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Conor O'FarrellJan 3 2023, 11:18amHi All

I am hoping to do some laptop training in the coming weeks. It will most likely be a Thursday evening in the Dropping Well, hopefully 26th January.

I hope to have 10-12 people on the night.

If you are interested in taking part, please email me at

Also, if you are interested, have a think about when you may be available to volunteer for the role. It is worth doing a shadowing session with an experienced laptop operator, as there it nothing like real-world experience.

Andrew HanneyJan 3 2023, 12:22pmGreat stuff Con, put me on the list.
Dave DochertyJan 3 2023, 4:11pmI'll give it a go. Thanks Con.
Richard FoxJan 3 2023, 4:33pmI would like to attend a laptop training course Con. I’m away that week though so the 26th wouldn’t suit me - although it didn’t appear that you were 100% sure on that date? Anyway if the training was to be another date then I would like to attend.
Cheers and thanks
Sean ForsythJan 4 2023, 11:37amHi Con,

I'd be very interested in this if you wouldn't mind sticking my name down.


Conor O'FarrellJan 4 2023, 7:21pmHi All

Thanks to those who have already been in touch. I’m still waiting to confirm the date, but the 26th is still the current plan.

Either way, drop me an email so I have you in the list. I can run another session if the interest is there.

Conor O'FarrellJan 5 2023, 10:55amUPDATE!

OK, so I have managed to book the Dropping Well for Tuesday 24th January.

I still have some slots available, so please email me ( if you wish to attend.

Peter CannonJan 5 2023, 11:10amCon.

Thats great as i couldn't do the 26th. if you can stick me down please.
ill email you aswell.

Eamonn HodgeJan 5 2023, 3:19pmI've added my name there. Thanks Con.
Greg RobinsJan 5 2023, 7:24pmEmail sent for 24th