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Colin CampbellFeb 20 2023, 5:48pmHello. Would anyone know how to add a club to the listings on here? I want to add Cromane Tri Club to the list on this site. Thanks in advance for any help. Colin
Michael McSweeneyFeb 20 2023, 7:26pmHi Colin,
There was a post about this earlier this year.

"Hi All

Just a quick FYI regarding adding new clubs to the clubs list.

It was decided by the committee last year that any new club requesting membership, should be a registered AAI club. This decision was based on the number of random running groups being requested. This will take effect from now, the 2023 year.

Existing club listings will remain for historical reasons, but any new requests going forward must include a ling to the club's AAI listing and membership no.

Also, all new club requests must be send through to Any club appearing in the list that does not follow these procedures in the future will be removed.

Colin CampbellFeb 21 2023, 12:24pmThanks for that Michael. I’ll check that out