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Maurice Mullins Ultra 2023

Karl BourneDec 31 2022, 11:33amHi Richard

Great to have a date in the diary for the MM Ultra this year. Just wondering:

1. When it will be open for entries

2. if the 3000 meter elevation indicated relates to the 80K? If so do you know roughly what the elevation of the new 50K route will be?

Richard NunanDec 31 2022, 11:48amHi Karl,

As per event details for the Maurice Mullen in 2023 on the event page, the 50km race will have a 3000M total climb..

Entry for this race will be open on Feb 1st.

Karl BourneDec 31 2022, 12:16pmCheers Richard, great to have that clarified for recce/training purposes.

Will there be a route map up at some stage?

Ciaran McAleenanDec 31 2022, 12:35pmHi Richard,
Quick question:
Is it only the 50K that is in the IUC or is either 80K or 50k acceptable?
Andrew MendelsonJan 1 2023, 9:47amGreat; sounds like a much more fun (and natural) route than the Ballinastoe diversion.
But I don't see how the new route as described constitutes anything close to 3000m of elevation; I'd imagine replacing the Ballinastoe out and back with double Djouce would add minimal elevation - Djouce from the WW isn't anything significant ito elevation.
Richard NunanJan 1 2023, 11:04amMorning and a Happy New year.

The Route map will be published mid January. 50km and 3000m will be the route. For training, I would advise following wicklow way route from Pier Gates to Johnny foxes and back Via Djouce.

The 80km route will be included as Part of the Ultra Champs.

We will be working on finalising other details over the next 2 weeks, and will provide further info then. Should be a cracker of a race.
Ricki WynneJan 1 2023, 5:42pmThat’s great Richard,
Also will the 80km be much the same as the 50km route… just wondering for training purposes
Richard NunanJan 2 2023, 9:36amHi Ricki, hope all is good.

The 80km route, will start in the Car park at Pier gates. Head South to Glendalough along the wicklow way and back to Pier gates Car Park where you will join the 50km Race. So on along the wickow way heading up over Djouce and down into Crone woods. From there still following along the wicklow way until Glencullen river - Glencullen Bridge on Boranaraltry lane. Then back to the Pier gates Car ark along the wicklow way, leaving only to take in Djouce on the return.

There will be a few recces, of the route on Saturdays so will post once organised. I will also post a GPX in the next few weeks.

The last 20km of either route will be the toughest part, so good to get to know it. I say it every year, go slow on the way out as yiu really need your legs for the last 20km. Best of luck with the training and feel free to ping me if you have any other questions.
Ricki WynneJan 2 2023, 7:20pmPerfect, thanks a million for that .. really appreciate it .. should be a brilliant race .
Can’t wait
Thanks Richard
Dillon RyanJan 2 2023, 7:54pmHi Richard,

Newbie here. How many people can sign up for the maurice mullins and what site fo you register.

Simon DugganJan 4 2023, 11:08amHi Dillion.

You can enter on the event page ( ) once entries open on Feb 1st. You will also need a yearly IMRA membership. This can be found at the top of this page under the heading Membership/Shop/Online Entries.
Ciaran McAleenanJan 4 2023, 9:54pmThank you for the information Richard.