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Reeks Skyline (pre-entry approval required)

Kate FlynnJan 11 2023, 3:21pmDelighted to be informed that Reeks Skyline has been nominated for the event of the year.
Vote on the link below :
Conor MurphyJan 11 2023, 5:42pmI did get a laugh out of a post on the IMRA Facebook group asking people to vote for a non IMRA race on that list!

I appreciate the Facebook group is unofficial but still...
Mícheál O'MullainJan 11 2023, 6:13pmI saw that Conor. Some brass neck
conor keaneJan 22 2023, 8:12pmCan I ask what the requirements to be considered for entry to this race? Any advice or guidance would be appreciated. Regards. Conor Keane
Michael McSweeneyJan 22 2023, 8:32pmHi Conor,
I've copied the details from the 2019 race, to give you an idea of what Robbie is looking for as regards entry requirements.
Hope this helps,

Race numbers will be limited for safety reasons. Runners should have suitable experience over such terrain. Interested runners should send an email with suitable race history in high level technical terrain events to: robbie.williams at imra dot ie Entrants will be invited from this list only, will not be advertised on general forum. Race Directors decision is final. Route involves exposure to high altitude with disappearing paths, narrow ledges and sudden drops. Runners will have to have history in same. The route consists of Grade 1 & 2 scrambles. Carrauntohill Irish Championship would act as an entry level qualifier, but it will still be more technical than this. Runners will be picked with the most technical races being priority. Trail runs regardless of distance would not. It is strongly advised to recce the route.!!!! Mandatory Kit: Full waterproofs jacket & pants waterproof & taped seams. Mobile phone charged Foil blanket Whistle Map & Compass (GPS ALLOWED) Food & Drink Gloves Race Trackers will be provided and will be live."
conor keaneJan 22 2023, 9:37pmMichael, that's excellent. Thank you for that. I'll email Robbie.
Pierre OLIVIERApr 27 2023, 8:55pmGood evening,
Would anyone know when we would get detailed info on this race and when we will get entry-approval ?
Thank you,
Eoin Mac MahonApr 28 2023, 5:51pm

That's the details from last year, I'd say it's the same probably.
Eamonn HodgeJun 2 2023, 11:18amGot a bounce back from robbie at IMRA email address. Is there a different email address I should be using?
Robbie WilliamsJun 2 2023, 11:24amrobbie dot williams at imra dot ie
Damien HarnettJun 2 2023, 11:43amMorning
would anyone here have a GPX for the eastern reeks, hoping to do recce to qualify for entry
Eamonn HodgeJun 2 2023, 1:16pmThanks Robbie
Rónán Davison-KernanJun 21 2023, 10:57pmEmailed last Monday for approval but haven't heard back - just checking if that was received?
Robbie WilliamsJun 22 2023, 3:02pmLads check if ye sent it to the right email as above on thread

Anyone I get I respond to usually in thar day
Billy CrowleyJul 9 2023, 10:29amIv also sent an email and got no reply
Billy CrowleyJul 9 2023, 12:52pmFor reference I emailed please advise if this is not the correct email
Andrew CoghlanJul 10 2023, 6:58pmI'm just looking at the early indications for weather on Saturday. It certainly won't be a 2022 scorcher. Is there a provisional bad weather route if conditions are considered too extreme over Big Gun?
Robbie WilliamsJul 13 2023, 12:30pmThis race is closed tonight at 6pm

There will be no entries after that

Please enter by 6pm if you need to
Piotr BergelJul 13 2023, 5:48pmHi Robbie, did you get my email? I have no replies.
Robbie WilliamsJul 13 2023, 9:23pmi dont have any
Piotr BergelJul 14 2023, 7:55amRobbie, I sended my approval email to, any other way to contact you?
Maike JürgensJul 14 2023, 9:20amfor those of us sitting on warm cosy sofas is there a link for dot watching? thanks
Ronan CosgraveJul 14 2023, 9:43amHi Robbie,

Just wondering at the moment is it likely the bad weather route still go ahead
with the weather as is forecast? Want to weigh up whether to travel or not as coming from Laois.


Kristen O'SullivanJul 14 2023, 10:04amHi Ronan
If it makes any difference to you trying to decide, you don’t lose much in terms of distance/elevation if you have to do the bad weather route. It’s still over 2000 mtrs climbing and 23km distance I think..
Ronan CosgraveJul 14 2023, 10:22amThanks Kristen. I actually meant will the bad weather route
definitely go ahead as option B with the weather as is ie. Could race be cancelled.
Kristen O'SullivanJul 14 2023, 10:34amAh right, sorry!
Robbie WilliamsJul 14 2023, 11:51amLads cannot make a call until this eve I’m afraid
Robbie WilliamsJul 14 2023, 6:40pmEmail going to all entrants shortly.


1. Start time 11am now

2. Updated kit

3. Route change avoids the eastern reeks

4. New cut offs in place

Thank you
Mike O' SullivanJul 14 2023, 8:05pmHi, has email been sent yet,, haven't received
Daryl MossopJul 14 2023, 8:16pmReceived 20:08.

Cheers for update. Don't suppose there's an early start option? Have a wedding to attend after the race so the 11am doesn't work ..
Robbie WilliamsJul 14 2023, 8:27pmDarryl will you mail me rwpersonaltraining at hotmail dot com
Karina JoninaJul 14 2023, 9:43pmThanks for that!!

What time us registration if the start is at 11am. Surely we don't need to reg between 7.30-8.30 now?
Robbie WilliamsJul 15 2023, 12:06amAnytime from 9am to 10:30sm is perfect
Robbie WilliamsJul 15 2023,

Brian MullinsJul 15 2023, 6:32pmThanks to Robbie and all the volunteers, particularly those out on the mountain in those conditions, for a mighty outing in testing conditions. The paths were streams, the streams were rivers and the Gaddagh itself was covering the stepping stones in the Hags Glen which is always a sign we might have had a small bit of rain! The gusty wind in various locations meant all concerned had to be on their toes, and hands at times. Congrats to Conall and Ellen on the wins and to all who got around today as it was one for purists!
Seamus GlynnJul 15 2023, 8:07pmAgreed, well done Robbie and crew, tough work organising a race to the top of Ireland in those conditions. Big thank you to all the volunteers, especially those who spent hours up in the cloud to point us in the right direction!
John WilliamsJul 15 2023, 8:44pmThe volunteers up high we’re the heroes today! Thanks so much .
raymond smithJul 15 2023, 8:50pmMany thanks to Robbie and his team for organising such a great event. Huge thanks and respect to all the volunteers who waited up there in utterly miserable conditions for a long time! Overall I think the weather made it quite an experience.
Pierre OLIVIERJul 15 2023, 9:19pmYes, big shout out to all the volunteers! Was one to remember, epic! Thanks
Elaine CollinsJul 15 2023, 9:23pmJust to echo the above comments and say a big thanks to all the volunteers who braved the elements today to make sure we all got around safely, great day out!
Kevin MurdockJul 15 2023, 10:56pmThank you for race this day Robbie , and massive thanks to volunteers, must have been horrible up there for so long. The mountains today in those conditions were just magical. Many thanks
Martin MullaneJul 15 2023, 11:21pmIncredible effort to keep today on track given the conditions. The marshals are absolute heroes for braving the course. Massive thanks to everyone.
Zoltan FodorJul 16 2023, 7:58amWow. What a race. We’re still buzzing. Second time the four of us flew here from London for this and did not disappoint. Although, I thought you had a scorcher here every July 15 weekend??:) Couldn’t decide if I loved this one or last year more, despite going rather off piste on rough ground from Caher. This is what we love, running in the mountains, exposed to the elements, using all your skills to get round safely. Robbie and the marshal team behind this tho…I hope I didn’t offend anyone giving a few hugs and my leftover food to some of you. It was very grim to be standing, sitting around up there and making us all safe. A big thank you to all of you!
Brian SmythJul 16 2023, 4:58pmThanks a million to Robbie and all of the volunteers for another fantastic skyline . Fair play for all of the pre-race hard work; and making it happen in testing conditions.
For the marshals on the route to be able to endure the conditions up high on the mountain for that duration was so selfless and really impressive. I can only imagine how tough it must have been. The real heroes of the reeks yesterday for sure.

Big props to you all
Kevin LenihanJul 16 2023, 6:27pmA mighty day out on the reeks lads. Huge thanks to all the volunteers out there. The smiles and roars of encouragement from them were brilliant!
Edward CaseyJul 16 2023, 6:58pmThanks to Robbie & the volunteers on the reeks skyline it what was biblical rain & wind & Dee for sock puppet show on top of the Zigzags
Andrew CoghlanJul 16 2023, 7:51pmAdding my thanks with all the others. The real heros yesterday were the volunteers. The dedication in horrendous weather, wherever you all were on the course was inspiring. I was getting cold moving along the Bennekeragh ridge, I can't imagine the work involved in staying warm in a stationary position, encouraging the runners as we passed. Thank you Robbie, your organisation and positive attitude was immense. Claps to all.
John LynchJul 16 2023, 9:45pmWhat a festival of mountain running! Very wet and wild weather made for atmospheric Skyline race this year and it was humbling to see the marshals watching out for us as they shouted encouragement at the windiest points along the route. Thank you to everyone involved in making sure it went ahead this year.
Niall CorriganJul 17 2023, 9:33amWhat a fabulous weekend. Many thanks to Robbie and team for making it happen and to Ester and John of Cronins yard for hosting us, the spirit of Eileen and Joe lives on. Profound respect to the marshals on Saturday, hard stations indeed.
Eoin Mac MahonJul 17 2023, 11:24amThanks to Robbie and everyone involved. Do a 5 day weekend next year
Fergus GlynnJul 17 2023, 1:28pmSimply epic event. Simply epic organization on all fronts. Marshalls were the true heroes on Saturday. Saved my bacon on a few occasions. Beyond grateful to all involved. Fergus
Eimear DeeganJul 17 2023, 4:03pmThanks to Robbie & IMRA Munster for a brilliant weekend.
Conall Whelan, congrats on a great race, will you pass on my thanks to your parents for the loan of their emergency shelter on the zigzags.
Máiréad O' KeeffeJul 17 2023, 9:22pmJust to repeat everything above, thank you Robbie and all the fantastic volunteers. It was wet and windy but a brilliant day out. So many thanks everyone involved.
Brian FlannellyJul 18 2023, 6:15amResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Donatas JociusOct 17 2023, 3:55pmHello, sorry for asking but do this results will be reported to ??
As one of reasons I was running to get score in that difficult mountain competition ( I need for selection to my national team) , so idea is if it won't be reported I need run other similar difficulties race up to next march.
Please let me know .
Thanks Donatas