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Jeremy KelleherFeb 27 2023, 8:30amHi, the Claragh race is back on the calendar again this year, Sunday 19-Mar. Please note that the start time has been changed from 13:00 to 14:00 in order to avoid the local mass time. We plan to have short course/junior and kiddies races as well, and an early start option for the main route. We'll post details of these closer to the time. Regards, Jeremy
Giulia GentileMar 15 2023, 10:00amHi there a friend and meself will join the race but we have no car (we'll be on holiday there celebrating st padraig!) if anyone could give us a lift to the race starting point my email is, phone +393474887056, we'll leave from the city centre and reach a meeting point. Cheers!
Dominic ManningMar 15 2023, 10:38pmAre vouchers ok for this one?
Michael McSweeneyMar 16 2023, 9:23amDominic.
Vouchers are OK for Claragh.
Don't forget to bring Danny.
Fiona PattersonMar 19 2023, 5:38pmThanks to the organisers and volunteers for Mt Claragh race. Super route, really enjoyed it!
Michael McSweeneyMar 19 2023, 7:11pmGreat start to our new league. Thanks to all the runners and volunteers today, and well done to Jeremy on his first RD role.
Brian MullinsMar 19 2023, 9:04pmMighty outing today. Perfect conditions to showcase the Whiskey in the Jar league, grim misty misery with bronchitis out of the bog and slippy underfoot conditions on open mountain! Claragh is always a great race, perfect for someone wanting to experience an open mountain race beyond the fire road trail type stuff. You might have a mile on road at the start but you quickly realise you’ve only be playing at this mountain running stuff when the road starts climbing and if you have gone too fast here you will regret it!! The second mile is all single track or open mountain and the descent this year was nice and wet. The final downhill mile on road should be easy, handy running. Alack with wobbly legs and the church spire at the finish not seeming to get any closer you begin to wonder if there is a moving statue inside and that the statue is moving the whole building! The end eventually comes and for such a short sharp outing it’s a real hurt show for the legs. Thanks to Jeremy and all the volunteers cheering encouragement as having those farm gates open on the way up and way down makes all the difference. Congrats to all the finishers and to Nick and Carol for the wins, there are no prizes for making it look easy!
Robert CunninghamMar 19 2023, 9:30pmYes great to be back racing up Claragh again. Thanks to Jeremy and all the volunteers for a great race. Hope it's back next year.
Brian FlannellyMar 20 2023, 7:59amResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie