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Vouchers 2023 races.

Michael McSweeneyMar 16 2023, 9:25amHi Everyone

Following extensive discussions by the committee we have decided to implement the following changes to the race registration process.

From April 12th onwards, all IMRA races across the country will be online pre-entry only. The use of vouchers will be discontinued from that date onwards.

To coincide with this change, and to allow a reasonable amount of flexibility, we are changing the cut off times to enter our races closer to the race start times. These will be as follows:

- 12 noon on the day of a mid-week evening race
- 6 pm the evening before a weekend race

We will review these race cut off times over the coming races once this new system has had a chance to settle down and adjust if necessary.

We will be reimbursing IMRA members for vouchers cards already purchased over previous years. Details of this reimbursement scheme will be made available soon.

These changes are being implemented to simplify the registration and race results process which, as we all know, is wholly facilitated and delivered by volunteers. We are also conscious of the need to work with and adhere to the permit and race conditions set by the various organisations and landowners we deal with.

Up until April 12th, vouchers can be used at races where race number limits have not been set through the permits granted.

Our jam-packed calendar of races is now in full swing, don’t forget to pick an event to volunteer while you are picking your race dates for yourselves…for every 10 races you complete with IMRA, you are expected to volunteer at another race. Without volunteers, IMRA can not function. Let’s not leave it to the usual suspects.


Michael McSweeneyMar 16 2023, 9:32amHi all,
I've just copied Miriams post from a few weeks back.
April 12th is the date to watch. Its also International Human Space Flight Day in memory of Yuri.
Miriam MaherMar 16 2023, 9:47amThanks Michael

Yes clock ticking on the use of vouchers, but look at it this way, soon you won’t have to worry about salvaging a voucher card from the back pocket of your jeans after a wash and hoping it can still be legible / used!

We are aiming to have the details of the reimbursement scheme for unused vouchers available before April 12th.

Thanks and Happy St Patrick’s Weekend to you all, hope there’s a few hills in the mix for everyone.