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Winter Hill Running Safety

Brian KitsonJan 6 2023, 1:09pmSome of you might be interested in this safety advice film made for hill runners by Mountaineering Scotland.

It shows how quickly we can get into trouble in the hills if we can’t keep moving (eg you or a friend get injured) and the importance of carrying the right food and kit to provide a safety margin.

It’s important to be as self-sufficient as possible in the hills and avoid unnecessarily putting our personal safety into the hands of others.

Most of the basic kit you’ll need to give yourself a reasonable safety margin in the hills is lightweight and inexpensive so worth picking up and carrying if you don’t already.
Stuart ScottFeb 2 2023, 1:58pmVery sensible advice Brian, that video should be essential viewing to anyone heading out on the hills at any time of year, but especially during winter.

To add to it, this literally 'back from the dead' story is well worth a read: