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Conor McElvaneyJan 3 2023, 4:22pmHow do we buy kids entries to this race pls ??
Michael McSweeneyJan 3 2023, 7:56pmHi Conor,
I've just done a bit of copying and pasting from one of last years races, but it gives you the general idea. "ENTRY DETAILS: Adults (16+) €7. Over 65s & juniors €5. Plus €10 one-off annual IMRA Membership fee. No cash payment accepted at race. Purchase race entry & membership online before race. Kids under 10 (accompanied) Free."
So to answer your question: Kids under 10 are free, no registration, but an adult must run with them. Juniors 10 years to 16 pay €5 race fee and €10 annual IMRA membership. To register a junior for the race, you'll need to create their own profile, using a different email address to the one associated with your own profile. More info on that here;
Hope this helps.
Michael McSweeneyJan 3 2023, 8:00pmConor,
I've just noticed the junior age seems to have changed;
" €7 for seniors, €5 for over 65s and under 18s"
Conor McElvaneyJan 8 2023, 9:10amOk great thanks for that
Pat O'SullivanJan 9 2023, 10:43pmHi just wondering what is the parking like and what time should I be their at as this is my 1st IMRA event. Thanksq
Pat O'SullivanJan 9 2023, 10:43pmHi just wondering what is the parking like and what time should I be their at as this is my 1st IMRA event. Thanks
Pat MurphyJan 10 2023, 3:43pmHi Pat there is parking available in the carpark near the start but is limited to about 50/60 cars,cars can be parked at the side of the road with about 5/10 minute walk to the start.Short course starts at 10.15 and the long course starts at 11 so allow yourself plenty of time especially if you must collect your number
Tony FitzpatrickJan 10 2023, 11:24pmHi, what are the distances for the short & long runs @ Corrin? Thanks, Tony
Robbie WilliamsJan 11 2023, 5:33amAll distances and start times on the details page lads
Kevin BroughtonJan 12 2023, 2:06pmAre vouchers good for this?
I know they’re usually accepted for these races, but I’d like to get rid of the little element of doubt before I make the trip, while I still have time to buy an entry!
Robbie WilliamsJan 12 2023, 5:44pmYa no prob with vouchers kevin
Kevin BroughtonJan 12 2023, 6:34pmGreat, thanks a mil Robbie
Dominic ManningJan 12 2023, 10:15pmIf using a voucher, is it just a case of entering on the day beforehand?
Kevin BroughtonJan 12 2023, 10:56pmDominic just bring your voucher on the day and when you sign in they’ll punch the voucher and add your details/race number to the list.
Just make sure you already have your 2023 membership paid online beforehand if not already done
Stephen O KeeffeJan 13 2023, 1:52pmHi. What time do ye need volunteers to be there for?
Peter FlemingJan 13 2023, 7:27pmIs there still a kids race on Sunday? I remember seeing it on the social media ads but I don’t see it in the race details? If yes what’s the time and distance? Thanks
Pat MurphyJan 13 2023, 9:10pmHi Stephan email going out to volunteers tomorrow evening but if you could be there for 9.30 that would be great
Pat MurphyJan 13 2023, 9:13pmHi Peter there is a kids(u10) race on Sunday the distance is approximately 1kand and adult must run with the child
Grellan McGrathJan 14 2023, 6:18pmMissed deadline by 15 minutes. Any chance of getting an entry?
Michael McSweeneyJan 14 2023, 6:45pmGrellan
If you can find someone with a voucher in the morning you can use that to enter. There is normally someone knocking around with a few spare vouchers, but I guess they are getting scarse now.
Grellan McGrathJan 14 2023, 6:48pmThanks Michael, Austin Browne offered me his entry, I already have my number for the year. Would that do? Happy to pay also.
Sam RussellJan 14 2023, 6:57pmHi. We've also just missed the entry. Micheal - you mentioned a voucher. There are 2 of us, if anyone can help out that would be really great. Thanks. Sam.
Fachtna GogginJan 14 2023, 7:44pmHi folks. I was hoping to do the run tomorrow also, my first time so looking forward to trying it out. I didn't realise that there was a deadline for entry. Do I take a chance showing up in the morning or is getting in now very unlikely? Thanks for any advice. Fachtna
Robbie WilliamsJan 14 2023, 7:46pmLads just to be clear…

If someone has a voucher you can pay them the fee Euro to get one of their races stamped

You definitely cannot use somebody else entry (no transfer)

We are extremely strict on this.

Thank you
Robbie WilliamsJan 14 2023, 7:47pmFachtna, you cannot enter unless you can buy a voucher from someone.

Before that you must have a valid 2023 membership
Fachtna GogginJan 14 2023, 7:51pmThanks for reply Robbie. I just purchased membership last week for 2023. So do I show up and there may be a chance that there is a voucher on sale? Thanks again, Fachtna
Robbie WilliamsJan 14 2023, 7:53pmExactly

You can just ask around

You can’t buy them anymore, so the amount of them are dwindling
Fachtna GogginJan 14 2023, 7:58pmBrilliant, thanks Robbie. Last question, if I show up and there is no voucher on sale can I still run and just not get timed or is this not permitted? Thanks and sorry for all the newbie questions.
Sam RussellJan 14 2023, 8:06pmThanks for the info Robbie.
Grellan McGrathJan 14 2023, 8:07pmThanks Robbie.
Brian FlannellyJan 16 2023, 8:28pmResults are now up for this event - any questions/queries on them, please email:
brian <dot> flannelly <at> imra <dot> ie
Edel HennessyJan 16 2023, 9:21pmThanks to Pat Murphy on organising a tough but great race. I thought we were supposed to be eased into the league ... Thanks also to all the volunteers; it was great to have people at the junctions with great encouragement and direction. It was much appreciated!