Irish Mountain
Running Association

College Champs(Trooperstown Hill)

Mike LongMar 8 2023, 2:55pmDear All
Just to note that if you want to run in this race please enter via the Trooperstown winter race and let us know when signing in that you are part of the College Champs
Daniel O'BrienMar 11 2023, 3:31pmThanks Mike and everyone volunteering. A cold but enjoyable run! Well done everyone who was competing :)
Clare KeeleyMar 11 2023, 3:35pmHi Mike, sorry reception went talking to you in the phone! Got the lot! Thanks! Clare
Clare KeeleyMar 11 2023, 3:46pmSorry, wrong forum thread!!
Mike LongMar 11 2023, 6:06pmClare, excellent. Good luck with it Mike