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IMRA Expenses 2023

Stuart ScottFeb 3 2023, 4:20pmHi all,

I've finally gotten my feet under the table now and all outstanding expenses should now have been reimbursed (some may take a few days to process). If you're still awaiting payment, please let me know directly at treasurer A-T imra DO-T ie.

Many thanks to Lillian for all her help as well.

Stuart ScottMar 3 2023, 11:16amTo anyone submitting expenses and invoices for reimbursement\payment:

Please ensure the recipient's IBAN and EIRCODE are both included on the claim form or invoice, even if you think we have them already. This will greatly help the payment process and avoid delays (to you, and to others!).

We're in the process of implementing a new expense system but for now, I'd appreciate if you could comply with this as I'm finding it hard enough to find time to process everything as it is!

Many thanks,

2023 Treasurer
Stuart ScottJul 18 2023, 12:08pm*** NEW EXPENSE AND INVOICE SYSTEM ***

To all RDs and anyone submitting expenses for payment, I'm delighted to announce that we have a new IT system in place. This can be accessed via MyIMRA and the 'Expense Claims' link on the top bar.

This system allows you to submit claims, attach receipts and track the progress of your claim. On the admin side, the system will greatly improve the efficiency of the payment process. While IMRA's policy will remain at 30 days to complete payments, I hope that the time saved will allow me to speed this up considerably.

Please use this system for submitting expense claims and third party invoices for payment *from now on*. Expenses submitted via email may be severely delayed.

The new expense form can be used to submit requests for reimbursement of unused race vouchers. We will be posting some additional information about this process in the next few days, covering the deadline for receipt of applications for this particular request for reimbursement. We will also confirm the nominated charity for anyone who wishes to donate the value of their unused race vouchers instead.

In respect of data retention, IBANs are automatically deleted once the payment is approved. However, receipts continue to be retained for six years for audit purposes. These are kept in a dedicated repository.

If you've any questions on how the system works, if you'd like a walkthrough or if you can suggest any improvements, please contact me at treasurer A-T imra D-OT ie.

Finally, I'd like to thank our webmaster Eoin Keith for the huge amount of work he's put into getting this system off the ground. It really is a world-class system. I had looked into third party systems but the costs were prohibitive, they were hard to set up and did not really suit our needs. I'd also like to thank the IT team of Kevin, Pol, Conor and Richard for their advice and help with the testing process.

IMRA Treasurer

P.S. Before the question is asked, the next item on Eoin's agenda is the volunteering request from the AGM. I make no excuses for jumping the queue! But the volunteering request remains the highest priority.
Brendan LawlorJul 18 2023, 12:55pmWell done Stuart and Eoin, it looks great and will really streamline things for RD's and for yourselves
Barry O'NeillJul 18 2023, 1:00pmWould I be correct in saying that anyone who has any claims submitted before today need not do anything further?
Stuart ScottJul 18 2023, 1:13pmHi Barry, yes that's correct. Anyone who's emailed me before today is in the queue already (and I can confirm I received your emails ok). Two of the benefits of the new system is that a) the claimant has full visibility of the refund process so they know their claim has been received and b) I should have more time to respond to emails without delaying existing payments even further!
Barry O'NeillJul 18 2023, 1:22pmThanks Stuart
Stuart ScottJul 19 2023, 12:13pmHi all,

Just a reminder, don't forget to hit SUBMIT after you set up your expense or voucher claim. If you don't, your claim will remain in draft status and will not be processed.

You can review your claims by logging into MyIMRA and make changes while still in draft status. Once you hit submit, you will be unable to make further changes. At this point, you will receive an automated email confirming that your claim has been received.

Stuart ScottOct 24 2023, 9:27pmHi all,

If you have any outstanding amounts to claim from IMRA, can you please get them in ASAP and before the 31st at the latest as this is the end of the financial year. All invoices\expenses received on or before this date will be reimbursed in full once approved.

Please continue to use the online Expense Claims System (link in MyIMRA) to submit claims or third party invoices. You can check the status of your claim by logging into the Expense Claims system - once it's submitted and not in draft status, I will process it in due course.

The voucher refund scheme has now closed. Reimbursements have yet to be processed but again, you can check on the status of your claim \ donation via the Expense System.

Jeff SwordsOct 25 2023, 1:49pmHi Stuart,

Are they being processed in bulk? I've one dated the 1st of August with a status of submitted and got the claim received email at the time.
Stuart ScottOct 25 2023, 3:16pmHi Jeff,

Yes the voucher refunds will be processed in bulk and/or as time allows. I aim to pay expense claims and invoices within 30 days of receipt (though I still have a few from September to get through).

Jeff SwordsOct 25 2023, 3:44pmCheers Stuart, I'm in no hurry for it, I was just wondering if I had made a mess of the expense.
Stuart ScottOct 31 2023, 6:25pmHi all,

All expense claims for this race year have now been paid, except for the voucher refunds which will follow later. If you're still awaiting something and haven't received confirmation from me, please make sure you submit it before midnight. Trick or treat!