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Wicklow Glacier Lakes (solo)

John BellFeb 28 2023, 2:35pmIt is just over 7 weeks to got until this event, so plenty of time for getting out for recce's or finding team mates for a relay. Relay teams can be made up of 2 - 4 people. Deciding to do this event is also the perfect excuse to get out for a few training runs in the heart of the Wicklow Mountains.

Note that both the solo and relay entries require pre-approval. See event page for details.
John BellMar 26 2023, 9:04pm4 weeks to go...
The online shop will open on 31sf March and close on 14th April. Please remember to email me for pre-entry approval before purchasing your entry.
Leg 3 update: The Zig Zags coming down off Cloghernagh are close and all fenced private lands either side of the river are out of bounds. You will need to take the direct line or come down through the forest below Art's Lough. It is well worth a recce.
John BellMar 27 2023, 10:05pmI have added a map in the photos on the event page that highlights the area of private lands and the Zig Zags path that are out of bounds on Leg 3. The check point is at the parking area.
Andrew TeesMar 31 2023, 12:06pmThanks for the updates John. Just to clarify... is this the full extent of the OOB? So, we can still cross the fenceline/stile and the lands below it? (provided we stay off of the zigzags path, and out of the areas marked in red, obviously)
Sorry, just trying to get a clear picture of where we can and can't go while respecting folks' wishes regarding access. Hoping to get out on Sun for a recce.
John BellApr 1 2023, 8:10pmHi Andrew, that's what I understand is closed now but I plan on having a look and enquiring about tomorrow. If there is any change I will post here asap. Best to also have a qick look at options through Clonakeen Woods if you're in the area.
John BellApr 1 2023, 8:13pmWe could still do with two more volunteers for this event. Also, a second first aider would be great so we could split the role between Glendalough and Glenmalure.
John BellApr 2 2023, 11:49pmUPDATE ON OUT OF BOUNDS ON LEG 3: We have permission from the landowner to go to Kelly's Lough but we do not have permission to enter the big fenced field around the Zig Zags. There is a continuous fence and a stile with a sign on it, so no excuses for entering this area. See the photos for the map with the new pink shaded area showing the out of bounds and stile with sign. ( I couldn't figure out how to delete the earlier map which only hightlights the lower fields - perhaps someone on the committee knows how?).
The good thing is that this brings a new twist to the challenge. There are a number of possible routes down through Clonakeen Woods. One option is to enter the woods where I have circled on the map. There is a feint path starting beside the rocks in the 2 photos ive uploaded, which leads to the forest road and then all the way down. You can use the fence and forest edge as a handrail but contouring will be quicker to this point. If your adventurous enough you could take a more direct line into the forest near the top corner of the out of bounds field but is a mixture of fight and slow running through the trees, and the further you ho down the steeper and rougher it gets.
John BellApr 11 2023, 4:51pmReminder that online entry closes this Friday.

If entering the relay, make sure to sign up on the Relay event page as it is only €7 versus €21 for the solo. Relay runners will be sharing the same tracker.

I will post the start times, allowing for time bonuses, after entry closes.
Brendan LawlorApr 14 2023, 4:29pmHi

For information

Dublin Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team are hosting the National Mountain Rescue training weekend in Laragh / Glendalough from Friday 21st April to Sunday 23rd April, based mainly in the Brockagh Centre and the Glendalough Hostel. There are 100 Mountain Rescue volunteers from around the country attending.

It should have no bearing or impact on the Glacier Lakes events but participants may notice more MR activity than usual as you wait at the finish opposite the Glendalough Hotel. In the very unlikely event of an incident during the race , you can expect a swift response and a very smooth 100 person stretcher carry !
Avril ChallonerApr 17 2023, 9:45amAre there drop bags for the solo at the relay handover checkpoints or are we to carry all water/food for the full race? I vaguely remember a drop back from when I did the race previously but may be misremembering that. No worries either way but good to know if we can lighten the pack weight a little with a drop bag :)
John BellApr 18 2023, 1:35pmHere are the start times for solo with the bonus times allocated.
08:40 Nicola Cleary
08:40 Colm Newport
09:00 Avril Challoner
09:00 Sarah Galligan
09:00 Maeve O'Grady
09:00 Elizabeth Wheeler
09:20 Graham K. Bushe
09:20 Sean Collier
09:20 Jarlath Hynes
09:20 David Jackson
09:20 Paul Mahon
09:20 Gerry McGuinness
09:20 Liam Vines
09:40 Stephen Bailie
09:40 Gavin Byrne
09:40 Keith Cullen
09:40 Michael Dowling
09:40 Niall Gibney
09:40 Derek Hay
09:40 Donatas Jocius
09:40 Andy Keeling
09:40 Liam Kenny
09:40 Declan McInerney
09:40 John Murray
09:40 Kevin O'Hara
09:40 Zoran Skrba
09:40 Andrew Tees
09:40 Patrick Ward
John BellApr 18 2023, 1:39pmand start times for the Relay Teams:
8:35 Brendan, Joe, James, Joseph (order to be confirmed on the day)
9:20 Orla and Peter
9:40 Rob and John

Post a message here or drop me an email if you have any questions.

John BellApr 18 2023, 1:41pm@ Avril, we don't have an official bag drop so I would say plan without it. Hopefully one of the volunteers will be traveling around in the morning and might be able to take some bags / water.
Joe LalorApr 18 2023, 4:00pmAvril (and anyone else) I will be at start (until 9.30) and visiting Wicklow Gap and Barravore check points, dropping off runners and can't carry around labeled drop bags.
nicola clearyApr 18 2023, 6:16pmHi John, just to clarify bonus time in the solo is just an early start. Are finish times real time?
Avril ChallonerApr 18 2023, 7:06pmThanks Joe, something dropped to Barravore would be great if allowed. It would only be some extra water and bonus snacks.
Orla McEvoyApr 18 2023, 9:58pmHi
If anyone is heading from Dublin (Rathfarnham or the M50 exit) and has space for one person - for the 9:20am start, it would be really appreciated
Jarlath HynesApr 19 2023, 8:33am@Orla, I sent you an email re lift.
John BellApr 19 2023, 9:48pmHi Nicola, first across the finish line is the official placings. The website currently only shows the actual running time. I will see if we can also record the finish time /race position.
John BellApr 21 2023, 4:20pmSign in for the race from 8 in the morning in front of the Glendalough Hotel. Please have your mandatory kit ready. The weather looks fairly mixed so map and compass should be put to good use. We have trackers set up and ready to go. We will tape these to you bag.

For the RELAY runners, it will be one tracker that needs to be passed along to each runner as they go. Primal tracking have loaned us some running belts that can be used to ease the handover. Don't forget to pass the tracker on to your team mates at the checkpoints.
Lillian DeeganApr 22 2023, 8:26amTracker link -
John BellApr 22 2023, 8:52pmThanks to our volunteer team, Lillian, Fin, Daniela & Eoin (+2 patient youngsters), Tom, Stephen and Hillary. We'll done to all the competitors today. Its a proper tough mountain race with rough ground, soft sloppy bog and navigation when the cloud is down. The biggest nav booboo was the keys hiding in the boot of my car at the finish. Well done to Andy on his second win in a row, Nicola first lady in an excellent time, and Orla & Peter first in the relay.
Niall GibneyApr 22 2023, 9:05pmThanks to John and all the volunteers today . Brilliant race route and super support too !
sarah galliganApr 23 2023, 10:45amThanks John & all the volunteers for yesterday's race, especially appreciative of Hillary & Lillian's jellies at the base of Mullacor
Gerry McGuinnessApr 23 2023, 4:59pmAnother great day on the mountains and only because of the great work of John and all the volunteers who gave up there Saturday to allow us run.
Thanks .
Paul MahonApr 23 2023, 7:03pmThanks John, Lillian Finn and all for their efforts in making this race happen - Event Classic that this year served up a wee cruel twist down through the crappy forest at the end of leg 3 .... I think conclusion is there was no "Good way" down ;-)
Andrew TeesApr 24 2023, 9:06amThanks John, Lillian and all the volunteers for the race on Sat, great organisation and support! Really enjoyed it, well worth the trip down as always!
nicola clearyApr 24 2023, 9:26amA really great day! Thanks to John, Lilllian and everyone who helped for a great race and some super support. The checkpoints were a highlight!
liam kennyApr 24 2023, 9:44amthanks john and crew for great event
Avril ChallonerApr 24 2023, 9:52amEchoing all the appreciation for the great race and fantastic volunteers. You guys did a fantastic job. Even arranged for some low cloud to make three lakes interesting. Thanks!
Zoran SkrbaApr 24 2023, 3:21pmThanks John + all the volunteers. Great event.
Derek HayApr 24 2023, 6:43pmThanks to John and all the volunteers for giving up their Saturday, Great Day and great route, thank you.
Graham K. BusheApr 24 2023, 7:51pmHuge thanks to John and the great team of volunteers.
Another great day in the hills. It has been said many times before but I don't mind repeating. This is a cracker! One of the best on the calendar.
The weather added a bit to the challenge this year. But we all love a good challenge don't we?
Put it on your list (if you haven't already) :)