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Lighting recommendations

Kevin BroughtonNov 3 2022, 1:30pmHi folks, I'm looking for recommendations for lighting to do a bit of off-road training over the winter months - what do you use, whether for training, or the likes of Ballyhoura midnight marathon for example?
Any specific brands/models?
Donal O'MahonyNov 3 2022, 2:38pmHi Kevin,

I've been using the LED lenser SEO7 for years for night running. It cost me about €90 when it first came out around 9 or 10 years ago. It's going for a bit less now, about €70 the last time I saw one.

It comes with a rechargeable battery but you can also pop in 3 AAA batteries if you are stuck. It's light, has decent light and lasts long enough for me on full brightness for 2-3 hours. It'll last significantly longer on the medium light setting. It comes with a 7 year warranty as well. They replaced the whole unit for me after the battery stopped taking a charge, that was after about 4 years of use.

I'm sure this reads like an ad but I've found it good. Given its out a long time there are possibly better/brighter/cheaper models available nowadays.

Best of luck whatever you end up getting.
Stuart ScottNov 3 2022, 4:04pmHi Kevin,

I'd recommend the Petzl Nao+. It's pricey but it's rechargeable and the brightness automatically adjusts which is handy for map reading. LED Lensers are also good but they don't seem to be as reliable. If you're sticking to runnable trails, any of the e50 models should be grand too.

It doesn't really matter which brand you go for but the rechargeable batteries (that charge directly in the torch) are well worth the extra investment. Try to get one that also accepts standard batteries (as Donal mentioned) as it's no harm carrying spares for emergencies.

Plenty of info on this thread too!

Hope this helps,

John J BarryNov 3 2022, 6:02pmFenix HM65R-T rechargeable head torch, 1500 lumens got brilliant reviews e.g.

Just ordered one myself from here (Best price I found)
Gavin McDonnellNov 3 2022, 7:32pmBiolite 750 here.... I like the rear red for road sections ... Though I'm also tempted by the Fenix hmr65r-t
Kevin BroughtonNov 4 2022, 4:25pmGents, thanks all for the suggestions, much appreciated!
I'll do a comparison on each of these and see which I can pick up handiest