
Kieran CravenJun 18 2014, 9:06amThanks Keith, Chris booked it for both of us with you. See you this afternoon!
Alan KilbrideJun 18 2014, 10:21amHi,

Any update on if there will be an early start today?

Also, google maps link to Crone Woods car park (don't forget to car pool!)...,-6.214281,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x4867a6c9b8a94655:0x4c5ce3c88e7083d4

Looking forward to the run ;o)

Sam ScrivenJun 18 2014, 10:26amMorning! A few final notes on tonight's race.

There is a cap of 200 runners. First come first served. Come early to avoid disappointment.

Car parking is limited at Crone Woods. Please carpool from the Glencormac Inn in Kilmacanogue or some other location. Prizegiving will be at the Glencormac Inn.

The course is relatively short tonight at just over 6.5km. As a result there will be no early start.

The Juniors will start at a slightly different location to the main field, so please make yourself known to me if you are running the Junior course.

Terrain is mixed. Tracks are quite technical in places with plenty of rocks and branches so please wear appropriate footwear and take care when descending.

Its warm and sunny at the moment. Lets hope it stays that way. Don't forget sunscreen and maybe some insect repellent for dusk.

No headphones!

See you later

Aidan HurleyJun 18 2014, 1:21pmJohn Collins - trying to book seat in carpool with you this evening but just receiving error message. Can you contact me on 0879802447 to arrange details. Thanks!
Eoin KeithJun 18 2014, 1:42pmAidan, Make sure you log in to MyIMRA before you try to book a seat in the carpool. Email me directly (address in contacts section of the website) if you're still having problems please, and I'll try and fix that.
Dace KellyJun 18 2014, 3:12pmHi guys, just made my car available for carpooling - I will aim to do an early start (if there is one). May be someone is interested to get a lift.
Aidan HurleyJun 18 2014, 3:33pmEoin, thanks for your help!
Peter McGoeyJun 18 2014, 4:17pmHi, I work in the IFSC and was hoping to use the carpool option this evening, however the book link is giving an 'internal error 500'.
Eoin KeithJun 18 2014, 4:25pmPeter, log into MyIMRA first, then try again. (I'll get this bug fixed shortly)
Peter McGoeyJun 18 2014, 4:55pmThanks Eoin, I've just been in touch with John.
Pól Ó MurchúJun 18 2014, 10:51pm****PROVISIONAL RESULTS UP NOW*****
Some changes to be made and new runners to be added but will work on later or tomorrow.
Maike JürgensJun 18 2014, 11:37pmthanks for a great route tonight and thanks to everyone who stopped to make sure i was ok. a few bruises will surely show up but it should all be ok.
Alan AylingJun 18 2014, 11:55pmThat actually managed to outdo Carrick and Djouce for gnarliness packed into a short race. Well done Sam - you get to mind the title of Evil Genius of route design, until someone comes up with something even more awesome.
Savage climbs, incredible descents, really very little fire road - cracking route. That last single track descent is up there with the very best.
Hard luck to the lads that got the wrong route up Maulin.
Thanks to Sam and the team of marshals and helpers.
John CondonJun 19 2014, 12:07amBig thanks to Sam and the volunteers for a fantastic race. Tough one with the heat, and that climb...
John BellJun 19 2014, 8:46amGreat route and I nearly enjoyed some of the views. I managed to go slightly wrong due to a lack of oxygen after scambling up the grass wall but luckily I didn't get too far before getting a call from Alan A and others.

Thanks to Sam and his team of vounteers for another great race.
Dermot McNamaraJun 19 2014, 9:30amHi,
I don't see my name/number listed in the results for Maulin. My IMRA number is 2019 - think I finished ahead of Brian Hutchinson (97).
2919 may have been called out in error?
Can someone please amend?
Alan KilbrideJun 19 2014, 10:20amHi,

Thanks for a great run last night, that up hill was tough but worth it for the views!

Here's the link from my Garmin watch for anyone who's interested!

Go team!
Conor DixonJun 19 2014, 10:53amHello Sam,

I was new runner yesterday, ran with race number 798. I have just registered with MyIMRA and purchased the annual membership.

Pól Ó MurchúJun 19 2014, 11:01pm***** Corrected Results up now *****
As always any queries please mail me at pol.omurchu(at)
Thank you to John for the excellent work on the results. Didn't need much fixing at all. And of course eliminating the early start makes things much easier to manage. Well done Sam and Co. Great race. Really enjoyed myself...even if I do hate those gnarly descents...
John J BarryJun 20 2014, 10:16pmNo problem Pol.

Well done to Brian too on his laptop debut. We both enjoyed the 50,000 bites we suffered in the "call of duty".

Thanks to Mike for the spray in the futile fight against the little flying monsters.