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Maurice Mullins 80K Ultra

Valentin AkdimJan 10 2023, 6:22pmHi everyone, how do we enter the race? Are they opening later?


Valentin Akdim
Richard NunanJan 10 2023, 6:47pmAfternoon, 1st of February we will open, thanks

Paul FlynnJan 12 2023, 1:04pmAre there any limits on numbers for the 80K?

If not, do we have any ideas as to how many are expected to enter?
Richard NunanJan 15 2023, 6:37pmHi Folks,

Following some recces and thanks to Elizabeth for todays recce, we have made some updates to the event page. We will still need to make some minor tweaks due to works, but the route will be 80km with 4,000M Climb

To answer earlier question - there isnt limits for the 80km and until Entries open it will be hard to tell how many will enter. We will give the total entry number on the 1st of March.

As this race is a qualifier for the World Championships 80km race, we have also added the Qualifying times to the events page.

Qualifying times are as follows
Male 7:15hrs Female 8:05hrs

Will do a recce of the southerly section 32km on the 28th of February. From Pier Gates to Glendalough and Back @ 9:00am

So please let me know if you want to join us.
Ricki WynneJan 15 2023, 8:55pmI’ll be there for the recce on the 28th ,thanks
Ronan O'DonnellJan 15 2023, 8:58pmHi, is there a time limit for the 80k?
Gavin ByrneJan 16 2023, 9:47pmGreat Stuff! Thanks
I'll be doing Pier gates to glendalough and back on Sunday
Kevin KellyJan 17 2023, 4:40pmWhat time you planning on heading off from Piers Gate at Gav??
Mark HeaveyJan 19 2023, 5:43pmHey Richard for the recce 32km @1100m, what sort of time you looking at on the day to cover that
Richard NunanJan 19 2023, 6:15pmI expect the 32km section times to be between 2:30 and 4:00hrs

The first cut off will be 4 Hours - which will be the Pier Gates @ 10:30am
Clare KeeleyJan 19 2023, 6:49pmHi Richard, out of interest, how come the first 32k cut off will be 4 hours when in past years the MMU 50k the cut of time for 33k has been 5 and a quater hour up to 6 hours? Clare
Mark HeaveyJan 19 2023, 7:35pmSorry Richard I was on about the recce time expected, but as you mentioned the race day 4 hours for 32km seems tight (elitist) over an 80km race considering you have 3 hours to cover 11km to crone in the 50k, I would have thought the first cutoff would be the same for both races 1 o clock at crone wood.
Richard NunanJan 19 2023, 7:35pmHi Claire,

2019 - Cutoff was at ballinastoe was 3.5 hrs. (25km)

This is a more runnable section, and we are at 4 hours as all made the above slot, but here its a good place to have a cutoff as you have your car, Drop bags and good support.

Its normal to have shorter cutoffs early in such a longer race with slightly longer cut offs as the race progresses. You have 6 hours to make 43km which is inline with previous years .

You still have the 50km option this year, and it will have an early start also - which still gives pretty descent cut offs.
Richard NunanJan 19 2023, 7:57pmRecce time on the day, expecting about 3 hrs, Elizabeth took 3 hours last week to recce.
Sarah BradyJan 20 2023, 10:25amHi! Is the recce 28 Jan or 28 Feb?
Richard NunanJan 21 2023, 3:59pmHi Sarah,

Recce, 32km from Pier gates at 9:00am , Saturday 28th Jan. Have to keep an eye on the route over next month or 2, as they keep chopping trees along the wicklow way.
Clare KeeleyJan 22 2023, 1:43pmHi Richard. I have had my calculator out!!
The 2019 MMU Ballinastoe 25k 3.5 hr cut off equates to ave 8.24 mins/pace.
I am aware that long distance races have tighter cut off at the start that become more generous as the race progresses.
I have looked back at some of the IMRA long distance races. The Glendalough Tucker , also a World Chaps Qualifier Trial Race first cut off 25k (apron 800 mts climb) in 4 hrs equated to ave 9.36 km/min pace. Wicklow Way Race north to south Crone Woods 21k in 3 hrs =8.39km/pace. Wicklow Way south to north, a very runnable section, Dying Cow 26k =8.39 km/pace.
The MMU 80k , 32 km with a sneaky 1000 + meters of climb cut off in 4 hours equates to 7.30 km pace which is just a tad hotter than the usual first cut offs, this will knock out or worse still deter runners from entering what will be a great race to be part off. It would be good to see the first cut off pushed out a little, it only needs to be 15 /20 mins to keep it in line with IMRA long distance first cut offs.
Great also to see the 50km on the same day with generous cut offs but having already done the 50k 8 times already Richard I thought I might give the 80 k a go for a change!! (if my recovering body allows!!) Clare
Paul FlynnJan 23 2023, 10:06amHaving recce'd it yesterday, I agree that 4 hours may be slightly tricky for slower runners.
Valentin AkdimJan 23 2023, 1:02pmThanks all for your information.
I am have never done that race before and I can't find a detail route online. Would is there one available?
If not would anyone be able share a Strava link or gmx that I could follow?

Best regards,

Valentin Akdim.
Valentin AkdimJan 23 2023, 1:09pmHi Richard,

I'll be there for the recce on the 28th.
Does anyone leave from Dublin to get there? I wouldn't mind sharing the car for the car for the trip if anyone is interested.


Graham K. BusheJan 23 2023, 1:26pm@ Valentin, In response to your earlier question.
This is a new race. There is no gpx yet.
It is made up of an initial 30km section (out and back) then the Maurice Mulins route with the addition of summiting Djouce twice (once each direction). I doubt there is a Strava of the full route yet.
Details of the route are on the event page.
Registration and start @
There have been a couple of recces of the southern 30km in recent days. Someone may have a link.
Valentin AkdimJan 23 2023, 2:34pmOh I missed the info that this one Wasa new race. Apologies!
Thanks Graham. I'll try and see with the description. :)
Elizabeth WheelerJan 23 2023, 2:38pm

does this work?
Graham K. BusheJan 23 2023, 2:54pmI'm not sure if this will work...
Disclaimer. I do not know where the race will turn heading south.
This is a rough guide to the route I drafted on Strava.
Richard NunanJan 23 2023, 3:37pmthanks Graham - just to highlight the route by Graham, is pretty much bang on. Expect it to be 2km shorter and 300M higher approx.

Will iron this out on Saturdays recce. But almost 100% there. Good to see a few recces done on Saturday & Sunday this weekend.

Will provide a further updates then before opening on the 1st. Thanks.
Valentin AkdimJan 24 2023, 8:40amThanks Elizabeth & Graham for the links.
Elisabeth, it seems your link open an empty route on my garmin app.
Graham, i could see it.
Thank Richard for comfirming the route.

Another question for this saturday recce is, does anyone can share a location coordinate or link for pier gate as Richard mentioinned.
Paul FlynnJan 24 2023, 9:41amValentin, I believe this is the car park:,-6.2506056,237m/data=!3m1!1e3
Valentin AkdimJan 25 2023, 8:36pmThanks Paul.
Cillian FlemingJan 27 2023, 2:16pmI'll be there tomorrow for the recce. Thanks
liam kennyJan 27 2023, 2:29pmI will be there for recce also, thanks
Richard NunanJan 27 2023, 6:23pmHi Folks,

Looks like we are about 12 for the recce ! Its not a race .......

Looking forward to a good morning in the mountains. See you at the Car park at 9:00am near the coffee van !
James HeggieJan 27 2023, 8:15pmAnyone up for recce on Sunday , can’t make tomorrow unfortunately . What time can you get in car park ideally an 8am start would be easier ?
Richard NunanJan 27 2023, 10:15pmhey James, Car Park only opens at 9:00am
Valentin AkdimJan 28 2023, 12:15amHi Richard,

I just hurt my knees I won't be able to make it!
Enjoy the recce.

Richard NunanJan 31 2023, 6:06pmPlease note changes on events page:

- Crews will be allowed at limited points for the 80KM race ONLY
- No Crews allowed at Glencullen Bridge on Boranaraltry lane. There isnt any Parking!
- Cut off at Pier Gates Car Park is now 10:45
- This is a Trial race and not part of the Irish Ultra Champs
- No poles please

Its a Beast enjoy !
Donatas JociusFeb 1 2023, 7:38amSo which is part of ultra champ 50 or 80??
Richard NunanFeb 1 2023, 7:53amAs per the post, Maurice mullins 50km is part of the IUC champs.
Kevin BroughtonFeb 1 2023, 1:48pmRichard would you know if there are more races to be added to the Irish Ultra Championship? The Ballyhoura Ultra for example is not counting towards the Championship as things stand. It might factor into decision to enter the 50k or 80k
Paul FlynnFeb 1 2023, 2:50pmThanks for the info, Richard, I've entered the 80K.

Out of interest, why the no-poles rule? As far as I know, the World Championships race that this is a trial for do allow poles. 80K is a long way to run without poles :-)
Richard NunanFeb 1 2023, 5:27pmHi Kevin,

There will be 5 or 6 races in IUC this year. We will update this after we meet on 13th Feb.
MMU entries wont close until tye 1st of March.

Kevin BroughtonFeb 1 2023, 9:33pmGreat stuff, thanks Richard
Phil behanFeb 13 2023, 12:40pmHi all, am I right in reading that we are not allowed carry any trekking poles on this one ? Thanks all and really looking forward to this one.
Richard NunanFeb 13 2023, 1:34pmThats correct.

You are right in reading that we are not allowed carry any trekking poles on this one

Lonan O FarrellFeb 14 2023, 9:17pmAnyone out on a recce on FEB 19th, next Sunday? Myself and one other hoping to run about 55km of 80km route. Suggestions or car drop ideas welcome!
Roger TegartFeb 14 2023, 9:51pmIm might join you. Weather looks ok after 12.
Richard NunanFeb 15 2023, 9:07amWont be there the weekend. But for a decent Recce and convenience, would recommend park at the Pier Gates Car park - do Head to Glendalough and back (32km) then head over Djouce as far follow the wicklow way to the Dargle (9km from start) then back up Djouce and home ! 50k could - Into Crone wood and back would give you 56km approx.

That way you don't have to do the 2 car logistics
James HeggieFeb 16 2023, 2:56pmThinking of doing another recce of the first 32k of the 80k on Saturday at 8am if anyone wants to join in?
James HeggieFeb 16 2023, 7:47pmHi Lonan what time are meeting on Sunday , Pier gates car park opens at 9am ? I will definitely be up for the first 32k from Pier gates to Glendalough and back and maybe a bit more if time allows .
Lonan O FarrellFeb 16 2023, 8:39pmThanks a million richard. That sounds like a plan. One of the guys running is travelling 3 hours so we probably won't start until 11am (Pier Gate car park). Roger and James and anyone else be great to have a gang. Pace will be easy and we will be bringing headlamps in case of any delays etc!
Roger TegartFeb 17 2023, 10:32am11am us a bit late for me. I was thinking more like 9am.
Paul FlynnFeb 17 2023, 11:42amI'm planning to do a recce from there on Sunday but a bit earlier again, maybe 7am, if anyone is interested. There's usually room for a couple of cars nearby even if the main car park is closed.
Raymond CumminsFeb 17 2023, 11:58amHi Richard,

just wondering why hiking poles are not allowed?

I understand that you would not want them used on the boardwalks but other than in most places there would be sufficient room to avoid them becoming a hazard to other people. Thanks.
James HeggieFeb 17 2023, 10:22pmI’m going to start at 9am on Sunday from Piet Gates to Glendalough and back .
Roger TegartFeb 18 2023, 9:51amYes, ill be there for 9.
Roger TegartFeb 18 2023, 7:04pmI might try and go a little earlier if anyone is interested. 830 maybe even 8am
Richard NunanFeb 25 2023, 6:31pmFinal reminder : Entrys close Tuesday @ 18:00
Yvonne WalshFeb 27 2023, 2:26pmHi Richard, Where can I get a gpx of the 80km route? Thank you
Paul FlynnFeb 28 2023, 12:42pmYvonne, you can make your own gpx.

The start point is linked on the event page for this race.

The first 32km follows that point to Glendalough and back.

The next 27km is in a Strava link on the event page for the 50K race.

The final 23km is the reverse of the 27km section, but with the out and back down into Ballinastoe removed.
Paul FlynnFeb 28 2023, 12:43pmSorry, meant to say "follows the Wicklow Way from that point to Glendalough".
Richard NunanFeb 28 2023, 1:18pmHere you go.
Paul FlynnFeb 28 2023, 1:48pmHi Richard,

The route you posted doesn't feature the Ballinastoe section. Is it part of the 80K or not?

Richard NunanFeb 28 2023, 1:58pmHi Paul,

Ballinastoe is not part of 80km route.

From pier gates you follow the wicklow way south until yiu reach the Marshall before tte road at Glendalough. Then back to Pier Car Park (Drop bag Zone 1) then the head north along wicklow way diverting up Djouce to Glen Cullen Bridge (Drop bag Zone 2). Then back via Djouce to the Pier gates Car Park.

Derek HayFeb 28 2023, 3:34pmHi,
I have mistakenly entered the 80k race, I had intended to pay for the 50k run but must have selected the ultra distance in error. Can my fee be transferred to the 50k race?
Julian KennedyMar 18 2023, 7:29amHi, first time 80km'er here! With regards to the drop bags, is it just to be say a zip lock bag as opposed to a kit bag or similar? Thanks
Declan McGuinnessMar 18 2023, 10:14amHi Richard, im not going to be able to race next week, currently out injured, thought id be healed up in time for the race but i wont unfortunately.
Jarlath HynesMar 18 2023, 10:31amHi Julian, I've added two sample drop-bag photos, with a few random bits.
Smaller one is 1lt. Bigger one is 3lt.

Mark bag clearly with your race number.

See you at turnaround next week!
Richard NunanMar 18 2023, 12:05pmMorning.

I would go Zip lock, if you need a drop bag. But just to add to Jarlaths point. we would be disposing of anything left behind. Bags arent brought back to finish. So hoping we can recycle anything left behind!
Julian KennedyMar 19 2023, 6:40amThanks for the info, it takes one of fhe unknowns out! See you on Saturday.
Denis HoganMar 19 2023, 10:24pmHi Richard, appreciate your flat out. Is it possible to drop down from the 80k to 50k for Saturday?
Richard NunanMar 21 2023, 10:45amAfternoon

Final email has been sent to all runners. Please email me if you have any further queries.

Link to trackers is here - these will be used for 80km race only. Please ensure you have a backpack - as the trackers will need to be attached to your shoulder.
John MurrayMar 21 2023, 1:49pmWhat a line-up of names in both male & female.

Some serious training going on the last few months by everyone.

This should be a good one to watch.

Best of luck everyone.
Ivan LevkivskyiMar 23 2023, 8:51pmHi everyone,

Is anyone driving from Dublin Saturday morning and has a free seat in their car? I will really appreciate if someone can help me getting to the start line and back. I know there is one carpool option listed, but Phil may be not able to participate, so I am looking for possible alternatives.

Thank you!

Best regards,
Lonan O FarrellMar 23 2023, 9:07pmI presume pier gate carpark will be closed tomorrow night from 6pm?. Looking for possible camper pull up spots near start line?
Pól Ó MurchúMar 23 2023, 10:11pmHey Lonan, A good few spots where you could pull in along the road nearby. There’s also the place where the Wicklow Way used to come out on the road before it was diverted further down to avoid the road. It might be a good spot to pull up.
Lonan O FarrellMar 24 2023, 8:58amSuper thanks pol
Roelie SmitMar 24 2023, 9:21amHi Richard, I know you're up to your eyeballs in getting the runners sorted. I'm volunteering tomorrow, but haven't received any volunteer roll email. Did I miss an email?
I can help with either 50km and/or 80km wherever needed.
I can be at Pier Gates when they open in the morning and you can let me know then where you need me.
Rory CampbellMar 24 2023, 10:00amHi Ivan,
might be able to help you out re lift. text me o8616o4427
Ivan LevkivskyiMar 24 2023, 10:23amHi Rory,

Thank you! I just texted you (my no is o877o3oo19).

Best regards,
Richard NunanMar 24 2023, 10:37amRolie, you were on the 80km, had emailed all on the 50km Roster .. will update the email and resend to you and Patricia. Everyone else has been assigned. See you at 8:00am please
Fabio BaltieriMar 24 2023, 4:46pmHey Richard can you confirm the location for the allowed crewing spot in Curtlestown: is that,-6.2301364,17z? Cloon Curlestown Wood car park, 5km out from Crone.
Richard NunanMar 24 2023, 5:05pmHey Fabio,

Yes thats the spot (Thanks)