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Race Marker Training

Peter O'FarrellFeb 7 2023, 2:23pmIMRA is organising Race Marker Training on Wednesday the 29th March.

Venue = Killiney Hill
Time = 6pm start, to finish before 8pm.
Trainer = Peter O'Farrell

There's no cost, the hope and expectation is that participarts will be happy to take on race marking for an upcoming race and use this training to ensure a standardised method of marking a course.

Some physical activity will be required during the training as we will jog and mark the route of the KIlliney Hill relay course after a short talk on the approach to take.

The number of places is limited. If interested please email me at peterofarrells at gmail dot com . If the number of places becomes full anyone after that will go on a list, which will be managed by email.
Peter O'FarrellMar 14 2023, 11:30amThanks to those who have signed up for the race marker training. There's room for plenty more if you are interested in attending.

The race marking guidelines and a one page race marking poster are available (as downloadable PDF's) on the volunteering tab in the race marker section

At the recent Trooperstown race the race marker there (Rene Borg) put in about 4 hours on the hill between one recce the week before to check the course for fallen trees and then 2 marking sessions - on the evening before and the morning of the race. He also chatted with his race director about improvements or alterations to the route to add new twists to an old favourite.
Now not all race marking duties are the same but this gives a flavour of one stalwart's approach.
All this and more will be discussed on the 29th March.

I'll send out a map of the proposed course to all interested a week before the event and we can chat about what might be needed, if this was a real course.
Which it will be, the following week!

Peter O'FarrellMar 22 2023, 9:44amI have sent out an email to those who got back to me about the race marker training.

If you didn't get the email or if you would like to join on the evening please either respond here or email me at peterofarrells at gmail dot com

There's plenty of room for more folk to join. 6pm at Killiney Hill till about 8pm, or sooner depending on the amount of junctions to mark.