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Conor MurphyFeb 2 2023, 5:13pmThe Seven Sisters and the IMRA Skyline were both nominated in Outsider Magazine's event of the year.  The organisers of the former asked for votes on the unofficial IMRA Facebook page.  And good luck to them, it's a business, I can understand why they wanted the award and the PR.  But in effect the unofficial IMRA page was used to canvass for votes against an IMRA event.  Last year on this forum the Ecotrail sought volunteers for their race which was on the same day as IMRA races in Aherlow.  Again, good luck to them.  And I appreciate it's up to the admin and mods here and on the FB group to decide if that's appropriate or not, they do the work, they call the shots.  But the Fell Running UK page, which is also independent of their Association, do not allow any "actively commercial post" and say they "will not accept adverts from commercial companies, road races or mud runs". Which strikes me as pretty sensible. Maybe it's time this was considered?
Eoin Mac MahonFeb 2 2023, 7:22pmIs it not an unwritten rule ?
Mícheál O'MullainFeb 2 2023, 7:34pmI’d be fully supportive of such a move. It makes total sense. Good luck to the commercial enterprises but there is a huge difference between a volunteer running community and commercial enterprises.

IMRA run a huge variety of races for nominal sums and it’s all volunteer led. We have fantastic people in Munster keeping the show on the road and I have no doubt it’s the same in other provinces.

Not only do IMRA volunteers not make any money in fact they often end up losing it on certain events.

It’s a personal thing but I am not a fan of commercial events on mountains anyway. I can’t speak for the two events you mentioned but you will always find people willing to pay so they can get some Mickey Mouse medal or plaque at some event or other and that goes for road races as well.

As I say good luck to them they are running businesses but in my view they should not be afforded the forum on IMRA