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Michael McSweeneyJan 2 2023, 6:53pmFirst section of the route is on Strava.
Check out my activity on Strava:
More to come, the next fine day. :-)
Raymond LawlorJan 5 2023, 1:02pmGreat stuff. Do you double back on the same route?
Michael McSweeneyJan 6 2023, 7:51pmYes Ray. When you finish the Garnish Loop you head back to Allihies on the same section, and then on to Eyeries and the rest of the Beara Way.
I'll be doing the next 20 or 30 km or the route this coming Sunday. Early start, 8am at Garnish West ready to run, where I finished last Sunday. Plan is to go at least as far as Eyeries, 20km, maybe Ardgroom, about another 10-15km.
Michael McSweeneyJan 8 2023, 3:47pmThe second section of the route is on strava now. There might be a few slight changes around Allihies and Eyeries villages, but nothing major.
Check out my activity on Strava:
Raymond LawlorJan 9 2023, 9:09amVery good Michael. Thanks. I'll have to get down for a recce next month.
Michael McSweeneyJan 9 2023, 10:22amLet me know when you are calling down Ray.
Shane O'NeillJan 9 2023, 6:42pmHi Michael,

This might be a stupid question but is it a 6am or 6pm start. I'm trying to work out where it will get dark, so I can recce the dark sections in the day light.
Thanks shane
Michael McSweeneyJan 9 2023, 9:16pmRace start is 6am Friday morning and nightfall should be around 10pm. Dawn that time of year should be around 5am.
Raymond LawlorJan 10 2023, 8:40amText me on your number Michael and I'll message you when I know I'm heading down. 0863907973
Michael McSweeneyJan 14 2023, 5:38pmCheck out my activity on Strava:

Another section done and dusted. Nice and wet underfoot at the moment.
This section is showing just under 30km on Strava, 31km on my Garmin. But I went about 1.5km extra by taking a wrong turn. So we'll call it 29km.
Shauna GolloglyJan 15 2023, 8:07amWhen will registration open for this race?
Thanks, Shauna
Michael McSweeneyJan 15 2023, 4:58pmCheck out my activity on Strava:
Another section today. It all gets easier from here. We'll be back in Cork soon.
Michael McSweeneyJan 20 2023, 3:20pmCheck out my activity on Strava:
Another little bit done. Lots of road in this section. Maybe 3/4. But mostly small little road with grass down the middle.
Eoin Mac MahonJan 20 2023, 5:06pmUnreal
Michael McSweeneyJan 21 2023, 4:27pmCheck out my activity on Strava:
Nearly there.
Michael McSweeneyJan 22 2023, 1:47pmCheck out my activity on Strava:
Last section. Now repeat, only faster. :-)
Michael McSweeneyJan 22 2023, 1:49pmShauna,
Registration will be opening at the end of March.
Raymond LawlorJan 24 2023, 1:46pmExcellent stuff Michael. You're doing the Lords work.
Martin StevensonJan 25 2023, 11:51amAny idea if there is accommodation along way to get a nap, gun or is it complete self sufficient?
Martin StevensonJan 25 2023, 11:52amGun supposed to be grub sorry
Michael McSweeneyJan 25 2023, 1:43pm
Michael McSweeneyJan 25 2023, 1:46pm
Michael McSweeneyJan 25 2023, 1:53pmPlenty of accommodation and food options. Book early to beat the crowds.

For the race, there will be 4 drop bag locations along the route, with a few other aid stations with water and sweets etc.

We will be posting up the full entry, drop bag, and cut off details in a couple of weeks.
Ronan O'GradyJan 25 2023, 2:04pmIn relation to accomodation , where does the race start /finish ?
Michael McSweeneyJan 25 2023, 2:55pmRonan.
Start and finish in Castletownbere. 6am Friday morning.
Brian O'GradyJan 25 2023, 7:28pmChiming in with some others on here to say thanks for setting this up Michael. Looks like being a special one alright
Martin StevensonFeb 7 2023, 3:47pmHi do you think there will be a gpx file for the route.
Michael McSweeneyFeb 7 2023, 9:10pmHi Martin. I don't have a GPX for the full route yet. However here is the route from On The Go Map.
You should be able to down load a GPX from that. I'll also paste the Strava links for my recent runs on the route.

The full route is marked with the Yellow man walking sign.
We will be starting and finishing in Castletownbere, it is the Beara Way after all. Castletown- Allihies- Dursey- Allihies- Eyeries- Ardgroom- Lauragh- Dromoghty, Kenmare- Bonane- Glengarriff- Adrigole- Castletown.
You will also probably notice we are not running into Kenmare, but are cutting straight across from Dromoghty to Bonane.
If anyone is planning on calling down for a reccee, get in contact with me about directions, shuttles, whatever.....
Kevin LenihanFeb 7 2023, 10:34pmLooks like a savage route Michael. Great work by all the southwest cork crew!!
Martin StevensonFeb 10 2023, 4:10pmThanks Michael.
Where would recommend a place to stay along the way think I’ll need 6 hours Kip.
Michael McSweeneyFeb 11 2023, 12:27pmMap of the Beara Way Ultra at - a GPX file can be downloaded from this website if runners are looking for it.

Thanks to David Bosonnet.

Any slight variations on the route will be signposted on the day.
Michael McSweeneyFeb 11 2023, 12:32pmMartin,
We will be putting up details of the various cut-offs along the way shortly. This will give you a better idea about where might be best to take a break.
Michael McSweeneyMar 1 2023, 9:55pmA few of us are heading for a bit of a run on the Beara Way this coming Saturday. Castletown to Eyeries is the plan.
Michael McSweeneyMar 1 2023, 10:09pmMeeting in Castletown around 730am.
Raymond LawlorMar 2 2023, 2:08pmAnyone interested in doing a night run from Lauragh to Glengarriff? The idea is to meet up in Glengarriff. Carpool to Lauragh and trot along to Glengarriff . Meet up on 11th March at 9pm in Glengarriff and start at 10pm in Laraugh. About 33k I think. Sound good?
stephen erswellMar 3 2023, 10:38amHi Ray, running Nagles on the 11th but I'd definitely be up for running that section at night another time.
Raymond LawlorMar 3 2023, 8:19pmHi Stephen. I don't know if I,ll be doing a second night run, but maybe others would be up for it. If iI am I'll post it here for sure.
Michael McSweeneyMar 8 2023, 12:04pmSlight change of plan with Ray's reccee on Saturday night.
New details are starting in Eyeries Village at 3.30pm Saturday evening, regrouping at Lauragh church at 8pm Saturday night, finishing at Glengarriff Hall some few hours later.
If you plan on joining us, be in either Eyeries ready to go at 330pm or in Lauragh ready to rock and roll at 8pm.
Bì ann nó bí cearnogach.
Michael McSweeneyMar 8 2023, 12:07pmPs. There is no shop in Lauragh, so if you plan on running the whole thing, bring whatever you need with you to Eyeries.
Colm DeasyMar 9 2023, 11:35amPlan on doing reccees on Friday Mar 17th and Saturday Mar 18th if anyone cares to join. Feel free to WhatsApp on o83o615513!
alan ritchieMar 9 2023, 2:32pmAssuming this is doable without heading down for a Reece?
Eoin Mac MahonMar 9 2023, 5:09pmOnly one way to find out
Michael McSweeneyMar 9 2023, 6:56pmAlan,
Yes. No need for reccee. All way marked.
Michael McSweeneyMar 14 2023, 8:20amGet your cards out from behind the fireplace, entries are now open.
Robbie WilliamsMar 14 2023, 3:44pmRace now open.
Race fee is €70. This includes water. ;0
Fee actually includes: Stocked aid stations, water refill, coke, sweets, crisps, chocolate, and more. Finishing you will have sambos and tea/coffee cakes. Hot food not doable due to length of event finish.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Fee also includes....Live race tracking with primal Tracking, Gift set of Beara Whiskey Minis for all runners, First Edition Race Hoodie for all runners, a great weekend adventure amongst great company.. and a welcoming finish line, West Cork Style. WE have packed in as much value and as much adventure as possible. A portion of your fee will go to upkeep of local trails in the peninsula. See you all there ultra heads !
Simon MugglestoneMar 20 2023, 3:05pmHi Michael, I'm from the UK and was wondering if it would be okay for me to enter this event? Also, will the route be well sign posted as it's unlikely that I will be able to get over for a recce! Many thanks, Simon Mugglestone.
Michael McSweeneyMar 20 2023, 6:45pmHi Simon
Yes it OK for you to enter the Beara Way Ultra, even if you're not from Cork. :-)
You'll need to purchase 2023 IMRA membership in addition to the race entry.
The route will be following the Beara Way which is a National Way Marked Way. Any where we will be deviating from the Way Marked Way or anywhere we feel the marking is unclear, we will put out the regular IMRA markers. I'll include all of these details in the pre race info.
See you in May,
Michael McSweeneyMar 20 2023, 7:17pmJust a few bits of info about the route.

We will be starting at Map 5.
Taking in Map 6 and Map 7. There will be a few slight changes from the route marked on Map 7 around Allihies.
We wont be heading out to Dursey Island, but will be looping back towards Allihies.
Then its onto Map 9 and Map 10. Most of the section between Ardgroom and Lauragh is now offroad, up in the hills.
From Lauragh we follow the route as outlined in Map 11 and Map 12 as far as Dunkerron.
Then we follow the route marked on Map 13 as far as Releagh Bridge, at the bridge we will leave the Beara Way and head South West along the main N71 road for a few hundred meters, before following a Local Way Marked Way across the valley to the base of Esk Mountain where we rejoin the Beara Way.
Then its over the hill, following the route marked on Map 15, into Glengarriff Village.
From Glengarriff its pretty straightforward back along the route as marked on Maps 1, 2 & 3 to Castletownbere and the finish. Any deviation from the National Way Marked Beara Way will be signposted for the race with IMRAs own markers.

Michael McSweeneyMar 20 2023, 7:19pm
Michael McSweeneyMar 20 2023, 7:22pmCheck out my activity on Strava:
Michael McSweeneyMar 20 2023, 7:23pmCheck out my activity on Strava:
Michael McSweeneyMar 20 2023, 7:24pmCheck out my activity on Strava:
Michael McSweeneyMar 20 2023, 7:29pm

The full route is on this plotaroute map, apart from a few slight changes around Allihies.
Which are on the Strava or on this plotaroute.
neil shanahanMar 22 2023, 4:20pmIs there any crew allowed or is it all drop bag and aid station help?
Michael McSweeneyMar 22 2023, 10:13pmNeil
There will be crew allowed, drop bags will be available, and there will be aid stations.
I'll post up full details regarding the above, cut offs, and mandatory kit towards the end of next week.
Slán go foil