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Aidan HoganJan 5 2023, 3:15pmWhere are ye planning to have the start / finish for these races? HM is the one I’m interested in but assume all 3 will start and finish at same spot?
Aidan HoganJan 5 2023, 4:25pmOk I now see that there was an existing Forum topic answering the questions I was asking. If anyone with the power to do so could delete this topic, it would be much appreciated!

Ronan O'DonnellJan 15 2023, 8:56pmHi, has a cut off been decided for the 73k run.
Donatas JociusJan 18 2023, 12:23pmWhen registration is opening for 73km? and race is not part of ultra champ??
Lillian DeeganJan 18 2023, 12:41pmHello Donatas, hope you are keeping well.

We had our group monthly IMRA sitting last night. And having fleshed out all things Slieve Bloom, an agreement was reached to move this event forward. Meaning all 3 races will move to a new date.

Once the new date is confirmed with the SE crew, I’ll be back with an update for the membership.

The Slieve Bloom Ultra will form part of this years Ultra Champs.

Sorry for the need to give notice of a date change but as always, all round safety trumps matters every time.

Donatas JociusJan 18 2023, 3:11pmThat's great thanks for update.
Gaelan ElliffeJan 18 2023, 6:32pmHi Guys,

Apologies for the lack of communication over the past week.

As Lillian said it was decided at the IMRA committee meeting last night to postpone the event due to recent unforseen storm damage on the route.

When the organising team have rebooked the registration and refreshments venue we will notify of the change of date. We are very much looking forward to welcoming runners to the Slieve Blooms for these three races.

We aim to have this confirmed in the coming days. We will then update the event pages with all the details, including cut off times as asked above.
Gaelan ElliffeJan 18 2023, 6:37pmIf possible can someone with the ability, delete this duplicate thread please.
Declan GormanJan 19 2023, 6:20pmWill the Ultra be run clockwise or anti-clockwise?
Niamh KellyJan 19 2023, 11:44pmHi Declan,
clockwise direction
The Ultra will start in Clonaslee and runners will head out toward Glenbarrow, Monicknew, kinnitty, and Cadamstown back to the finish in Clonaslee.

I will be updating the event/forum page as soon as possible once we have some things finalised

Thanks, Niamh
Declan GormanJan 20 2023, 10:42amThanks Niamh.
Looking forward to it.
Quentin McCannFeb 1 2023, 10:33pmHi Folks
Just a quick Question
Is there any update on entries for the Slieve Bloom Way event
Niamh KellyFeb 1 2023, 10:56pmHi Quentin,

We are organising away in the background and will be updating the event details as soon as possible.

entries won't open till closer to the event which is provisionally changed to the 24th of June

There are quite a few updates to be made to the calendar and Con will update the event page as soon as he can

Thanks Niamh
Gaelan ElliffeMar 20 2023, 7:26pmThe organising crew behind these three races are very much looking forward to these races. There's 3 months to go to race day. More details will be posted soon

I hope your training is going well. It's great to see there is such interest in these races. The start/ registration location is very central with large Dublin and Kilkenny being 1hr away and Limerick and Galway 1.5hrs.

One of the lesser known mountain areas The Slieve Blooms are a lovely area to run. The Slieve Bloom way is a 73km route. It crosses 4 very nice trailheads with scenic loops in their own right.

For anyone interested in further info or to link up with others to recce one the 3 races: the half marathon, marathon or ultra route the following group might be of interest:

Please spread the word about this event.

We are also looking for volunteers to help out on the day running and non-running volunteer roles please. We have a good jolly crew marshalling the route but more help is needed. Many thanks.