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Run the line glencullen

Dillon RyanNov 13 2022, 2:04pmHi there, if anyone has a ticket for this saturday run the line race in glencullen the 19th of november ill happily take it off you. Cheers.
Rafal BarszczakNov 14 2022, 10:46amI have one up for grabs, just whatsapped you there.
Yusuf ErbekNov 15 2022, 9:01pmHi have you still got the ticket I am interested
Brian FureyNov 15 2022, 9:28pmIf you don't get into run the line which is possibly sold out then have a look at Powerscourt Ridge race which is on the following Saturday 26th November:

Entries open on this very site on 17th November. Entry cost 7 euro. Course is very well marshalled. Course is all on good trails. There is short course (7k) or long course (15k) options.

Rafal BarszczakNov 16 2022, 8:06amYusuf, yes, its still available. Please WhatsApp me 0876263567
David RouseNov 16 2022, 9:30pmI have a place available for RTL on Saturday

E mail: daverouse at gmail dot com