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Slieve Bloom Way Races General info.

Gaelan ElliffeDec 22 2022, 11:08pmThanks Con for editing the events page. Thank you to the committee and fair play to everyone who has volunteered to RD a race in 2023. That's a great calendar of events.

Save the date: Saturday 18 Feb 2023 - The Slieve Bloom Way races

There are 3 great races in store:
A half marathon from Kinnitty to Clonaslee (approx. 24km)
A marathon from Glenbarrow to Clonaslee (approx. 43km)
and the full Slieve Bloom Way race starting at Clonaslee in a clockwise direction. (approx. 73km)

More details about each of the Slieve Bloom races will be posted soon. We have a good crew organising these races but we are looking for volunteers so the races can run as smoothly as the 2022 race in the Slieve Blooms.

As it is very centrally located, the races starting point is 1 hour from Dublin City, 1hour 15min from Limerick City and 1hr 30 from Galway City.

For more information on the routes see:
Phil behanDec 23 2022, 4:25pmThanks Gaelan. Really looking forward to this one. Thanks for putting it together !
Gaelan ElliffeDec 27 2022, 9:58pmGlad to hear you're looking forward to it Phil.
It's a team effort. There's a good group of us organising.

There's almost a race for everyone, with the three distances. I'm RD for the Marathon. If anyone wants to volunteer your help will be greatly appreciated. We're currently looking for non-running and running volunteers. If anyone has any questions. Feel free to ask.

A point to note for anyone who might be recceing the route in the coming weeks. The ultra route for the Slieve Bloom Way race will follow the current SBW as per my original post. The SBW on the OSi map is out of date.
Anne-Marie FlahertyJan 5 2023, 3:54pmHi Gaelan, looking forward to this one!

Any idea when entry will open for these races?

(Want to be sure I'm on the ball!)

Gaelan ElliffeJan 5 2023, 9:06pmHi Anne-Marie,

Glad to hear you are looking forward to it.

We will have the 3 races open for entry as soon as we can. It will be well advertised here and on social media.
We have almost everything planned, one or two details left. At the minute are waiting for a couple of businesses to get back to us.

There is a good crew of us involved organising the three races. We have some good plans in place and I am really looking forward to race day.

Thanks to the volunteers who have come forward already. We are looking for more volunteers. If anyone would like to help out in any way please feel free to volunteer on the event pages. We are looking for some first aiders to help on the three races.

Aidan, as per your earlier message. All three races will register at Clonaslee Community Centre, close to the finish line. People will be bused out to the start of the Marathon and the Half-Marathon.

The event pages will be updated soon.
Aidan HoganJan 6 2023, 9:43amThanks Gaelan, sounds great
Anne-Marie FlahertyJan 6 2023, 10:12amThat sounds great, Gaelan.

Thanks for the reply.

See you next month :)
Gaelan ElliffeJan 18 2023, 6:36pmHi Guys,

Apologies for the lack of communication over the past week.

As Lillian (IMRA race coordinator) said earlier on the forum, it was decided at the IMRA committee meeting last night to postpone the event due to recent unforseen storm damage on the route.

When the organising team have rebooked the registration and refreshments venue we will notify of the change of date. We are very much looking forward to welcoming runners to the Slieve Blooms for these three races.

We aim to have this confirmed in the coming days. We will then update the event pages with all the details, including cut off times as asked above.
Gaelan ElliffeJan 18 2023, 10:56pmJune 24 the is new date.

Plenty of light. It will make for a very different race than the middle of February.