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Bansha Woods

Fergal DaltonMar 2 2023, 11:41amHi folks, can you tell me if U16s are permitted to do the 9k run please? Thanks.
Stephen O KeeffeMar 3 2023, 10:38amI've my name down for volunteering on Sunday but it hasn't moved over to accepted. Just wondering if I'm needed. I'm still available but just want to confirm.
Robert CunninghamMar 3 2023, 9:07pm@Fergal no u26 can't run the 9k race sorry.
@Stephen we have plenty of volunteers so if you'd like to run or make other plans that's ok.
Stephen O KeeffeMar 3 2023, 11:15pmRobert, I'm actually unable to run at the moment, and not sure when I'll be able to run again, so I'm happy to volunteer as much as I can in the meantime. I don't have any other plans to be honest.
Frank CoughlanMar 4 2023, 9:26amJust to remind people arriving from the Limerick side NOT to follow the route that google map sends you on !!
Stay on the N24 towards Waterford, the starting point is just a few miles out this road.
A few got caught out last year.
Adam FlanaganMar 4 2023, 11:38amHi, is there a course profile for this event ?
Kevin TobinMar 4 2023, 3:05pmIs the 4km race going off at the same time
Aidan HoganMar 4 2023, 6:02pm10:20 start for the 4k race I think Kevin
Robert CunninghamMar 4 2023, 6:21pmYes, 10. 20am for short and junior race.
Michael ConsidineMar 4 2023, 6:35pmHi Guys, what time do volunteers need to be there?
Damien McDonnellMar 5 2023, 9:01pmThanks to Rob and crew for a super race in Bansha today, struggled but really enjoyed it, lovely route well done.
Brian FlannellyMar 5 2023, 9:51pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie