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Glanageenty Trail 10km

Dominic ManningNov 2 2022, 5:30pmCan we use any vouchers for this
Robbie WilliamsNov 2 2022, 7:05pmNo vouchers for this race lads ..
Patrick KissaneNov 7 2022, 6:19pmIs it the same route as last year? Starting out on the road and then up the hill before coming back onto the main loop?
Gavin McDonnellNov 7 2022, 6:42pmI'm also curious about the route... It's my first time
Niamh AbeytaNov 8 2022, 11:08amYes, the route for the 10km is the same as last year, starting on the road, then on up the hill, before turning back into the forest, and onto the main loop.

There is a link to the loop segment on the Glanageenty 10km events page.
Dáithí de MórdhaNov 10 2022, 12:03amThanks Niamh,

Is it clockwise around the loop or anticlockwise?
Patrick KissaneNov 10 2022, 12:31amClockwise. From the barrier to the woods, up to the zig zags and up the lovely incline all the way to the nice downhill into the woods and passed barrier to finish.
Niamh AbeytaNov 11 2022, 5:45pmYes, it's clockwise. It's a lovely challenging route,
Noelle FoleyNov 21 2022, 3:39pmHey folks,signed up and looking forward to hitting the hills of Glenageenty again this year.
Any chance of getting the shuttle bus from the half way bar up and running again?
Was a great service especially when parking is so limited!!
Niamh AbeytaNov 22 2022, 10:14amHi Noelle, unfortunately this is not an option as it is too expensive, however car-pooling is always an option, and we have parking organised about 1.5 km away from the trail. This option worked out well last year, and we also had a car to help bring runners back to their cars after their race. Hope this helps.
Dáithí de MórdhaNov 24 2022, 5:51pmWill the parking be down near Ó Riada's Niamh?
Niamh AbeytaNov 25 2022, 9:35amHi Dáithí, there will be parking up near the windfarms, about 1.5km from the trailhead. We will have Marshalls directing you there. You will need to allow enough time to get from your car to the race start.

An email with all the race details will be sent out next week.
Paula ReaDec 5 2022, 1:33pmHi Niamh, my husband ( Justin Rea) and I were planning to go down to do the glanageenty race next weekend. He bought his entry but when I went to buy mine on Sunday it was closed. Is there any way I can enter at this stage or failing that would it be ok to run the race anyway. Paula Rea
Niamh AbeytaDec 5 2022, 6:36pmHi Paula,
Please contact me on 086 3144157.