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Tree Planting -Carbon offset

Angela FlynnJan 19 2023, 8:50pmQ:So when is the best time to plant a tree? A: 20 years ago..Q: So, when is the second best time to plant a tree ? A: Sunday, 29th January at -
looking for around 20/25 volunteers from IMRA - all the details are on the event page. Please support. Angela
Lillian DeeganJan 19 2023, 9:16pmFair dues Ange. That post has given me a grand little end of day giggle. I hope to be there all going to plan. And thanks for the continued drive to get the trees planted too.
Miriam MaherJan 20 2023, 9:49amLooking forward to this Angela! Thanks for organising.
Andrew HanneyJan 20 2023, 12:26pmam on the list. See ya there.
Dave DochertyJan 20 2023, 1:05pmAfraid I'm busy. Great work Ange!
John CondonJan 20 2023, 6:29pmI'll see you there Ange.
Alice ClancyJan 20 2023, 9:20pmGreat stuff Ange! This will be a lot of fun!
Anne HodgeJan 22 2023, 6:45pmGreat idea Angela. See you there!
James HeggieJan 27 2023, 7:45pmDo we have to register for the tree planting or just turn up and do the run at 9am? I haven’t seen the event go live for entering.?
John BellJan 28 2023, 7:25pmJames, you can volunteer on the event page. Otherwise I'd say just turn up in the morning.
Angela FlynnJan 28 2023, 9:16pmLooking forward to seeing you all tomorrow, and thank you again for your support. Don't forge your spades - not shovel). Car pooling from Ballinstoe is essential as there is room for 7 cars max at the farm- will there be cake asked the mole? yes..said the boy..
Joseph BoyleFeb 27 2023, 2:51pmI just noticed when purchasing the Wicklow Way Half, that the carbon offset option isn't available in the Shop.