Irish Mountain
Running Association

Leinster Championship 2020

Races run on Saturdays or Sundays, mainly in Wicklow. These races are longer than the very popular Wednesday night league races and tend to be run on open mountainside. As a rule they are not marked and runners would be expected to be able to find their way from a published route. No electronic navigational assistance may be used for championship races. You may record the route on a device for post race analysis, but you may not use it for in-race navigation.


Best 3 races to score

Sun Jun 2112:00 PMCANCELLED! - Circuit of GlenmacnassCGS1040m19.00km10
Sun Jul 191:00 PMLog na CoilleLUG718m10.46km8
Sat Aug 1511:00 AMDrumgoffDMF650m14.50km8
Sun Oct 412:00 PMMount LeinsterMTL635m13.80km9

Current League Standings

Runners with 2 Races to Score

1Liam Mooney20M35-1010-
2Mike Jordan21M35-147-
3ciara largey22F-139-
4Brian Wynne48M35-3315-
5John O'Donovan53M-2132-
6Cormac O'Ceallaigh63M45-3429-
7Joseph Boyle75M60-4233-
8John Condon85M45-4837-
9Mick Byrne197286M45-5234-
10Alice Clancy93F40-6330-
11Paul Smyth95M55-5441-
12Gill McLoughlin101F45-6239-
13Patsy McCreanor116M75-7343-

Runners with 1 Race to Score

14John Bell1M40--1-
14Zak Hanna1M-1--
16Bernard Fortune2M50--2-
16Luke McMullan2M-2--
18Warren Swords3M40--3-
18David Power3M35-3--
20Brian Furey4M40-4--
22alan ritchie5M--5-
22Edward O connor5M-5--
24Liam Vines6M45--6-
24Gerard Maloney6M60-6--
26John Mollohan7M50-7--
27Mick Hanney8M50--8-
27James Tucker8M-8--
29Robert Frewen9M-9--
30Pádraig Somers11M35--11-
30Kevin Glennon11M35-11--
32John Buckley12M-12--
32Graham Murphy12M--12-
34Eoin Syron13M35--13-
35Brían O'Meara14M40--14-
36Richard Church15M50-15--
37Sam Scriven16M40--16-
37Ronan Foley16M-16--
39Caroline Harney17F35--17-
39Becky Quinn17F45-17--
41Tim Chapman18M40-18--
41Matthew Sammon18M40--18-
43John Murray19M40--19-
43Oisín O Briain19M45-19--
45Brian McGuckin20M50-20--
45Clare Keeley20F45--20-
47Niall McGuinness21M35--21-
48Neil Dowling22M45--22-
48Phil behan22M35-22--
50Kevin O'Riordan23M35--23-
50Mark Byrne23M45-23--
52Kevin Bell24M-24--
52Andrew McKay24M--24-
54Colin Burns25M50-25--
54Christopher Willoughby25M45--25-
56Charles Burgess26M--26-
56Aubrey O'Neill26M-26--
58Patricia McLoughlin27F40-27--
58Conor Keane27M--27-
60Conor O'Farrell28M45--28-
60Alan Maher28M45-28--
62Steven Byrne29M35-29--
63Warren Redmond30M-30--
64Orla McEvoy31F40--31-
64Ian Conroy31M40-31--
66Imogen McGuinness32F40-32--
67Jarlath Hynes35M50-35--
67Ben Conroy35M50--35-
69Gerard Keating36M45-36--
69Michael O sullivan36M50--36-
71Jeff Fitzsimons37M40-37--
72Christopher Heather38M-38--
72James Curran38M55--38-
74Andrew Hanney39M45-39--
75Stuart Scott40M35--40-
75Steve Hogan40M35-40--
77Thomas Galvin41M50-41--
78Brian Farren42M50--42-
79Gordon Wilson43M45-43--
80Louis Mullee44M40-44--
80Francis Conroy44M75--44-
82Francis Kelly45M-45--
82Hilary Elmes45F55--45-
84John McCann46M45-46--
85Fergie Maughan47M45-47--
86Aaron Page49M35-49--
87Niamh O'Ceallaigh50F40-50--
88Róisín Loftus51F-51--
89Stephen Brennan53M60-53--
90John O'Toole55M40-55--
91Jenny Uí Shé56F45-56--
92Ken Cowley57M45-57--
93Aisling Corkery58F40-58--
94Ciara Kilroy59F-59--
95Hannah Gibney60F-60--
96Niamh McKeever61F-61--
97Eimear Deegan64F40-64--
98Angela Flynn65F45-65--
99Vivian O'Gorman66M65-66--
100Martin Keogh67M55-67--
101Barry Brosnan68M35-68--
102John Fitzgerald69M65-69--
103Paul McRedmond70M50-70--
104David Rouse71M40-71--
105Anne Hodge72F45-72--
106Caitlin Bent74F75-74--
107Monica Blaney75F50-75--
108Paul O'Grady76M40-76--

Runners with 0 Races to Score

109Laura Flynn0F55--DNF-