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Aidan HoganJan 5 2023, 3:15pmWhere are ye planning to have the start / finish for these races? HM is the one I’m interested in but assume all 3 will start and finish at same spot?
Aidan HoganJan 5 2023, 4:25pmOk I now see that there was an existing Forum topic answering the questions I was asking. If anyone with the power to do so could delete this topic, it would be much appreciated!

Ronan O'DonnellJan 15 2023, 8:56pmHi, has a cut off been decided for the 73k run.
Donatas JociusJan 18 2023, 12:23pmWhen registration is opening for 73km? and race is not part of ultra champ??
Lillian DeeganJan 18 2023, 12:41pmHello Donatas, hope you are keeping well.

We had our group monthly IMRA sitting last night. And having fleshed out all things Slieve Bloom, an agreement was reached to move this event forward. Meaning all 3 races will move to a new date.

Once the new date is confirmed with the SE crew, I’ll be back with an update for the membership.

The Slieve Bloom Ultra will form part of this years Ultra Champs.

Sorry for the need to give notice of a date change but as always, all round safety trumps matters every time.

Donatas JociusJan 18 2023, 3:11pmThat's great thanks for update.
Gaelan ElliffeJan 18 2023, 6:32pmHi Guys,

Apologies for the lack of communication over the past week.

As Lillian said it was decided at the IMRA committee meeting last night to postpone the event due to recent unforseen storm damage on the route.

When the organising team have rebooked the registration and refreshments venue we will notify of the change of date. We are very much looking forward to welcoming runners to the Slieve Blooms for these three races.

We aim to have this confirmed in the coming days. We will then update the event pages with all the details, including cut off times as asked above.
Gaelan ElliffeJan 18 2023, 6:37pmIf possible can someone with the ability, delete this duplicate thread please.
Declan GormanJan 19 2023, 6:20pmWill the Ultra be run clockwise or anti-clockwise?
Niamh KellyJan 19 2023, 11:44pmHi Declan,
clockwise direction
The Ultra will start in Clonaslee and runners will head out toward Glenbarrow, Monicknew, kinnitty, and Cadamstown back to the finish in Clonaslee.

I will be updating the event/forum page as soon as possible once we have some things finalised

Thanks, Niamh
Declan GormanJan 20 2023, 10:42amThanks Niamh.
Looking forward to it.
Quentin McCannFeb 1 2023, 10:33pmHi Folks
Just a quick Question
Is there any update on entries for the Slieve Bloom Way event
Niamh KellyFeb 1 2023, 10:56pmHi Quentin,

We are organising away in the background and will be updating the event details as soon as possible.

entries won't open till closer to the event which is provisionally changed to the 24th of June

There are quite a few updates to be made to the calendar and Con will update the event page as soon as he can

Thanks Niamh
Gaelan ElliffeMar 20 2023, 7:26pmThe organising crew behind these three races are very much looking forward to these races. There's 3 months to go to race day. More details will be posted soon

I hope your training is going well. It's great to see there is such interest in these races. The start/ registration location is very central with large Dublin and Kilkenny being 1hr away and Limerick and Galway 1.5hrs.

One of the lesser known mountain areas The Slieve Blooms are a lovely area to run. The Slieve Bloom way is a 73km route. It crosses 4 very nice trailheads with scenic loops in their own right.

For anyone interested in further info or to link up with others to recce one the 3 races: the half marathon, marathon or ultra route the following group might be of interest:

Please spread the word about this event.

We are also looking for volunteers to help out on the day running and non-running volunteer roles please. We have a good jolly crew marshalling the route but more help is needed. Many thanks.
Niamh KellyMar 28 2023, 10:57pmHi Everyone,

I am currently in the process of updating the event page with some race-day information

If you are planning on running the Ultra you will need to run at least 50km in 2022 or recently to meet the qualifying entry criteria
please email with your Name, name of race, and finisher details as soon as possible. I would like to have those confirmed before entries open up

Thank you
Niamh KellyApr 1 2023, 3:14pmThanks so much to all who have sent emails I have sent replies today

Could I also ask could anyone emailing please send a link to the race you are using to meet the entry criteria

Thank you in advance

Brian O'GradyApr 25 2023, 4:56pmHi.
Is there a specific reason that GPS is not allowed? Is there orienteering involved?
Niamh KellyMay 3 2023, 12:30pmHi Brian

GPX is allowed I will get the event page updated

Niamh KellyMay 3 2023, 12:44pmHi everyone,

Thanks to all who have emailed so far, can anyone who is planning on entering please email me beforehand and make sure you have a link to your qualifying race

Entries open on the 5th of May
John MurrayMay 3 2023, 1:54pmHi Niamh, Is there an exact GPX file of the route available?
Edward MurphyMay 3 2023, 10:36pm

Not sure if these are correct/useful. Downloaded the gpx from Outdoor Active on to my Garmin. Dont know how to share the gpx.
Eoin HamiltonMay 4 2023, 9:13am

This is the most recently updated route from Sport ireland on HiiKER.
John MurrayMay 4 2023, 11:26amThanks Edward & Eoin.

I was just curious about the exact Race Route, especially coming into and out of Glenbarrow as the current Slieve Bloom Way maps available online don't match with the actual signage on the ground around Glenbarrow?
Eoin HamiltonMay 4 2023, 11:48amI do remember getting turned around there a while back while hiking the route. The waymarkers are a little messy at glenbarrow where there is a slight bottleneck
Niamh KellyMay 4 2023, 12:55pmThis will be your route for the day, I will get it added to the event page as well. you can download a GPX file of the route from the link below.

we will be out running the route so I will share any updates if anything changes as they have been updating different sections of the route in the last few weeks.

Just keep in mind, with any of the other waymarked trails around Ireland, they can change and current maps may not be accurate.
Niamh KellyMay 4 2023, 12:59pmJohn

They have done a fair bit of work around Glenbarrow recently and changed the direction of the Markers I think it will make it easier on race day.
John MurrayMay 5 2023, 5:18pmThanks for that Niamh.

That plotaroute file matches exactly with the current yellow markers I found going into and out of Glenbarrow.
Gaelan ElliffeMay 12 2023, 5:07pm

Tough Soles created a web page when they hiked the Slieve Bloom Way. It might be useful for some. It has route info and a nice video too
Niamh KellyMay 14 2023, 5:59pmJust a quick note,

please do not enter the race without sending over an email outlining your qualifying entry criteria, if you do enter and I do not have an email that I have replied to with your go-ahead you will not be on my start list on race day.

if you are one of the few who has entered without pre-approval please reply to the email you received as soon as you can.
Thank you
Niamh KellyMay 16 2023, 4:48pmJust to let you all know, for those who like a good t-shirt we have an option in the shop to buy one for those who are running any of the 3 events for the Slieve Bloom races on the 24th of June

You can find a picture of the T-shirt on Facebook here
Brian SmythMay 16 2023, 6:16pmHi folks , closing date for slieve bloom way ultra , marathon and half marathon T-shirt purchase is 5th June .

The option to purchase a much coveted T will no longer be available in the online shop (or elsewhere) after this date.
John J BarryMay 19 2023, 10:07amHas cut off times / locations been decided yet?
Niamh KellyMay 19 2023, 12:58pmHi John,

Yes 5:30 pm for the cut-off in Glenkeen
Niamh KellyMay 23 2023, 5:45pmHello, everyone!

I wanted to give you a friendly reminder that the deadline for entries for the Ultra is fast approaching.

 The entries will close at 6 pm this Friday. 

Therefore, I kindly request you to ensure that you have emailed me your entry criteria and received a reply before entering. 

For those who have already received approval, I'm looking forward to seeing all of you on race day.

Niamh KellyMay 26 2023, 4:49pmHi everyone,

Entries are closing so soon 6 pm,

if anyone wants to send over an email to get the go-ahead, I am at the computer to answer your emails so you can enter

Thanks Niamh
Sorcha LoughnaneMay 28 2023, 9:31pmHi there
I see I missed the closing date for this and was wondering if there is any chance of entries opening again?
Niamh KellyMay 28 2023, 9:44pmHi Sorcha,

Unfortunately, I regret to inform you that the ultra entries will not be reopening.
However, you do have the option to participate in the Slieve Bloom Way Marathon or Half Marathon. The entries for both races are still available until the 10th of June, should you be interested.

Martin StevensonMay 31 2023, 12:02pmHi Niamh.
Is it possible to give us the exact distances for the aid stations please and which one is drop bag for.
Many thanks Martin
Looking forward to a great event. looks class
Niamh KellyMay 31 2023, 10:21pmHi Martin,
Drop bags will be allowed for all aid stations except Glenkeen
The distance between each aid station is approximately:
1, Glenbarrow - 16km
2, Monicknew - 32KM
3, Kinnity -43.5KM
4 Cadamstown -57KM
5, Glenkeen - 66KM

I will update everyone closer to the race day and let you all know if anything changes
Donal cahillJun 2 2023, 11:39amHi Niamh,
Just wondering what do we need to be there before the start to register? Also do ye take our drop bags at registration??
Niamh KellyJun 8 2023, 12:03amHi Donal,

I will update the event page as well, but registration will open at 6 am and close at 6:30 am and we will take drop bags at registration.
Thanks Niamh
Donal cahillJun 8 2023, 3:13pmThanks Niamh
Mark RaleighJun 11 2023, 11:21amHi Niamh, can you advise what will be at the aid stations please as that will inform us what to put in the drop bags? Also will the drop bags be returned to finish or just disposed of? Thanks.
Niamh KellyJun 11 2023, 11:42amHi Mark,
yes absolutely I will post an update now for everyone
Niamh KellyJun 11 2023, 11:46amImportant information about Drop Bags:

During race morning, drop bags will be collected at the registration area. To ensure smooth logistics, please label each bag clearly including your name and the name of the aid station This will help us ensure that the bags reach the correct aid station.

It is essential to note that drop bags will not be returned to the finish line. Therefore, we kindly request that you refrain from placing any valuable items or belongings that you wish to have back into the bags. Please consider this when packing your drop bags.

While we will provide some water at the aid stations, it is crucial not to rely solely on it. The water supply will be for emergency use only. We strongly advise you to pack your drop bags with an adequate supply of water and food to sustain yourself during the race.
Iwona KelleherJun 11 2023, 6:56pmHi, are the running poles allowed?
Niamh KellyJun 11 2023, 11:46pmHi Iowna

yes they are
Declan GormanJun 12 2023, 10:27amHi
2 queries;
Anyone have the gpx of the route?
Re the Tracker - how and where do I get one?
Mark RaleighJun 12 2023, 2:46pmDeclan, the plotaroute, where you can download the gpx of the route is contained in 1 of the posts Niamh already posted, You'll get the tracker when your register on the morning, this is from 6 through to 6.30 am.
Declan GormanJun 12 2023, 5:38pmBrilliant thanks.
Sean ForsythJun 12 2023, 7:55pmThanks for the update Niamh
Natalia PocelujkoJun 12 2023, 11:59pmHi guys ,

As you siad that your water supply will be only as a emergency . Can we have instead of drop bags someone ready to help ( a support friend) who could be on check point stations ( where drop bags supposed to be ) to supply us with the water ?

Kind Regards
Niamh KellyJun 15 2023, 4:11pmHi Natalia,

Yes you can have someone help you, just be aware that Glenbarrow and Kinitty are very busy spots so it could be hard for someone to get parking
Gaelan ElliffeJun 15 2023, 8:34pmJust to expand on what Niamh has said above. Niamh and I chatted about this a couple of nights ago.

Some of the trailheads have limited parking and some already are big bottle necks, with very poor parking. This is the reason we are requesting that Half-ish and Marathon runners either use the busses we have arranged or alternatively their own drop offs. But is important we really limit any cars we have parked on the route.

We are facilitating loads of bag drops on the ultra and also one on the marthon route. If you arrive somewhere and there is not safe parking please do not park anywhere which obstructs, access roads, gates or roads.

If you wish to support a runner in the Ultra or the Marathon we suggest the following locations are usually not as busy and would likely have space for a couple of more cars.

Monicknew Trailhead,
Gortnameale (just slightly up the road)
Baunreagh MTB trailhead (also has a public toilet)

There are others locations with some possible parking, along the route.

The following. should really be avoided:
Glenbarrow trailhead
Kinnitty trailhead
And Cadamstown.

We also request any support does not drive the last 5km of the route. There is a large section of road here, it would involve people driving against runners of all three races. If someone gets onto difficulty we will shuttle them home.

Any questions feel free to approach Niamh, Myself, Brian, Paul or George on the day and we will give you helpful advice.
Mark QuigleyJun 16 2023, 1:20pmHi Gaelan . Am I right in saying that the only access to water on the ultra route is the water we put in our drop bags ?
Gaelan ElliffeJun 16 2023, 10:51pmFolks, pease don't forget we are looking for helpers on the day to make sure everyone has a very pleasant day. The more helpers the easier it will be to answer Marks question.(that's tongue in cheek)

Mark we have plans to have water at each aid station on the course. We have plans to and are just finalising ways to refill our water containers for each aid station.

Long story short. We will have water at each aid station. But if I was running a 70km loop I would not rely on it fully. Thankfully we have bag drops at each ultra aid station and one bag drop on the marathon to ensure everyone can pack their favourite race day snacks and preferred hydration.

For the Half-ish 25km aid station, again we will have water. But if I was running the 25km race, I'd bring water with me and use the aid station to supplement my own water supply.
Mark QuigleyJun 17 2023, 10:17amThanks Gaelan.
Gaelan ElliffeJun 18 2023, 11:15pmSome points to note regarding the upcoming Slieve Bloom Way races. (see below for more detail on each item)

High Viz clothing and the mandatory kit list
Way Markers and navigation
Livestock in fields
Leave no Trace
Slippy/ damaged boardwalk
Very limited parking on the route

With the races being one week away and with the route in great condition, we hope you are as excited about the races as we are . There is great enthusiasm out there and we have gotten feedback that peoples recces of the route have gone well. It has been wonderful to see people volunteering to help out with the three races. Thank you very much to everyone who has volunteered so far. We still have a need for more volunteers on the day. Please see recent posts on facebook and the IMRA forum.

High Viz clothing and the mandatory kit list
Each race event page on has mandatory kit listed. The half-ish race only has a couple of items. The main item I wish to highlight is that the Marathon and Ultra races require either high viz clothing or a high viz jacket. While all 3 races have a variety of terrain there are road sections on each route. It is important you are highly visible to other road users and obey the rules of the road.

Way Markers and navigation
The accompanying photos show some of the great work that has been done clearing the very good way markers along the 70km route. It is important that runners know the route in advance and bring either a map or a gpx method of navigating should they take a wrong turn. We will only be additionally marking a couple of points along the route. The few deviations from the SBW the marathon takes will be clearly identified also.

There are 5 printable maps available at this link:

It also worth reminding people, the most recent Ordnance Survey map of the
area is out of date and doesn't have the correct SBW on it. It would take you on a very different route to the yellow way marked trail.

Livestock in fields
The three races cross working farms. If you enter a field with animals you need to walk that short section and it is very important you stick tightly to the way markers in the fields so we reduce our impact on the farms. Most of the farms have stiles but if you encounter a gate it needs to be immediately shut behind you.

Leave no Trace
As with all IMRA races we leave nothing behind but footprints. There will be bags for rubbish at the aid stations on the day. Anyone seen dropping rubbish on the course will be disqualified.

Slippy/ damaged boardwalk
As with all mountain environments lots of varied terrain is encountered. Amongst the varied terrain on these races are boardwalks. Some of which are slippy and at a couple of points near the Ridge of Capard the board walk is damaged. Due caution needs to be exercised. (see the accompanying photo)

Very limited parking on the route
There is limited parking at numerous locations on the SBW. We are providing busses for runners to the start of the races. If you decide to not use them, you need to arrange a drop off. We can't leave cars parked at Glenbarrow, Kinnitty or Cadamstown. There is very limited parking at these locations.

We also ask people not to drive up to the check point at Glenkeen. If anyone needs assistance from here, our team will shuttle them home. There is a large section of road here and it would result in cars driving against runners.

We are making our final plans in the coming week. There will be emails sent out to all runners later in the week. Can I also remind people that the IMRA forum is the primary location for communication for these three races. Best of luck with your final race preparations.
Eoin KellyJun 20 2023, 3:30pmQuick question(s) -

Where is registration taking place in clonsaslee?

Anybody know of a handy spot to park on Friday night and either put up a small tent or sleep in the car? It will be late enough when I get there so a quiet spot to get a few hours sleep before registration would be great.

Looking forward to it now.
Niamh KellyJun 20 2023, 3:55pmHi Eoin,
Registration is in the community center in Clonsalee a link to the location is on the event page

I will be sending out an email with race instructions as soon as I have it finished

Camping spots check out here
Eoin KellyJun 20 2023, 4:32pmThanks Niamh,

I'll check out the camping spots listed.

I must be having difficulty reading the event page as i can't seem to find the link to the community centre - Google gives this -,-7.5145397,15z/data=!4m6!3m5!1s0x485d0778aab1b539:0xf1ee318b251d4f78!8m2!3d53.1452411!4d-7.5145397!16s%2Fg%2F1q62mn5zt?entry=ttu

Hopefully that is the right pace.
Eoin KellyJun 20 2023, 4:37pmHi Niamh,
Didn't dawn on me to look in the marathon or half marathon event pages for the link - just found it there, and it's the same as the one linked above. Thanks a mill.
Donal McMorlandJun 20 2023, 6:51pmHi Niamh,

Is there a link available for the tracker for the dot watchers on Saturday? Thanks
Niamh KellyJun 21 2023, 7:12amHi Donal

Yes I have a link for the tracker which you can find here

any issues let me know and I can email it to you

Niamh KellyJun 21 2023, 7:26amImportant information

with only a few days to go, I hope the excitement is building, we are really looking forward to seeing you all on race day

I sent out an email with race day instructions to all runners so please kindly check the email you provided when registering with IMRA

Registration will open at 6 am please make sure you are not late we will be closing registration on time, to allow us enough time to walk to the start line and go through a race brief for 7 am race start

Please have your
1, Race Pack - for the tracker
2, Mandatory kit - we will be checking
3, Drop bags - try and have small compact bags and make sure they are labeled clearly with your name and where they are going

Any questions let me know and see you all bright and early Saturday morning
Eric KelleherJun 21 2023, 8:42amHi guys would there be anyone driving up from cork city for the ultra on Saturday mooring or the night before ? I've run into some car trouble and will be without a car for the weekend. I'd be more than happy to pitch in for fuel. Sorry if this isn't allowed. Cheers lads.
Eoin Mac EochaidhJun 23 2023, 7:42pmLooking forward to exploring the slieve bloom way tomorrow. Quick question, is there a tap available in the community center for filling my initial bottles
Gaelan ElliffeJun 24 2023, 5:24am*Boil water notice in Clonaslee village*

Take note.

We have been busy the last couple of days arranging numerous water refill points about the Slieve Blooms external to the boil water notice.
sharon moorhouseJun 24 2023, 12:57pmDoes anyone have a link to the tracker for the ultra?
Brian EastwoodJun 24 2023, 1:12pm
sheila clavinJun 24 2023, 5:52pmThanks for a great day out. Great route, highly recommend a visit. Thanks to all who gave up their time today and in the last few weeks to make this race possible.
Liam CostelloJun 24 2023, 8:39pmThank you all for putting on a great event today. It was so nice to run in a lovely new location.
Brian hutchinsonJun 24 2023, 10:00pmA really gorgeous event - thanks organisers and volunteers for an awesome day.
Ciaran McAleenanJun 25 2023, 11:04amA truly exceptional event. Great countryside, atmosphere, company and a challenging 72km. Congratulations Niamh and your team. Thoroughly recommended Ultra. I will be back. Ciarán
Eoin HamiltonJun 25 2023, 12:06pmWho left the heating on?
I LOVED this course. Will 100% come back again. Road sections were even nice. Well done Niamh and all the crew.
Paul KellyJun 25 2023, 12:43pmHi All - A GoPro 9 was handed into the finish line yesterday. If anyone is missing it please email us on slievebloomwayultra at gmail . com
Derek HayJun 25 2023, 6:01pmA big thanks to Niamh, Gaelan, Brian, Paul and the team of volunteers for organising the three races in the Blooms yesterday. Cracking races in a beautiful part of the country that I can't wait to visit again!
Aidan McGeeJun 25 2023, 7:48pmVery well done to the organisers and all the people who helped make it a great day.
Thanks to the person at the last water station who poured water over me. I was probably about to blow a gasket. Got me home in one pie e. I enjoyed thd marathon
Thank you
Aidan McGee
Eoin KellyJun 26 2023, 9:39amJust wanted to add my thanks to the organisers and volunteers. A fantastic event, beautiful location and brilliant organisation. The route marking was great, the weather was hot and the course nearly killed me, but i'll definitely be back to do it all again next year.
Ciaran CrokeJun 26 2023, 11:06amThank you very much for organising the event and to all volunteers out for the day. It was really nice to run in a new location exploring trails.
liam kennyJun 26 2023, 11:26amGreat event thanks to all the crew for long shift on the hills
Sean ForsythJun 26 2023, 1:29pmHi All,

Thanks for a great day out on Saturday, it was a super course and very well organised.

Thanks to Niamh, Gaelen, Brian, Lillian, George, Ray, Aid station volunteers especially those at CP4 (couldn't have been pleasant listening to the retching)

As always with these IMRA runs, the best part of the it is meeting and chatting with other runners on course. Thanks to Fergal, Chris, Ray and Orla (Orlaith) for the company.