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Lillian DeeganFeb 24 2023, 5:38pmThis event will now form part of the ultra championships for 2023. With the IUC league link updated (thanks Rich) to show 6 events for this year, we’ll have a score of 4 to count at year end.

Happy event planning to all ‘23 IUC hopefuls :)

Greg ByrneMay 17 2023, 8:44pmEntries for the 2023 Glendalough Tucker Trail 80km race are now open. Race start 7am on Saturday 01 July 2023.

Entries close Sunday 11 June 2023.
Greg ByrneJun 5 2023, 9:56pmEntries for the Glendalough Tucker Trail 80km will close next Sunday, 11 June
Eamonn HodgeJun 7 2023, 11:19amThis is the best race going. I've never felt so looked after during a race. Fruit and jellies and water and Coke being offered at every checkpoint. Dedicated first aid care applying plasters to my feet (thanks Lilian!). The design of the race means you're able to drop out after 25k or 55k or continue on for the full 80k. A great introduction to Ultra running.

Not gonna lie, the last 25k to Glenmalure and back were tough!
Steven PettigrewJun 8 2023, 3:00pmI agree with Eamonn. First time I went over the marathon distance.was with this race last year and it's Ideal for anyone looking to step into ultra running as you're never too far away from the base.

The forums were great as well with Avril giving a ton of advice.
Greg ByrneJun 9 2023, 9:42pmEntries for the Glendalough Tucker Trail 80km will close this Sunday, 11 June
Greg ByrneJun 11 2023, 6:31amEntries for the Glendalough Tucker Trail 80km will close TODAY.
Seán MeehanJun 12 2023, 10:34amI forgot to book on and was looking forward to itis there any chance of late entries
James TuckerJun 12 2023, 8:33pmHi Seán, sorry you missed the entry window. Unfortunately we can't open back up for late entries. If you'd like there are still some volunteering slots available but I'm afraid that's the only involvement I can offer you in this year's race.

Hopefully we'll see you on the start line again next year.
Seán MeehanJun 12 2023, 8:41pmThat's no problem thanks anyways hope the day goes well
James TuckerJun 24 2023, 10:32pmGlendalough Tucker Trail 2023 Entrants list:

Phil Behan (M40)
Luke Boland (M35)
Laura Burns (F45)
Colin Casey (M45)
Sarah Clarke (F40)
Patrick Collins (M35)
Damian Conway (M)
Liam Costello (M50)
Ronan Croke (M40)
Ray Cullen (M45)
Didier da Costa (M50)
Gavin Doherty (M50)
Ross Donovan (M35)
Michael Dowling (M40)
Alan Doyle (M35)
Colin Doyle (M40)
David Fagan (M55)
Adolfo Garcia (M45)
Stefan Hamilton (M40)
James Heggie (M50)
Paul Higgins (M50)
Eamonn Hodge (M40)
Denis Hogan (M40)
Donatas Jocius (M35)
Orenczuk Kamil (M40)
Eoin Keith (M55)
Kevin Kelly (M45)
Paul Kelly (M45)
Julian Kennedy (M40)
Gerard Keogh (M40)
Alex Kirwan (M40)
Keith Lane (M45)
Thomas Lawler (M50)
Eoin Mac Mahon (M35)
Stephen Mangan (M35)
Ciaran McAleenan (M60)
Imogen McGuinness (F40)
Declan McInerney (M45)
Nicki McPeak (M45)
John Garry Moore (M45)
Richard Moriarty (M45)
Paul Nesbitt (M40)
Richard Nunan (M50)
Oisín O Briain (M45)
Derry O Neill (M40)
Brian O'Grady (M55)
Shane O'Neill (M40)
Ron Peacock (M45)
Rob Priestman (M45)
Becky Quinn (F45)
Warren Redmond (M35)
Marek Wojnarowski (M50)

A Zoom invite for race briefing on Tuesday @ 8:30pm has been sent to all on the confirmed entrants list above. If you are on this list and haven't received this invite and would like to attend please let me know the email address you would like the link sent to.

Hope the training has gone well and you're all looking forward to next Saturday!
Brendan LawlorJun 28 2023, 10:09amHi James and Greg

Do you need any more volunteers for Saturday ? I can do an early shift if needed
Stefan HamiltonJun 29 2023, 12:11pmHi James and Greg, what time is race registration starting?
James TuckerJun 29 2023, 1:11pmThe carpark will be open for 6am and we hope to have race registration open by 6:10am.
Eoin KeithJun 29 2023, 1:18pmHi All,

Lift Request! If anyone is heading down to this race on Saturday morning that would be able to give me a lift I would greatly appreciate it. I live in the Lamb's Cross area (Sandyford/Stepaside), and can get to the Sandyford M50 junction easily if that works.


Stefan HamiltonJun 29 2023, 2:30pmthanks James
Greg ByrneJun 30 2023, 12:41pmTracker link for the Tucker Trail 80k tomorrow:
Damian ConwayJun 30 2023, 2:00pmHi, last Imra race I did was Maurice Mullins and someone mistakenly took my race number. Do I need to purchase one ahead of tomorrow or will there be one there for me?
Adolfo GarciaJun 30 2023, 2:48pmHello James and Greg, I'm sick so won't be attending to the race. Have all a great race day!
Orenczuk KamilJun 30 2023, 5:11pmHi Eoin, did you get your lift sorted? did you get your lift sorted? could give you a lift on the way to the race, not sure about the return, ping me on 0851047471
James TuckerJun 30 2023, 5:40pmHi Damian, the race number you used at the Ballyhoura Trail Ultra (the last race listed in your results) should be sufficient for tomorrow. Or if you don't have this one anymore then unfortunately yes you will have to purchase a replacement for tomorrow.
Eoin KeithJun 30 2023, 5:51pmThanks Orenczuk, I did get sorted earlier. Thanks for offering. See you in Glendalough tomorrow!
Damian ConwayJun 30 2023, 7:22pmHi James,

No worries, have purchased a new number.

Phil behanJul 1 2023, 10:09pmA huge thanks to James, Greg, Lillian, Brendan and all the amazing volunteers at the aid stations at todays race. This event just keeps on getting better. Well done for all who gave their time so we could run around the laps ! Thanks again it’s very much appreciated.
Richard MoriartyJul 2 2023, 4:57pmA day that had everything

Many thanks to James, Lillian and all the organisers and volunteers who made the transitions so smooth and thanks to all the runners who passed by on the out & backs with various words of encouragement

The feeling of accomplishment outweighs the sore legs
Eoin Mac MahonJul 3 2023, 1:14pmThanks to all the volunteers, this is a great race.
Julian KennedyJul 9 2023, 5:01pmHi, really enjoyed the race last week and the help and support from the volunteers. Just wondering if the results will be posted?