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‘The Wonder’- its wonderful

Brendan LawlorNov 17 2022, 8:58pmFans of the Wicklow Round and/or the Kippure Handicap race should check out ‘The Wonder’ which was filmed near the start line for both events. The long run down to the mountain section features a few times, and the terrain will be familiar to many.

The film itself it very good too ! It’s on Netflix now.
Val JonesNov 23 2022, 8:41pmNice scenery around the featherbeds, but I'm afraid the film was a bit slow
Peter O'FarrellNov 24 2022, 7:09amBrendan, thanks for the heads up. The scenery shots are fantastic in the first 20 minutes of The Wonder.

Val, there's a movie you might like featuring a bus, Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock ;)

Further off topic, there's another extremely fast paced movie called "Run Lola Run" It's amazing (in German with subtitles)