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Calendar changes 2023

Lillian DeeganFeb 1 2023, 7:29pmHi all,
I’m on to follow up on a few odd calendar queries as we wrap on the last of this year’s calendar bedding in period. With ref. to -
- the following changes have been agreed with committee and a number of various race directors.

1. Fox's Rock & Slieve Foye w/e moves to the 1st w/e in Sept. Sat. 2nd & 3rd resp.
2. WW Relay moves to June 10th.
3. The GTT is back in for July 1st.
4. The Glaciers date has the usual Relay tie-in for Apr. 24th.
5. Slieve Bloom races x3 provisionally in for June 24th.
6. Nav. Challenge 1 moves to Oct. 1st.
7. SEL - Dysart Woods moves to Apr. 30th
8. SEL - Fort Mountain moves to March 12th.
9. We will have a new N.W. League this year. It will have 5 events similar to the SE League. Final dates to firm up for publishing.
10. And it's the best for last - with the above moves needed- the Stone Cross Solo & Relay is now back in for Sat. Sept. 16th as a standalone event.

As soon as Conor has time, he will get the above amendments done on the website calendar.

Alice ClancyFeb 2 2023, 8:47amWoop! Delighted about no. 10!!! ;-)
Thanks Lillian, and committee, we've a great year of racing ahead!
Laura FlynnFeb 2 2023, 11:19amThanks Lillian and to the rest of the committee for putting this year’s calendar together…. never an easy task.
Exiting to see a North-West League. We might get you all up for a weekend in Donegal yet!!
Andrew HanneyFeb 3 2023, 8:13amThanks very much for those changes. Really appreciate the work involved.
Anne-Marie FlahertyFeb 3 2023, 10:42amWe're all really looking forward to the NW League, Turlough and his crew have put a lot of work in to planning for this year.

Hopefully we'll get a couple of races in Donegal, Roscommon and Leitrim next year! There's a lot of potential up here :)
Phil behanFeb 3 2023, 12:31pmBrilliant to see Stone Cross to Lug getting back in the mix. I suspect Jarlath might be the mastermind behind the genius plan to get it back on the calander.