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Reeks Vertical 800

Aubrey O'NeillJan 9 2023, 11:13amThis is quite spicy. Love it!

I'm not familiar with the potential route, what sort of surface is it?
Robbie WilliamsJan 9 2023, 12:12pmPath for 1km
Bit of heather and grass
Then dog rough for last 500m
Simon DugganJan 11 2023, 12:06pmFrom the trail in the back ground to the lake and then from the lake to the summit. The picture doesn't do it justice at all. It's a brute.
Michael McSweeneyJan 11 2023, 7:03pmAt least you can get the cable car back down. ;-)
Sean CollierApr 5 2023, 9:23pmJust to be sure. 800m climb is over 3k rather than 1.5k
+ 1.5k descending?
Might be a dumb question but I've suffered from
assumptions in the past.
Michael McSweeneyApr 5 2023, 9:56pmSean.
Yes the 800m is over 3km. Have a look at the first 3km on the Plot a Route map for the Reeks Skyline. Long rough track back down for a cup of tea after.
If you were racing on Friday evening and volunteering on Saturday, it would be as handy to bring a sleeping bag and sleep above. :-)
Sean CollierApr 6 2023, 9:42amThanks Micheal. Might sound crazy, but I'm hoping to run on sat as well.
And sunday too. I've done a few self navigation runs and I'll get down to do
the route before. So, hopefully I'll get approval.
I'm training for an extreme ironman in the Pyreneese in Sept.
Bearman8848. 5000m climbing on the bike and 4000 on the run.
Scares me to death but has to be done. I'm looking at 3 self navigation
on the imra calendar over the next few weeks. Hopefully that'll help with
approval. Thanks again.
Michael McSweeneyApr 6 2023, 1:42pmGood man Sean.
Have a look back at the 2022 and 2021 results for the Skyline and the Classic and you'll spot a few other 'Doubles'.
Will 2023 be the year of the ' Treble'?
Dáithí de MórdhaMay 29 2023, 11:28pmHi, does anyone know the route? Is it an out and back up Cruach Mhór?
Robbie WilliamsMay 30 2023, 5:25amIt’s a vertical race so it only up Cruach Mor.

Finish at top

Running, then hands on knees, then boulder scramble.

Make your own way down then
Dáithí de MórdhaMay 30 2023, 8:31am*It’s a vertical race so it only up Cruach Mor.

Finish at top

Running, then hands on knees, then boulder scramble.

Make your own way down then*

Thanks Robbie, I like the sound of that!
Conor McElroyMay 30 2023, 1:54pmGoing for a Recce of this course tomorrow evening

7pm Cronins yard

Any company welcome:)
Robbie WilliamsJul 1 2023, 5:28pmThis race is now open for registration
Dáithí de MórdhaJul 7 2023, 2:25pmwhats the story with parking for this? will there be space in Cronin's Yard, or should I bring my bike?!
Eoin Mac MahonJul 7 2023, 4:02pmBring the Bike
Robbie WilliamsJul 7 2023, 4:33pmDefo space in yard
Guilhem PraxJul 13 2023, 11:31amHello all,

Can you explain me the trail trace or give the gpx for the reeks vertical 800 ?


See you.

Guilhem Prax
Robbie WilliamsJul 13 2023, 11:36am
Edward CaseyJul 14 2023, 3:00pmJust to be aware there is roadworks on the Dr. Hans Liebherr road Killarney & will be closed at 7:00pm tonight & ye will have to travel through Killarney town to get to Cronins yard depending where ye are coming from.
Deirdre GalvinJul 15 2023, 12:07amThis race was a beast! The final ascent of boulders and rocks would easily have been at home in a skyrace. Thank you to all the organisers, a great job especially given the dreadful weather conditions with which you had to contend.
Dáithí de MórdhaJul 15 2023, 11:32pmThanks to all the organizers and volunteers - if the lad at the grotto didn't get hypothermia I'll eat my hat!

Great race, proper type 2 fun, mind over matter, hopefully the first reeks vertical of many
Brian FlannellyJul 16 2023, 9:43pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Barry MurrayJul 17 2023, 12:31pmwhat an uphill race, report up !