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Dillon RyanJan 13 2023, 9:31amHi guys,

I purchased a ticket for the Ultra X Light (70km) but I want to swap it for the Ultra X (175km). Do DMRT do refunds or swaps? Id be going up so will pay the balance. Just trying to figure out the best way logistically.

Secondly, on the UTMB index race list, it shows the 175km Ultra X event, but also a DMRT Ultra X 23 (130km) event. Is this a typo? as its not on the actual event page.

Conor MurphyJan 13 2023, 10:19amThis is the Irish Mountain Running Association forum.

Don't think they're IMRA races. Think DMRT has a Facebook page though.
Dillon RyanJan 13 2023, 10:38amHi Conor,

Yes but the event is being hosted and organised by DMRC, maybe there may be someone who could help me on this?
Graham K. BusheJan 13 2023, 10:50amHi Dillon, you might have some luck here?
Dillon RyanJan 13 2023, 11:09amHi Graham, Thanks Ill try that. I have emailed there before a couple times and never received a response back.Not sure if its manned? Will try again. Do you know if many participants take part in the long one? Its part of the UTMB index for the 100m category so im hoping to get this one done, do a running stone event elsewhere and enter the lottery for 2024 come Jan. All very confusing lol
Robert WarmanJan 13 2023, 12:04pmHi Dillon,
I’ll forward this onto the RD. Hopefully they have your details already and will be in touch shortly.
Dillon RyanJan 13 2023, 2:03pmThanks Rob,

Noel rang me should be all sorted.