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Paul Tierney (Tipp)Jan 23 2023, 11:52amHi All,
Apologies if I'm going back over old ground here or missing a post. I'm wondering if there's any kids races planned alongside any of the calendar events this year? I'm hoping to bring our two small ones along to a few races and get them involved a bit but I don't know if there's any races that have that kind of thing planned in? If anyone has any info on it please let me know, or if I've missed detail in plain sight just direct me to it!
Elizabeth WheelerJan 23 2023, 12:08pmHi Paul,
I hope you are keeping well.
Here is a reminder of the age group categories for the junior races:

The following changes to Juniors Age Categories and Race Distances have been approved by the IMRA committee:

1. Minimum age* for take part in an IMRA race: 6

2. Juniors under the age of 10 must be accompanied on the race
route by a guardian or parent

3. Age classes/race distances: [X to be taken as M/F]

• Under 10 [6-9] – accompanied on the course by
parent/guardian [XAJ] – distances up to 5k
• Under 14 – [10-13] X14 – distances up to 5k
• Under 16 – [14-15] X16 – distances up to 7k
• Under 18 – [16-17] X18 – distances up to 10k

Over 18 – [18 – 34] – Adult runner – not included in the junior’s category – can run full race distances

*Age – the age the runner is by the 31st December of the relevant year is the applicable age for races during that year


I am not sure what age your little ones are but they cannot race if under 6 and must be accompanied if under 10.

The event details for each race will stipulate whether there is a junior course or not. Quite a few of the races do, like Howth Winter coming up.

Hope that helps.
Paul Tierney (Tipp)Jan 23 2023, 12:28pmHi Elizabeth,
Thanks a million for the detail, I've an 8 year old and another turning 6 in a few months so that's great they'll have options to get introduced to it. I see now the Bansha Woods race has a junior course so that could be perfect as a first day out for our 8 year old. I see they've to be accompanied, which is ideal, but am I allowed to break clear towards the end of the race and try and get on the podium??

Paul :)
Damien McDonnellJan 23 2023, 12:37pmHi Paul, Glengarra woods trail thus Sunday comming have kids races, and i will have have kids races in Craig woods on April 2nd.
Walsh RowanJan 23 2023, 12:45pm@Paul you only get the glory of the podium and the tears of the vanquished as your reward, you won't qualify for the slab of beer for the winner.
Elizabeth WheelerJan 23 2023, 2:35pmDamien,
Just to reiterate the importance of adhering to the age categories and distances for all juniors over the ago of 6 as set out by the Committee. They also should be signed up members of IMRA in order to race and all junior times/results should be recorded.
Robbie WilliamsJan 23 2023, 9:59pmHi Paul , Almost all of the coillte Winter Spring and also the Coillte Summer Autumn races have a regular, short course (under 5km) and Kiddies (u10s accompanied) where they will usually get a lollipop and maybe a medal too

Then they can watch dad run !
Effie PowerJan 23 2023, 11:39pmHi, l registered my 12 year old daughter last year, just paying this year's membership fees and it's not giving me the junior membership option?
Robbie WilliamsJan 24 2023, 6:34amThe junior status will self select depending on the age
This also sets the price, ie €7 race becomes €5 for junior (u16)
Karl BourneJan 24 2023, 1:09pmHi there, am currently trying to purchase a junior membership and it seems that the price is defaulting to 10 euro. Whilst this is still a bargain am I right in thinking it should be 5 euro for an under 10? If so I don't see a junior option anywhere and I don't see it recalculating unless it does then on the payments screen? Cheers, Karl
Eoin KeithJan 24 2023, 1:26pmHi Karl,

It looks like the discounted price for the annual membership was not set up correctly. I think I've got that corrected now so please have a go again. Let me know if you continue to have problems.
Karl BourneJan 24 2023, 1:46pmThanks Eoin - just checked again there and that's all sorted now. Discounted price is appearing correctly. Cheers!
John Murphy74Jan 24 2023, 1:50pmDo I need to create seperate profiles for my kids if I want to purchase membership for them?
Sean ForsythJan 24 2023, 3:05pmHi John,

The topic below should help with registration

Best regards