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Nagles Half-Marathon

dominik chechelskiJan 20 2023, 8:54pmAnyone have gpx of these routes, many thanks
Joan RyanJan 21 2023, 12:02pmHi Dominik. On the event page scroll to the Route Description. There's a map there. If you click the play button on the bottom left of the map a menu will appear on the top right of this map box. Dropdown menu there to allow you to download the gpx. Regards, Joan
Cillian McCabeFeb 23 2023, 11:12amHi folks, any possibility of a late entry for this one please - couple of buddies signed up and I unfortunately missed the deadline!!!
Eoin OSheaFeb 23 2023, 7:43pmHi,
I'm the same as Cillian and looking for an entry to the Half if possible. I had some issues registering and by the time I had them fixed the closing date had passed.
I haven't done this race before and have some friends doing it that I'd like to tag along with.

Ger DonaghueFeb 24 2023, 10:52amGood morning

Looking for a late entry also if possible please.


derek walshFeb 24 2023, 10:36pmLads,
We will probably open registration again for a short period in the next day or so. Please keep an eye on the race forum as we will post the info there about the new reg deadline. Please note that the race t-shirts have already been ordered so you will not be entitled to one if you register beyond the old closing date.

Cillian McCabeFeb 24 2023, 10:50pmSuper job thanks Derek
Ger DonaghueFeb 25 2023, 9:54amSound for that.
Joan RyanFeb 25 2023, 6:17pmEntry has been opened now for 24hrs - 6pm today to 6pm tomorrow. This is the last chance to enter the race. T-shirts will not be given to anyone entering now as they have already been ordered.
Aine HuttonMar 1 2023, 9:02pmAny chance of a late entry
Aine HuttonMar 1 2023, 9:03pmI'm coming from Carlow with friends with 2 entries
derek walshMar 2 2023, 9:14pmNo Aine,
We already reopened entry for 24hrs recently and are not planning to do so again.
Derek Walsh,
Race Director.
Aidan O'DonoghueMar 4 2023, 6:01pmHi will there be water available along the route?
derek walshMar 6 2023, 6:34amThere will be aid stations on the full and half routes but runners are expected to carry their own food/water to last them on the race.
Laurène MotteMar 6 2023, 12:58pmHello,
Is anyone going there from Cork? Or is there any means of transport to go there ?

derek walshMar 6 2023, 1:26pmAine,
Regarding your request for entry, please contact me directly via email if you still intend traveling to race with your friends. My email is on the race event page
conor oneillMar 6 2023, 6:00pmLaurene - I am driving from cork if you need a spin
Mike WalkerMar 7 2023, 6:36pmI registered for this event but unfortunately will no longer be running in it. Thank you & enjoy
Aine HuttonMar 7 2023, 8:37pmSorry dereck I can't seem to find your email can I send you mine
Aine HuttonMar 8 2023, 1:59pmDerek Walsh I can't find your email I will take the entry please
Joan RyanMar 8 2023, 4:23pmThe mandatory kit has been updated for the half marathon: Rain jacket, fully charged mobile phone (with RD numbers), Foil blanket, hat, buff, gloves. You must have these at reg and for race duration. Some exposed areas on the route are bitterly cold.

INSTA-COFFEE (coffee trailer) will be at GAA hall for reg and for finish.
Jordan KeeganMar 8 2023, 7:08pmCould I get RD number ? Thanks
Laurène MotteMar 8 2023, 9:34pmConor- could you contact me at +33789605075 please ?
Colin CampbellMar 10 2023, 8:32pmWhat time should we be there for registration in the morning? Thanks
Robert CunninghamMar 11 2023, 7:43pmWhat a great race today, condition's were tough but it was very enjoyable. Thanks to Derek and all those who volunteered today. Very well organized event and perfectly marked course.
Brian FlannellyMar 12 2023, 10:45amResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Patrick KissaneMar 12 2023, 11:19amHi, my number is 161, I assume thats meant to be me in 24th place. My time was 2:18.
Ian HarrisonMar 12 2023, 12:12pmThanks to Derek and all the organisers & volunteers for a great race.
Any chance of getting the finish line pictures uploaded here? Or are they put up somewhere else?
Rene BorgMar 13 2023, 9:19amMight need to do a quick check of the results - it appears Andrew Fairbrother was running in this race at the exact same time he was finishing 2nd at Trooperstown in Leinster. Unless there's some quantum mechanics going on, I suspect there was an error there.
Barry WalshMar 13 2023, 9:22amThanks to Derek and the team of volunteers for a great event - a tough morning out by anyone's standards, had it all and all at once at times.
Tim MurphyMar 13 2023, 9:53amHi Rene. I may have also been missed. My no was 1231. I finished roughly 104th! Happy days.

Also just to follow up on previous comments about the day. It was my first event and I thought it was the most enjoyable day out I ve had in many years. Brilliantly organised. The course was pure torture and certainly not where I walk my dog. Well done to you all involved in making the day happen!! Brilliant!
Kastytis BereznocenkoMar 13 2023, 1:00pmHi lads,

checked / updated and submitted the results for upload. Please allow some time to reflect on the site. Apparently running in 2 parallel races is not permitted yet - as per Rene - quantum physics issues :)
Laurène MotteMar 13 2023, 3:21pmHi,
I can’t see my result, I was 1698
Michael McSweeneyMar 13 2023, 3:31pmKas
"Apparently running in 2 parallel races is not permitted yet - as per Rene - quantum physics issues :)"
Is that not discriminating against runners from other dimensions who possess the advanced technology to enable this?
Kastytis BereznocenkoMar 13 2023, 4:04pmLauréne,
would you know your finish time approx. please?
I have 1695 scribbled/scratched on the sheets but fairly sure this should be 1698.
Kastytis BereznocenkoMar 13 2023, 4:08pmMicheal,
Is that not discriminating against runners from other dimensions .....?
We are struggling to record one dimensional "unchipped" humans at the finish line. Me thinks we will have to use the speed camera technology :)
Conor O'FarrellMar 13 2023, 5:24pm@Kas

A little tip for you that I've learned over the years of results queries. Reg list or will give you extra info on possible scribble issues at the finish line.

The beauty of online entries is being able to look quickly through a legible list to narrow down who was there or not. ;-)

Fair play getting the results together so quickly without a chip/timing system. It gets more difficult with these larger races.

Laurène MotteMar 13 2023, 5:45pmKas- It took me around 3hours
Michael McSweeneyMar 13 2023, 8:26pmWikipedia can't be wrong;
Pio was believed by his followers to have the gift of bilocation, the ability to be in two places at the same time. There were many accounts of people claiming to have seen Pio all over the world throughout his life, whereas it is well documented that he never left San Giovanni Rotondo from 1918 until his death.

Pio himself reported to have experienced a bilocation in 1905, when he was a young Capuchin student. In a letter sent to his spiritual director, he explained that he was in the choir with another friar when he suddenly found himself far away in a house, where he witnessed a father dying while his wife was delivering a baby girl, then he found himself back in the choir.

When bishop Raffaele Rossi asked him about bilocation as part of a Vatican inquiry, Pio replied: "I don't know how it is or the nature of this phenomenon—and I certainly don't give it much thought—but it did happen to me to be in the presence of this or that person, to be in this or that place; I do not know whether my mind was transported there, or what I saw was some sort of representation of the place or the person; I do not know whether I was there with my body or without it."[35][36]
Kastytis BereznocenkoMar 14 2023, 9:07amMicheal,

the accounts of Pio are certainly providing some food for thought. See - he was unsure if he was in another place with his body or not... Anyway - as per Conor O'Farrell suggestion - registration list to be used to tally up they won't break Heisenberg uncertainty principle.......this forum needs to be closed :)
Colette O' DonoghueMar 14 2023, 10:55pmCouple of Finish Line photos now uploaded.
Apologies that I didn't manage to get too many.